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Roe Crabs

Hao Jie Seafood Steamboat Restaurant with Roe Crabs @ Kepong

I have this sudden interest in roe crab for steamboat after my last visit to Ho Ho. After researching for a bit I found that there is another good steamboat restaurant in Kepong called Hao Jie that features roe crabs prominently on their menu. The restaurant was full house during the weekend and we were surprised that we never really noticed its existence until only recently.


Usually steamboat restaurants would require a minimum order of two sets for their in-house set. But since we ordered a lot of side dishes including the expensive roe crabs, I think the boss gave us an exception by ordering one only. Nothing too fancy about the sets here, it costs RM14.50 for a person’s portion and comes with the usual raw ingredients like fish fillets, prawn, meat balls, etc – pretty standard stuff you would expect.


The Chinese words of ‘Pulau Ketam’ on Hao Jie’s signboard is not for display only, as they really get their supply of seafood from Pulau Ketam fresh on a daily basis. I can sense the pride in the boss’ voice when she was talking about the fresh ingredients she serves. Definitely assuring for us to know.

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Tasty Pot BBQ & Steamboat Buffet Restaurant @ Sunway Mentari, Bandar Sunway

Much has been said about Tasty Pot, a BBQ and steamboat buffet restaurant at Sunway Mentari. Thanks to the publicity generated by HoChak and a group of bloggers who have recently done a food review session there, the place was doing brisk business – definitely one of the busiest steamboat restaurants at Sunway Mentari.
This is quite an accomplishment itself considering the strong competition. If you don’t know, Sunway Mentari is like a place where steamboat restaurants gather at. There are like more than 10 steamboat restaurants here and the number is still growing.


The variety of seafood at Tasty Pot is good and the freshness level is high. And the portion of the seafood is big too especially the crabs, proving to be a value for money.


Bamboo clams, lala and prawns.


Some processed food – meat balls and sui gao. Continue reading

Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Siang, Jalan Ong Kim Wee Melaka

Have you heard of Satay Celup before? It’s a dish where raw or semi-cooked food like seafood, meat and vegetables on skewers are dunked into a boiling pot of diluted satay sauce. Imagine having steamboat with the soup substituted with satay sauce.
I believe Satay Celup is a dish uniquely available only to Melaka and well favored by the Malaccans. Well, there are attempts to introduce this dish to the other states but from what I heard the venture was not successful because the people found it hard to accept.


The concept of Satay Celup could be attributed to being a combination of lok lok and buffet steamboat. With a tray provided by the restaurant, customers would proceed to the huge refrigerators housing the large selection of food on skewers, pick their choices and start dipping away.
I first got to know Satay Celup when I pursued my studies in MMU Melaka. And it’s a shame that I have never tried, or worse still, never even seen it in my entire year spent in Melaka lol. It’s a pity I was not adventurous enough in my younger days, hence missing out on many stuff.


So in my last trip to Melaka I made it a point that I simply had to try Satay Celup, no matter what. Even dunking 1 skewer would suffice. Among the many Satay Celup restaurants Ban Lee Siang was our choice because of the good reviews I read about it, and Jalan Ong Kim Wee where it is situated was reasonably near to our hotel too. Continue reading