Penang White Curry Mee @ Penang Corner, Kepong Baru


As a Penangite in KL, I know many of us crave for certain hawker food especially Char Koay Teow and Curry Mee. These are two dishes I feel hardest to replicate outside Penang because of the cooking technique and ingredients involved. There was a craze for Penang White Curry Mee (the instant noodle version) over the past year and that propelled its popularity. Now you could find at least 5 different brands of such flavored instant noodles in the market.

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Pho 10 @ Ly Quoc Su Street, Hanoi

There are plenty of places to enjoy the national dish of Vietnam in Hanoi. But if you are one of those who prefer to be on the safer side in terms of language and hygiene, Pho 10 should be on your consideration list. Now, I have eaten at the dingy places and classy restaurants in Hanoi and Pho 10 ranks somewhere between them.
Imagine the typical coffee shops in Malaysia – busy, generally littered with tissue paper and the drain next to the entrance is clogged with food waste. Also, expect very tight spaces and you most probably have to share a table with strangers

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Ichiro Sushi Bar @ 1-Utama Isetan Eat Paradise

Ichiro Sushi Bar

It has been more than a year since our last visit but it is great to know that Ichiro is still doing well. Food standard and service are still well maintained which delights me.

Ichiro Sushi Bar remains one of the very few Japanese restaurants that I would not hesitate to return again and again.vkeong

While you are here, do yourself a favor by checking out their daily specials especially Nigiri made from the freshest fish available. The pricing is admittedly slightly higher than the regular sushi joint in town but satisfaction is almost guaranteed. Read about our first experience here.


HAVEN Training Restaurant @ Siam Reap, Cambodia

Food should never pose an issue for travellers to Siam Reap since there are so many international restaurants along the town’s main street. For those who are not that adventurous to venture into the more exotic street food, the vast options of ‘proper restaurants’ must surely be a relief. But if you are willing to stray a little further, Haven Training Restaurant is definitely worth checking out.

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BBQ-K Korean Barbecue Buffet RM45 @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Good food with friendly service coupled with eat all you can at a reasonable price make BBQ-K a must visit for those who love Korean barbecue. For RM45 you are free to stuff yourself silly with chicken, beef, pork, seafood and many other dishes – mainly of Korean and Japanese variation. For the same amount money, you usually get only one or two plates of meat at the regular Korean restaurant. So it’s pretty much a steal.

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Coffee Experience @ Hanoi, Vietnam

Black Coffee Condensed Milk

One thing’s for sure, coffee is a more popular in Vietnam than in Malaysia. I think it is safe to say that if you do not sample any local coffee while visiting Vietnam, your trip is in vain. Can you imagine someone visiting Malaysia and not having teh tarik? Pretty much the same thing.

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Bangsar Fish Head Corner @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Bangsar Fish Head Corner is a food stall at Lucky Garden that commands a large customer base thanks to two of their signature dishes: fish head curry and mamak-style fried chicken.
They are extremely busy especially during lunch hours and a long queue is a normal sight. Luckily the service is quick so the line moves fairly quick. The aroma of seasoning and spices immediately hits you before you even reach the stall. Batches and batches of chicken are fried non-stop to cater to the crowd.

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Cha Ca Thang Long (Vietnamese Grilled Fish) @ Old Quarter, Hanoi

Cha Ca (Vietnamese Grilled Fish) is a rare yet iconic dish in Hanoi that has been listed as one of the 1,001 dishes to eat before you die. One of the unique thing about Cha Ca is that it is usually the only food on the menu of the restaurants that serve it. So it’s either you eat it, or you don’t.
When I was in Hanoi I visited two restaurants that serve this delicacy – one of them is Cha Ca Va Long, which is said to be the inventor of this dish but also a tourist trap. The other one is located at the Old Quarter called Cha Ca Thang Long. The latter is much more affordable (1/3 of the price of Cha Ca Va Long) and serves basically the same tasting dish.

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Penang Jawa Mee @ Kedai Kopi Five Five Five, Bandar Menjalara Kepong

Due to my new business venture, I have been eating around Kepong a lot more recently. I thought I had discovered all the great food nearby but boy, how wrong was I. In the recent weeks alone I have found new spots for delicious yet affordable hawker food such as fish head noodle, claypot chicken rice, Char Koay Teow, Jawa mee, chicken rice and duck rice.

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Kantok Restaurant @ Burasari Resort, Phuket


Kantok restaurant at Burasari Resort will awe you with its lush gardens, open kitchen concept and tranquil water features. Their prices are understandbly higher given the classy settings of the restaurant, and is about 3-4 times more expensive than the hole-in-the-wall places. If a clean and relaxed dining environment is what you are looking for in Patong, Kantok should be on top of your list.


The extensive menu features mainly Thai dishes along with a few unique ones such as Red Duck Curry. Food wise, everything tasted pretty good with healthy portions and they are nicely presented. The only downside about Kantok is the slow kitchen service because the dishes took considerably long to arrive despite us being the only customers there.


Khong Wang Ruam (chef selection of appetizers) @ THB254.89

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Bun Cha Dac Kim (Grilled Pork Noodle) @ Hang Manh, Hanoi

Hanoi is a lively city with no lack of choices when it comes to street food. There is so much more to eat besides the already well-known beef pho and spring rolls. The way the locals eat is another unique aspect to Hanoi’s street food scene. As you might have known or seen before, most of the eateries here are a simple set up of a few small tables and stools along the five foot way.


The first dish we tried upon reaching Hanoi was Bun Cha at Hang Manh street. Bun Cha is a grilled pork and noodle dish served with a platter of herbs and a bowl of savory dipping sauce. Here’s how a typical serving of Bún Chả would look like. If language is a problem, just use sign language to indicate how many servings you want. Most Vietnamese food vendors specialize in one dish only so this technique works most of the time.


Anyway, here’s the entire course for Bun Cha and it consists of the grilled pork, Vietnamese vermicelli, herbs (most of them are minty, with refreshing flavors), and a sweet dipping sauce with slices of young papaya.

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Street Food @ Open Air Food Bazaar, Patong Promenade Plaza

The first thing we did after landing on Phuket was to look for food. There are many restaurants nearby our hotel alright but our sights were set on this open air food bazaar instead. It was located next to the Patong Promenade Plaza and there were easily twenty to thirty stalls, albeit some serve the same dishes.


Grilled river prawns should be the most delicious dish we had, they are so fresh! Anyway, if you are wondering why the prawns always come out perfect, it’s because they actually boil them first before placing them on the grill. The grilling takes maybe only a minute or so on each side just for the extra aroma so the flesh is always juicy and succulent.

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