Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Be Missed

When packing for a trip, it may be easy to decide on the clothes you’re going to wear; the comfortable walking shoes for those long hours of sightseeing; and the books you’ll read throughout your journey.

The tricky part really lies within that other list; the things that are essential but you somehow stay vaguely undecided on. In this post, we’ve taken the collective experiences of several travelers and sifted through the lists of necessities to suggest to you the ultimate top items.

1. Passport and Document Holder

When it comes to important items like your passport, printed tickets, money, and other documents, you really don’t want to compromise. The last thing you want if for you to misplace any of those items while on the go in unfamiliar territory.

Investing in a decent passport holder will grant you plenty of safe, organized storage options. Most holders now come complete with convenient slots for credit cards, cash, personal IDs and other small items.

When it comes to looks, there’s a variety on the market to choose from. From passport holders that are worn around the neck; cross-body messenger sacks; to other designs that fit around the waist and those similar to traditional wallets; you’re sure to find a design that fits your style.

2. Power Bank

Traveling usually entails spending a lot of time outside; whether for work or fun, you’re likely to be at your hotel room or Airbnb rental when you’re about to go to sleep.

With exciting events to attend, interesting things to see, and intriguing friends to make, you don’t want your phone to die out on you in the middle of the day. How else would you take pictures, communicate with your travel mates, and Instagram that parade you just passed? Be the smart one who packs a power bank, and revel in your preparedness as your friends plead to borrow it!

3. Noise Cancelling Earphones

Those are going to be a godsend when you’re stuck on a four-hour bus ride with a crying baby; or if your hostel mates are partying too hard and you’re trying to get some rest before the next day of that week-long music festival. If you’re investing in a new pair, do some research and weigh your options; check out the leading brands on the market today like Bose and others; compare the qc25 and 35 and decide on the quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones that’s about to become your new best friend.

4. Travel First-Aid Kit

Just like we can trip, fall, and scrape our knees a few blocks away from home, it can happen pretty much anywhere. The difference here is that you’re away from home, your friendly pharmacist is nowhere near, and you’re may not be familiar with the prescription protocols of the country you’re visiting.

A small, trusty travel first-aid kit goes a long way. Prepare yours in a compact toiletries bag that carries plasters (band-aids) and bandages in various shapes and sizes; gauze; surgical tape; a small pair of travel scissors; antiseptic wipes; painkillers; antihistamine cream for bug bites; Loperamide tablets for mild diarrhea; and antibacterial creams like Neosporin for cuts and scrapes.

There’s no right or wrong when packing to travel, but you can always be smart and pack the exact items you’ll need for a perfect trip. We hope this list helped you decide on what those may be!