Pavilion KL @ Bukit Bintang

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During my trip to Kuala Lumpur last week, I also visited Pavilion KL in Bukit Bintang. My first impression on Pavilion was huge, grand and very expensive. I don’t think I can afford anything inside lol. And maybe because it was a weekday, there weren’t as much people I expected. Food Republic, the classy food court is almost a dream come true for food bloggers like me, it has almost everything! The exorbitant price is something to think about though. I can only display the photos which fit my blog’s width. So, please go ahead and click on them if you want a bigger and better view.

food republic pavilion

food republic

Food Republic is full of people during lunch time and well deserted after that. Almost wanted to queue up in J.Co Donuts which is the current craze in KL, but the queue is just unbelievably long. Maybe next time..

gsc cinema pavillion

GSC Cinema is empty, lol. And I believe Midvalley’s GSC is still the largest in KL.

pavilion bukit bintang

The front entrance is very impressive and a big stage is located in the center for fashion shows.

pavilion bukit bintang

pavilion bukit bintang

pavilion bukit bintang

What a boring post lol. I think most of the folks in KL have already been to Pavilion and probably lined up for the J.Co donuts too lol. Well for me, Pavilion is great but I still prefer to shop in Midvalley where the floor area is not that big. What about you?

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