Food Mosaic

This is a food mosaic made of the photos I have taken in my blog. Click on any photos that interest you and you will be taken to the respective post. I put a lot of effort into this, hope you like it!

sakae sushiyam riceteh c penghokkien meechar koay teowsakae sushiyam ricebelacan beehoonfried oystercurry laksanasi campur bumbu balioystersfish ball noodleporridgechocolate fonduefrench toastmix grill

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  1. Diordna

    Hello VKeong,
    Thank you for the lovely Blog. My family lived in Malaysia when I was a kid, about 20 year ago. We lived in KL. But I still remember food made in our house by helping staff. I always went to kitchen to eat with the staff rather than with my parents at the table because their food tested better >.<
    You brought back my memories. Now I am in US and only get to eat sometimes at Malaysian restaurants but never the same. They serve mixture of Thai, Indonesian and Indian food.
    I think I need to wrap up my research and take trip!
    Thanks again.
    I posted here because I did not know where else to post!

  2. daisy

    You have a great site which I had bookmarked.

    Especially loved your photos on the prepared food. Made the food looked delicious.

    You can put star ratings for food, environment, price. Would be great info for fellow food lovers.

    Best wishes.

    vk: Thanks for the suggestion and nice comments! Actually I have done what you suggested before but then it doesn’t really suit my blog already.. I want a more personal touch to it.. and a rating system would be too formal IMO :)

  3. mira212

    Hi there,

    Your blog is fantastic and the mosaic is tremendously great! i am really loving it, i’ve just got the urge to blog again now (it comes and goes) but i guess if you’re really into it, you’d put your heart at it! and your blog has just really inspired me. im a food buzz, a food craze, u name it! Thanks for having such a wonderful blog!

    mira212’s last blog post..Sarawak crafts.. For sale, order… Anyone?

  4. arctanck

    This mosaic is marvellous! I’ve posted a link on the tripadvisor malaysia forum. Hope you don’t mind. Keep up the good work. Have to admit this is a wonderful blog. Make me feel hungry also :)

    arctanck’s last blog post..Austen madness

  5. Sophie

    Absolutely fantastic mosaic! Summaries the varieties of food in Malaysia which make Malaysia unique in its own right! Strong influence from two of the best and oldest cuisines in the world, the Chinese and the Indian, on traditional local food, just one of a kind. My clients all absolutely love the local food, not just those that can be found on the streets, but also home cooked food in villages/long houses! Keep the mosaic growing, I’m sure more and more people will be attracted to Malaysia. Malaysia is such a paradise in many sense isn’t it?

  6. Pauline aka Lene

    I was looking for something to blog… & Malaysian food came to mind. Since I’ve been introducing Malaysia- My Home, & Malaysian English aka.Manglish… I want to conclude it with foodies… & I stumbled upon your blog & all these amazing photos… I’m not sure if I’ll be using them, that’s if you don’t mind me…
    But what I can say i, you did an amazing job!!! It must’ve taken you pretty long to gathered all these… Why don’t you consider writing a handy book??? (*smile)..just a thought.

    Thanks for sharing all your hardwork. Appreciate lots!!!

  7. mun

    Hi Vkeong, Your blog is fantastic and you are the great, at here i wanna recommend one oil stick for your blog,that oil stick(you cak kue) is very nice and had many flavour to choice .Location : Bdr Puteri Puching (great oil stick), I think whos also know that oil Stick, you at there can aks anybody
    Thanks for sharing all your hardwork.wishing all the best at the future

  8. caerulln

    I love following this blog.
    It is nice that you are classifying restaurants selling alcoholic drinks as non-halal because that is how they are supposed to be classified.
    Making it easier for me to choose without much doubt
    Thank you very much =)

    1. Post

      Yep, I classify those restaurants that serve alcohol as non-halal. Even pork free restaurant are labeled like that.

      Thanks for following my blog. I will try to explore more halal food :)

  9. sharon williams

    Hi this is fab !! Im off to malacca in July of this year . Thanks for some great info !! I was born there , but this is my first trip back so thanks. Any info will be fab . Sharon Williams (Nottingham England )

    1. Post

      Thanks Michelle, I think I have posted about 400 articles on food?

      I think anyone can be a good food blogger as long as they can take decent photos and write honest opinions. Of course you must be dedicated and update often too

      And you can get my foodbuzz name in my badge :)

  10. shadowblack

    vkeong,can recommend me some fine dining in kuala lumpur or selangor? prefer halal.western or/and seafood.Gonna celebrate my birthday with my family tonight =)

  11. Doll_Gie

    Love this! keep it up..!

    just a friendly caution.. don’t go to Aishwarya restaurant in bangsar.. rude waiters, waited for 40minutes and food still havent arrived! frustrated!! left without eating anything..!

    cant believe its happening here..!

  12. Wafaa Hapiz

    Hello admin, can i ask you a question? where can i find the statistic for malaysian food that import and export? Also a article about our malaysian appetizer? Such a cendol and kuih-muih? Im in the making of doing a thesis for my final study. Your cooperation is very much appreciate. Im a graphic student, majoring in multimedia, for my final assignment this final semester is creating an apps, and my idea is create an apps about our local appetizer, ‘famous malaysia appetizer’. Your cooperation is very much appreciate.

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