Penang International Lantern Festival 2007

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Penang International Lantern Festival is an annual event that runs from 15 September until 31 December. This year the festival’s theme is “Hello Kitty and Friends in Penang Safari” and it is held in Juru Auto-City. Earlier this year there was another lantern carnival too but it was held in Pesta Pulau Pinang. Feel free to take a look and make a comparison of the featured lanterns.


A large Hello Kitty standing on a Penang Bridge replica welcomes visitors to Juru Auto-City. I estimate it is at least 50 meter tall!


It is not often for this kind of events to be held in Penang’s mainland side. So it was really a good way to attract people to visit my hometown. If you didn’t know, Auto-City is the best place to hang out in Perai. The atmosphere is good, the food outlets are new and unique with lots of parking too. I bet you cannot find another place quite like this in Penang island. This area’s development will definitely continue to spur later with the opening of Cyber-City.


The lantern festival is divided into 4 main sections: Hello Kitty and friends, wild animal and birds, dino park and stage performances. Lets look at all the Hello Kitty related lanterns’ photos I managed to capture.


Then for the wild animals.. I am impressed with the level of detail for the animals. They are setup to look natural, I will show you how they did it later.


This is one of the largest exhibit area, with so many tiger, cheetah and deers on display.


One of my favorites, the panda garden. Similarly there was another panda garden in the earlier lantern carnival. If you looked at both, you will know this one definitely the nicer one. They look really cute don’t they?


A couple of hippos yawning on the river lol.


The cheetah is hunting a deer, that’s nice. The next is even better.


What is this cheetah doing? LOL. And he looked really bo song when I took his photo :P


The entrance fee is RM15 for adults, RM8 for children. If you’re a Maxis subscriber you get 20% off the tickets (you only need to tell them your phone number) The best time to come is during weekdays where you can get buy 1 free 1 tickets. Weekdays are less crowded too so you can find a parking easier, and less people blocking you to take photos lol. It is a great place to bring your kids, I am sure they would love it! Too bad they didn’t have this kind of event when I was small… By the way, I felt that the Penang International Lantern Festival is so so much better than the Penang Lantern Carnival.

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