Some men’s character traits that women find annoying

Sometimes it’s difficult for men to understand why women get mad at them for no apparent reason. Which parts of men’s behavior do women find so annoying? Here is a list of twelve things that show what girls do not like about men. Thanks to our friends, meet Russian lady, for providing us with these charming ideas.

1. Men don’t pay enough attention to their women

Men are often not interested in their women’s lives. They don’t call, write messages, and give them flowers. Which is more important, they are not jealous, and it means that they don’t care about their partner anymore. They always forget about their girlfriends’ birthdays, anniversaries and memorable dates.

2. A Man always wants to sleep with another woman

And this woman is often worse than man’s girlfriend, even though she’s younger and prettier. Men just don’t understand women, and can’t really appreciate them.

3. Men don’t cherish their girlfriends.

They do not give their girlfriends expensive gifts, showing greed and prudence.

4. Men often hesitate to make important decisions and solve problems

They almost never keep their promises to come to work on time, not to drink alcohol, do house chores in time, play with the child, to spend the weekend with girlfriend’s family, etc.

5. Men are too lazy to make a career and don’t want to make their family’s life better

Instead of finding a decent job, he spends all his time surfing the web or watching TV shows, reading a book, drinking beer or chatting with his friends.

6. A man depend on his friends, colleagues, relatives, and even random people in making decisions

He doesn’t understand that these people often use him for their purposes, and refuses to listen to his girlfriend, the only friend.

7. A man often doesn’t trust his wife and does not want to work together with her.

He doesn’t share and discuss his plans with his wife/girlfriend.

8. A man is terrible at family life

He doesn’t know how to keep the house clean, watch after a child, or can’t find his clothes. He doesn’t know how to cook and even how to warm up ready-made meals.

9. Men are too jealous

For women paranoid jealousy is one of the most annoying character traits. Women get mad if someone tries to control their lives.
Why does it happen? Each partner hopes that his/her second half will behave according to his/her expectations. For example, a woman should act so that man felt like he controls the situation. And if she does not meet man’s expectations, he tries to control her completely.

10. Men are careless and short-sighted

Women hate such trait, as carelessness and the lack of plans for the future.
A man should not be careless. If a woman is not sure in the future, if she can’t rely on her partner, she feels vulnerable. Such couples will never understand each other.

11. Men don’t like sex or want it too often

Too much sex, as well as the lack of it, is another reason for women to get mad at men. Both genders have a different attitude towards sex. For a man, sex is primarily a physical contact. It’s an opportunity to release tension. For women, sex plays a much bigger role. During sex, a woman gets an emotional response, she gets charged with energy and emotions. It’s an opportunity to strengthen the emotional connection with her partner.

12. Men can’t stop boasting

Women can’t stand it when guys talk too much. We already know that men are strong, handsome and smart. And there’s no need in talking about the financial status, new apartment, and a hot car. Numerous stories about the girls you slept with will not help to win the woman’s heart. But they’ll definitely make her mad. So, even if you had hundreds of girls and think that you are the alpha male, better keep your tongue behind your teeth.