How to Plan Your Travel Budget

Every vacation requires accurate planning – whether it’s the destination, sightseeing, or the financial side of a trip. This process may take a considerable amount of time and effort from your part. Our advice is to start from the bigger issues, such as means of transportation and lodgings, and then move on to the smaller points, like gifts and souvenirs. You will also have a lot of fun traveling with a woman that you can find at the site with Russian ladies.


This includes not only getting to your destination country by means of a plane, railroad, car, etc. You also need to get to the hotel and then travel around the area. If you plan to rent a car, find out the prices beforehand in the rental agencies.

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To estimate the fares for gas, use mobile services and apps that can also consider the prices, distances, and the type of the engine you are using.

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As for the public transportations, it’s always better to buy a travel pass ticket in advance. There are various kinds of tickets which may include different means of transportation, visiting historical sites, and discounts in shops and cafes. You can find the prices and other useful information on the official transport websites of the chosen country.


Reserve a hotel room beforehand. Use online engines to compare the prices and reviews of different hotels in the chosen area. If you’re on the tight budget, you should consider a hotel with a convenient location – near the bus stops or subway stations. This will help reduce expenses for transportation. Don’t forget to include extra funds for a room service, cable TV channels and other conveniences you’re planning to use while your stay. You can also cut down on accommodation by choosing to stay in a hostel – prices here are usually much lower than in any hotel in the area.


Unless you’re staying in a hotel with provided meals, you need to add food expenses to your budget. Again, check the prices in local restaurants, both fast food, and sit-down types. Include at least two-three snacks to your everyday budget. Don’t forget about the drinks, especially in summer or in warm settings. To reduce expenses for water, consider buying a bottle or two in the local stores because near the popular tourist attractions water is usually high-priced.

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Tourist attractions

Make a list of places you plan to visit. Find out the admission prices and opening hours online. Check the special offers – for example, in London you can purchase a London Pass ticket, which includes the top attractions of the city and considerably saves your money.
If you’re traveling with kids and want to visit amusement parks, it would be a good idea to pre-order tickets online to get a discount. The ticket booking service is available on the official websites of the amusement parks.

Gifts and souvenirs

These expenses are not necessary. Nevertheless, sometimes we just can look away from all those fancy T-shirts, mugs and postcards designed to attract the tourists’ attention. Besides, you’ll want to bring home a few presents for friends and family. It’s absolutely your choice to buy them or not, but just in case make room in your budget for the souvenirs.

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Unexpected expenses

During the vacation, all kinds of thing may happen, which will require immediate actions. Starting from the car breakdown to the various sicknesses, you need to be ready to pay extra money depending on the situation. While your travel insurance can help you out at times, there are situations when you need to cover the expenses on your own.


Planning of a vacation budget can be tough, but it is also rewarding. In the end, along with receiving lots of unforgettable experience, your budget will stay within reasonable limits, and you won’t be left paying huge credit card bills.