Love Street Food? Don’t Miss These 7 Mouth-watering Cities

The convenience of street food is what attracts many people to the portable stalls of dubious origins, but it is the surprising array of flavours that keep these culinary risk takers searching for the next great food stand. Happily, opportunities to sample the fast foods of various ethnicities can be found while on holiday or exploring a neighbouring city.

Here are 7 of the world’s cities that offer memorable culinary experiences that are favoured by both visitors and locals.

Mexico City

Mexico’s capital is known for its arts scene, historic connection with ancient cultures, architecture and its street food. The city’s visitors can sample authentic, traditional dishes like gorditas, quesadillas and tamales while being serenaded by free roaming mariachi bands.


Nowhere are the fiery flavours of Thai cuisine on more prominent display than at the country’s Bangkok street vendor stalls. Some common foods include rice noodle dishes like pad thai and khao phat fried rice entrees. Food vendors have adapted to their environment and also sell canal food along the area’s water ways.


Immigrants from all over Asia and the Indian subcontinent settle in Taiwan, and many sell their traditional dishes as street food vendors in Taipei’s night markets.


While the sophisticated city of Brussels is better known for its European Union connections, the city also offers tasty street foods treats like pancakes “French” fries and of course waffles.


Vietnam is world famous for its street food, and vendors serve their own traditional versions of savory pho on the streets of Hanoi.

New York City

The United States is known as the world’s melting pot because of its large immigrant population. This variety is reflected in the types of street food available in New York City. Both visitors and locals are drawn to the contents of the pots and pans of street food vendors that sell everything from pizza to falafels.


Street food cravings can be satisfied a little closer to home with a visit to Bristol. The cosmopolitan air of London takes a westerly direction to influence this city’s street food scene. North American style submarine sandwiches, an assortment of Middle Eastern kebabs and even vegan street food vendors can be found doing brisk business in Bristol.


Nothing beats travelling abroad and tasting the culture of the host country through its street vendors. However, those who want to continue their street food escapades between trips can check out the British Street Food mobile application that allows foodie constituents to locate and rank the street food in their communities.