There is More to Malaysia than Food

Malaysia is situated in one of the most bustling and vibrant parts of the world. It is one of many nations clustered around each other, creating the China Sea between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Malaysia Truly Asia

Being sat at a meeting point for East and West for millennia has imbued Malaysia with many cultural delights, the climate is suited to a more dazzling array of foods to grow. Given that the seas in the region will have to support, or should I say survive, a booming population it may be that tourist attractions, which contribute healthily to the economy of the region, take in more diverse cultural attractions.

Pulau Sibuan

The country is split over two islands with Sarawak and Sabah in East Malaysia bordering Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur in West Malaysia which is a peninsula tipped by Singapore. The Strait of Malacca is named after a sultanate from the 15th century that ruled the archipelago. With increasing traffic and fishing now could be one of the last chances to see the seas in the area before they succumb to man-made influence. Scuba diving is possible at many points around the coast.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To the north of Kuala Lumpur are the limestone caves of Batu. They host a shrine that is dedicated to Murugan, brother of Ganesha and the Hindu god of war, victory, wisdom and love, which is one of the most popular shrines outside of India.
Also in the West Malaysia area is another element of history; the English influence. In the Cameron Highlands there are reportedly the ghosts of Victorian women. If you’re into the supernatural you might want to read this report.

Kuching Trip - Bako National Park

If you head over to East Malaysia the proximity to Sumatra, famed for its wildlife becomes apparent. Bako National Park has beautiful forested hills that extend all the way down to the sea. If you want to see the animals of the rain forest this is a good place.
Located in Sarawak on East Malaysia the peninsula is 27km² and is dotted with hidden bays, dramatic cliffs, and swathes of mangrove swamp (six crocs per 10km of the Bako river). You can enjoy the wildlife and sit back to take in the landscape while enjoying games on your tablet or smartphone on sites like; an exhilarating experience!
You can also hike across sandstone plateaus, these rock formations are the backbone of the peninsula and connect up with some of the main beaches. Boat is a common method of getting about here. Bako has all the biodiversity of Borneo, plants, pigs and monkeys are common.