Looking For An Affordable Airport Parking Option? This Is For You!

All of us are actually travelers, and yes, even the introverts who prefer to stay at home need to travel every once in a while. There are instances wherein you need to book a flight to get to your destination, but, at the same time, drive your own car to get to the airport. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find an affordable airport parking option because yes, it costs a fortune to leave your car parked at the airport. Hence, the tips below are for you to avoid emptying out your pockets when you need to leave your car and take a flight.

Explore nearby parking spots

There are several search engines that can help you find parking lots near the airport, together with their rates and the deals they offer. For instance, you can find listings of long term parking spaces for rent around JFK airport, one of the busiest airports, through Parkos. You can also find comments and reviews that can help you decide whether the airport parking lot suggested is suitable for you. Hence, it is important to do your research several days before your flight. Your research can also include asking around in forums or checking local listings of parking spaces for rent. For sure, you will be able to find a parking spot that is near the airport, which will truly be more affordable compared to leaving your car parked at the airport.

Use Parking Apps

As we come into the digital age, several apps have also been created. Fortunately, there are already different parking apps that can be downloaded and installed on your mobile phones. These apps can provide you with real time information such as the available parking spaces for rent, their rates, discount promotions, as well as ratings and reviews, as long as you have an internet connection. Sometimes, these apps have built in price comparison features that displays the best deals and offers. Moreover, some parking space companies even give you a certain discounts when you book through an app or when you book online.

Advance Booking

Yes, the early bird gets the early worm. If your trip is planned, better book for a parking slot in advance too because chances are, discounts and promotional offers are given to those who booked early. Additionally, parking will be one item ticked off of your list early on and you will avoid the stress of having to think about where to leave your car.

Hotel Parking Options

Try and check whether hotels near the airport offer long-term parking. There are several search engines that you can use to do so and you may find that some hotels may even offer a free overnight stay if you choose to park your car there.

Final Word

If you don’t really want to stress out in having to park your car at the airport, try the tips above beforehand and get the best value for your money. Otherwise, you don’t really need to bring your car to the airport. You can try other alternatives such as booking a car through an app, ridesharing, airport transfer, or the conventional way of hailing a cab.