Your ultimate guide for a beautiful trip to Spain

Spain is a beautiful travel destination. With its amazing ancient history, its wonderful nature, the seaside, the countryside and beautiful cities of art, Spain really has it all. Having so many things to see and do we know that, when planning a Spanish trip it could get a little bit tricky to manage everything in a proper and effective way. This is the reason why we wrote this guide: to help you plan a beautiful successful trip stress-free! Let’s begin!

Things to live: The typical Spanish relaxation

Seaside is of the best area to relax, grab some drink and soaking up the sun. If you want you can switch your Spanish vacation to a more relaxing one exploring coastal cities or even one of the amazing Spanish island focusing on outdoor activities, hiking into natural parks and swimming into crystal clear waters.

Thing to eat: enjoying the incredible spanish food

In the culinary field, there are two almost mythological figures: paella and tapas. Paella is a typical dish of Valencia made with rice, saffron and seafood or meat. Tapas, on the other hand, are a wide range of food products absolutely typical of Spanish cuisine generally eaten as appetizers or as aperitifs and were born in Castilian region.

Things to do: starting the exploration

Besides the most common and famous highlights, Spain has several amazing hidden places to marvel at. These are amazing to catch the most traditional and ancient soul of this magical country away from the most common touristic paths.

How to make the most of your Spanish trip?

We highly recommend using cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and so on just as a starting point to something bigger. Several important places are away from the centers and are located in the mountains or all over the coast. In order to live this trip in an optimized way, you should get a little bit adventurous!

Hiring a car to explore the most hidden gems

Hiring a car in Spain is almost mandatory to explore the most precious places in the country. If you are looking for a car rental in Spain this is what you need to create a customized, convenient and stress-free experience. Insert all the info into the form and search for the best deal and the best option: easy to use and really cheap, this site is life-savior!

Full-immerse into the Spanish culture

Look for the most traditional places where to eat, where to stay and where to catch a glimpse of this vibrant and joyful culture. Once you will have hired a car you can easily keep things authentic exploring the coastal villages or some little town on the mountain where progress and modernity are still away for a magical jump into the past!

As you may have noticed Spain has so much to offer in a matter of relaxation, exploration and cultural immersion! Use our tips as a start to customize your own Spanish adventure and live this trip as a great opportunity to discover one of the most magical and unique cultures and beauties of the European World.