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Expedia’s Interactive Food Guide to Asia


As the world’s largest and most populous continent, Asia offers something for everyone – especially if you are a foodie. The first thing we usually do when we arrive at a new destination is to look for a place to eat. It’s an excellent all in one activity where you get to see the city, try local flavors while people watching from the eatery.

Expedia Essential Food Guide to Asia

Unless you have someone local to guide you in a foreign land, having an online food guide is essential to provide yourself with free information. For me, there is no such thing as too many guides – whether it’s related to food or not.
Recommendations are always welcomed and if a particular name that keeps appearing, it might deserve a shot more than the rest. But if it has never been mentioned by others, it could be a hidden gem!

Expedia Interactive Food Guide

If you are traveling in Malaysia, my blog is a useful tool to look for local food. But if you are heading to the other parts of Asia, Expedia’s Food Guide to Asia is a helpful website that provides a short but concise guide to eating in some of the biggest cities. The responsive website is mobile friendly and lets you filter your options based on cuisine and type of establishments.

Expedia Food Guide Details

Other additional information about the restaurant you can find include a short introduction, expected spend, business hours, contact, address and its location on Google Map. Expedia’s Food Guide to Asia also contains links that let you book flights and hotels, and you can also learn more about the city through the comprehensive tourism guide.

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