Expedia’s Interactive Map of Where to Go in Malaysia

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One of the things I enjoy the most about traveling is the planing process. Usually, I am the one who does the planning eg. hotel booking, attractions to visit and places to eat at. However, I don’t plan the trip in such a way that we list the things to do in timetable, like wake up at what time, spend how much time at which museum or park. We used to do that but we found that it will make the trip feel rigid.
Now, we simply keep a list of the places of interest and we explore whichever is nearby to us. If we feel like it, we may take a cab out of the city just to have seafood at the beach. Or, we would linger at the museum longer because it has air conditioning and the weather is freaking hot outside. It’s totally our call and we have been comfortable with it so far.

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I use a few apps and websites for this purpose. The list I mentioned earlier will be saved into my personal account at Tripadvisor, while keeping my options open with Foursquare and Expedia. And depending on which country you are visiting, Wongnai and OpenRice are equally great tools.

Expedia Where to Go Interactive Map Malaysia

Expedia’s interactive map is useful when you are looking for something to do or eat – but you have no idea where start. The last thing you want to do is to research for them now and spend valuable time looking through sites or blogs for recommendation. And even if you found one, it could be far, it could take an hour to reach via public transport, and sometimes even the local taxi drivers don’t know the location.

Expedia Where to Go in Malaysia Interactive Map

Expedia’s interactive map lets you pick the city you are currently visiting and shows the attractions and dining options near you within Google Maps. Use the categories to help narrow down what you are looking for, may it be things to do or restaurants. With a click, it displays the description of the place, business hours and average spend. It’s a handy tool to carry with you while exploring the cities.

Expedia Penang where to go Map

Take Penang for example, if you click into the of “Food in Penang” section, you would see that Siam Road Char Koay Teow, Kimberley Street and Sri Ananda Bahwan are listed. A short intro tells you what to expect and what are the best times to drop by. If you zoom into the map on the right, it also reveals other points of interests nearby. So if you are going on a local trip soon, don’t forget to check out Expedia’s interactive map for more traveling ideas.

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