What does ‘free range meat’ really mean?

These days, there have been several technological advancements that paved the way for a more convenient lifestyle. Convenience opened many doors to a fast-paced lifestyle. However, there are still those whose advocacies are to spread the advantages of a healthy lifestyle, one that needs to be at par with modernization.

Apart from performing a consistent exercise routine, a healthy lifestyle includes a superb source of nutrition. This is a diet that is free from processed food and one that leans more on organically grown produce, as well as free range meat. Digging deeper, here is what free range meat really mean.

free range chicken

Free Range Meat

By definition, free range meat refers to the animals reared to later on be prepared for consumption. The significant difference on how these animals are raised is that they are free to roam in the outdoors. Some animal rearing farms stick to a schedule for when these animals can freely roam, while others keep open doors for the animals all the time. Mortons Traditional Taste and several other dairy farms now have ventured out in free range and organic poultry. This is because animals who are free to roam around tend to display their natural behaviors, minimizing the possibility that the animals are stressed. As a result, the meat they produce for the end consumers are of high quality, being that the meat is generally tender with a superb taste even with minimal spices.

Free Range Organic Food

Organic meat often translates that the meat are raised in a free range environment. However, it doesn’t hold true that all free range meat is organic. A meat raising farm needs to be certified in several aspects before they can claim that the free range meat they produce are organic. While the certification process may prove to be tedious and may require the farms to exert an extra effort, it can be rewarding to be organically certified. A certification entails a reputable farm because the consumers are fully aware of what they are bringing into their tables.

Why does the term seem so complicated?

Over the recent years, the term free range became complex in such a way that it is no longer confined to letting the animals roam freely in a farm. Certain laws, standardized some aspect of free range raising, especially in poultry. For instance, only a number of chickens and other birds must occupy a defined amount of space while roaming, such as a maximum of 13 birds in a square meter. These birds must have continuous daytime access to open-air runs, with sufficient vegetation for most of their lifetime. While these regulations made free range, rearing more complicated, it also standardized the process to ensure that consumers are provided with high quality meat.

free range lamb

A healthy lifestyle should not be neglected even if nowadays, people tend to live more fast-paced lives. There are several ways to prioritize your health, without significantly affecting your daily routine. Small steps in changing what food you prefer to consume can definitely go a long way.