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Malindo Air Economy Class Review – Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok


For my trip to Bangkok last weekend, I used Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights available. You’d think that Air Asia is the cheapest option around, me too.
Unexpectedly, the return trip was actually cheaper if I booked the flights from two different airlines: Malindo Air for the outbound flight (from Kuala Lumpur) and Air Asia for the inbound flight. That’s the beauty of using Skyscanner, it really helps you to find the cheapest flights in just a few clicks.

Malindo Air KLIA

Personally, I have always been curious about flying with Malindo Air so I went ahead and booked with them. It’s a no brainer decision considering they offer the cheapest option, plus the timing was perfect for us as well.
For your information, the outbound flight cost RM201.40/pax while the inbound flight cost around RM228/pax. The flight took place on 30th Sep which was the Friday before the long weekend started. I was able to book the flights at such reasonably cheap fares at 10 days ahead.

KLIA airport runway

All this while I thought Malindo Air is a low-cost airline. Turns out I was wrong, as they are actually a premium airline. All their flights using Boeing aircraft arrive and depart from KLIA since March 2016.

KLIA Departure Gate

I am not exactly sure whose fault it was, but the gate boarding experience was a let down because it opened late. The flight was scheduled to depart at 4pm but the gate opened only at 3.50pm which inevitably caused some delay.
Apart from that, the whole experience was great and exceeded our expectations. Some things to expect when flying with Malindo Air are as follows.

Malindo Air Plane Interior

The interior of the economy class feels more roomy immediately and you have more space to move or turn around. The free baggage allowance as stated on my eTicket is 20kg, but it’s listed as 30kg on their website. Either way, both allowances are more than enough for us.

Malindo Air Seats

The gap between the reclining leather seats are noticeably wider which does not give you that elbow-to-elbow feeling. I could sit more relaxed without having to huddle so as not to accidentally touch the stranger next to me.

Malindo Air Leg Room

The 32″ larger than usual seat pitch lets you enjoy more leg space. I am quite tall (175cm) but as you can see, I am able to stretch my legs comfortably even with my camera bag placed under the seat in front.

Malindo Air Entertainment Screen

The in-flight entertainment system offers movies, games and comes with a USB connection. I don’t really care about the games while the movies selection is alright; some of them are dated but you can’t go wrong with classics like Lord of the Rings.

USB for Phone Charging Malindo Air

I think I speak for everyone that using your smartphone is one of the best ways to pass time at the airport. By the time you board the flight, you have used up at least 10-15% of your battery.
So I definitely appreciate the convenience of being able to charge my phone on-the-go. I like the fact that I will land at my destination with plenty of juice left in my phone battery.

Malindomag Malindo Air

MalindoMag is the inflight magazine of Malindo Air and like any other inflight magazines you’ve read before, it features travel pieces around the region. Good for killing 15-30 minutes, but I guess that also depends on how much you like to read.

Malindo Air Refreshments

Malindo Flight Experience

Since it’s a full service flight, you can expect complimentary food and drinks to be served on board. Our flight was only 2hrs long, so we were only given a light refreshment.
It consisted of a muffin, a hot dog bun, water and a drink of your choice: either soft drink or juice. I am pretty sure you will get a hot meal if the flight was longer.

Flying Malindo Air from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok

Overall, we were more than satisfied with the flight experience. In future, we will surely consider Malindo Air if we are traveling within Asia. Lastly, don’t forget to use Skyscanner to compare and book the cheapest flights available. It’s simple, fast and completely free to use!

** This is not a sponsored post, just sharing my experience about using Skyscanner and flying with Malindo Air **

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