Lang Tengah Trip Part I : Getting There

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I know I said I would be going for a Redang trip, but the trip wasn’t really to Redang lol. My trip was to the island between Redang Island and Pulau Perhentian, Lang Tengah Island. I didn’t know about this until the day before, ouch. Anyway I reached Kuala Terengganu at 5am after a painful 8 hours journey on bus. And 10am only I boarded the boat to Lang Tengah Island.

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The boat ride to Lang Tengah was damn challenging. I really salute you if you manage to reach the destination without feeling sea sick at all. Langkawi’s ferry ride is peanuts compared to this.. After all, the South China Sea’s wave is much stronger than Malacca Straits’. A guy even threw up in the boat. Eww.. luckily his ‘stuff’ didn’t stain our bags lol.

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During my trip, I stayed in the one and only resort in Lang Tengah Island, the Redang Lang Resort.

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Crystal clear sea water, scorching sun and white sandy beach.. That’s the three elements that make up Lang Tengah Island.

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