Cat Statues of Kuching



Kuching is also called ‘Cats City’ or ‘City of Cats’ for nothing. The cat statues not only gives a unique feel to the city, they are also nice photography subjects. This white cat is the Kuching South City Council Cat Statue, it was built in the 90s and is the first ever cat statue in Kuching. For me, it is the nicest and friendliest looking of all. It sits in front of the Little China Town along Jalan Padungan and looks like it is welcoming visitors with its waving hand lol.


This cat changes into different costumes during the major celebrations, cute eh? And I think the whiskers can be bent into different shapes to signify its mood.


Just to show you its relative size, here’s a photo of me with the cat statue. Nice kitty.


The Kuching North City Hall Family Cat Statues can be found in the intersection of Jalan Padungan, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Abell. This cat statue is the easiest to spot because of its strategic location, in the center of major shopping complexes and hotels in Kuching (it is directly in front of Holiday Inn) This cat statue is also known as the ‘fake’ cat statue by Allen because it’s not the earliest one lol.


Behind the cat statue is Teo Hoe Hin, a shop for local products.


If you are careful enough you will spot these small playful cat statues along the Kuching Waterfront in front of James Brooke Cafe.


And this is a cartoonish cat statue in Malaysia-Chinese Friendship Garden on Jalan Song. Let’s do a group hug!


Strangely enough, although Kuching is a ‘Cats City’, I didn’t see many cats roaming the city. Ah Seng is a female cat in Sarawak Cultural Village living in the Bidayuh Longhouse. She is pregnant and looks after the paddy by chasing away birds, so cute. So if you happen to be in Sarawak Cultural Village, lookout for her ok, and say hi for me hehe.

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  1. Hi MB kia, personally i like your web page so much, as it intro so many many good food in my home town, kuching…And the most funny things on you is, you even could find ‘ah seng’ in the S’wak culture village! ha ha, she is languistic, because she’ve been meet with the people all around the world!

  2. Dear Mb Kia,

    I am the ditor of one of the biggest cat website of Turkey, (~my cat and I). I met your comments and photos on Cat Statues of Kuching. We are a non-profit web-site which dedicated to supply protection for cats and animals who live under poor condition. With your permission, we would like to publish your photos and your comments in Turksih in our website. I hope our readers will find very interesting it. If you respond us as quickly as we would be appreciated.

    Hi, of course you can publish my photos, I am flattered.. if you could credit me as well that’d be great!


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