HDR: Putrajaya Photos


The sky was exceptionally clear and blue yesterday.. and the cloud formation was perfect.. such a nice weather is hard to come by nowadays. So, I took the opportunity and went to Putrajaya to experiment with some HDR shots. This is my third time taking HDR in Putrajaya, which I have finally managed to get some satisfied results to share with you. HDR tutorials are abundant on the Internet but I will try to come up with my own later. Because I can only fit at most 500px wide photos in my blog, these are actually smaller version of the HDR. To view the full size, do click the photos and it will bring you to my flickr!

putra mosque HDR

Putra Mosque is probably one of the most photographed mosque in Malaysia lol. Simply because of its modern design and situated beside a lake.

putra mosque

Another shot from the same place I stood, but with different HDR settings. The color saturation is higher.

putrajaya mosque HDR

Another HDR attempt on Putra Mosque. If you are an expert in HDR, I would love to know your opinion of my work. Any advice or criticism to improve my photos are most welcomed!

putrajaya mosque HDR

This is a HDR processed from three RAW images. The outcome is clearly different from the ones generated using JPEG.

putrajaya PM office HDR

This is where our PM works.. Keranamu Malaysia!

putrajaya street HDR

I actually like this photo the best. If you haven’t been to Putrajaya before, you won’t believe that this place, Dataran Putrajaya is actually in Malaysia. It is flanked by the Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex which is a very cool steel like building, and the Palace of Justice.

palace of justice putrajaya

This is the Palace of Justice, which houses the judicial departments and courts. Both Palace of Justice and Kuala Lumpur Court Complex in Jalan Duta have this “BUAT KERJA” banner displayed. Seems like a reminder to do their work lol. Hope you liked the photos.. and please.. comment comment and comment! :)

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