PD Ostrich Show Farm @ Port Dickson

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PD Ostrich Show Farm is one of the main attractions in Port Dickson, which I only discovered when I was planning my trip through the Internet. Usually when Port Dickson is mentioned, the beaches will come into mind first since it is mainly famous for that. So, I wouldn’t have guessed that an ostrich farm would be here as well. To be honest I wasn’t too keen on visiting the farm at first but since it was recommended by many people who visited it before, I went anyway.


Ostrich Show Farm is located on the 9th mile of the Port Dickson coastal road, quite easy to find if you are driving along the coastal road. The entrance was RM8 for adults and RM6 for kids, quite pricey for a mini zoo if you ask me.. it’s more expensive than visiting Malacca Zoo!


Funnily enough, the first animal we went to see was the horse at the petting zoo instead of ostriches lol. There were a couple of rabbits as well but they were closed in small cages so we couldn’t touch them :(


Saw some turkeys wondering around, and that’s a fat one for sure. Didn’t dare to move too close to them as male turkeys are quite aggressive and territorial. I know this because we used to rear a pair of turkeys back in my house.


What bird is this? Seen it quite a number of times at numerous bird parks throughout the country.


The nicest looking male ostrich among all, handsome looking with a perfect coat of feathers. The rest mostly had a bare bottom which is emm.. not a very nice sight lol.


Since it’s more like a mini zoo, there are many other animals to see like crocodiles, goats, civets and small reptiles. But the star would be Abu, a female Macaque which was very clever in plucking coconuts.
Although Abu had a fierce look and bared her teeth occasionally, it was safe to take a photo with her. She was very intelligent too, as soon as someone sits next to her, she would climb over and sit on their laps for photo taking.


The trainer pinching her mouth lol. I took a photo with Abu and you may have seen it before at my “About” page. It was a nice to be able to get so close to a Macaque, the feeling was warm, fluffy and emm.. wet underneath lol.
By the way, Abu’s favorite food is durian ice cream, you should’ve seen her eating it after the show.. simply adorable.


After meeting with Abu it was time for ostrich race. Here, you can ride an ostrich provided you are not more than 75kg and it costs RM4 each time. None of the people who went that day dared to ride the ostriches so we were all spectators.


Now you know the bare bottom I mentioned earlier? I really have no idea what happened to the ostriches that would cause such a big bald spot, lol.


We bought some animal feed at RM2 each box which contained yellow corn and proceeded to the feeding area. While feeding the ostriches, one important thing to do was to open your palms outward as wide as possible. This is because ostrich has a rather long and sharp beak that would hurt your fingers when they peck the food from your hand.


Not to mention they peck really hard too.


Located between the ostrich race track and petting zone was a small hut with three ostrich eggs under it. Let me tell you why they were there.. to be stepped on! Ostrich eggs are the largest of all eggs and have a shell so tough that it could support an adult’s weight. I tried stepping on it and yeah nothing happened, felt like stepping on a rock only hehe.


Ostrich satay was available at the cafeteria and I ordered some to try.


It wasn’t nice though.. the meat was tough, dry and had a rough texture. *addon: There were many comments about the ostrich satay’s untastiness so I just wanna clarify.. ostrich meat is one of the best meat you can eat in the world for being low in fat. It tastes awesome if you cook it with black pepper or ginger and onion, with a very similar taste to lean beef but a lot tender. It was just that the ostrich satay I had was terrible. Maybe because very old meat was used, or the cook overcooked them*


After the meal and a brief rest, we decided to leave because it started to rain. But before that we fed all the remaining corn to the goats just next to the exit. They were super active and would run and jump around just to get to our food lol.
OK the visit seemed short but we actually spent a good 3 hours there. There was a crocodile feeding session which I didn’t show because it was shown twice in my previous trips to Langkawi and Sarawak. If you’re not a beach lover or not looking for a swim, PD Ostrich Show Farm is a nice place to visit especially for families.

P.D. Ostrich Showfarm
Lot 1419, Jalan Kemang 13,
Batu 9, Jalan Pantai,
71050 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan,
Tel: 012-3317770 / 019 – 3604466
Fax: 06 – 6625421

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