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Visit Okinawa – The Jewel of Japan


Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, is a favorite getaway destination for many Japanese, yet it falls under the radar of many foreign visitors to Japan.

The idyllic Okinawa is made up of a chain of islands that lie within the subtropical climate zone. It’s never too hot or too cold here and you get to enjoy a full year of beach days – so any time is a good time to visit!

Tomari Port, Naha, Okinawa

Naha City is the gateway to the Okinawa Islands. Major Japanese airports connect to Naha Airport daily and there are plenty of direct flights to Naha from Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Seoul. Here are some things to do in Okinawa for first time visitors.


1. Get a Kariyushi shirt

The Kariyushi shirt is one of the things you surely want to get as soon as you arrive at Okinawa. An Okinawan version of the aloha shirt, it has become so popular that it has replaced the shirt-and-tie style for business meetings. Kariyushi wear comes in both informal and formal versions to cater to different occasions. Prices vary on the brand and material but it usually starts around 3,000 yen.