Burger Baker Kaw Kaw Ampang

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw @ Kaw’D, Ampang Waterfront

Although Burger Baker Kaw Kaw (BBKK) has been around for almost 5 years, this was actually my first time trying it. I still could remember when this burger made the news after photos of people queuing for it went viral. What followed was the opening of a series of local burger joints (and other copycats), in which most of them …


Tokushima Ramen & New Seasonal Specials @ Ippudo Pavilion

Fans of ramen chain Hakata Ippudo take note, there will be a new ramen and three new items making an appearance on their menu soon. Available at Pavilion KL and The Gardens Mall outlets only, these new seasonal chef specials will only be available between 6 July and 30 Sept 2015 and are priced from RM13 to RM25++.


Curry Leaf Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown, PJ

As a suburb, Damansara Utama is exceptionally well-known for caf├ęs, hawker food and restaurants catering not only to the nearby office crowd but also neighbouring communities in PJ. If you’re into Banana Leaf or Indian food in general, Curry Leaf restaurant would be worth a trip even if you’re not staying in PJ.


IEYASU Tsukemen & Izakaya @ Avenue K

It’s hard to dislike Ramen especially when it’s good. And then there’s Tsukemen, a type of dipping Ramen where the broth and noodles are served in separate bowls. Tsukemen is not that uncommon now in KL since quite a number of Japanese restaurants serve it as part of their menu. But if you are looking for one that specializes in …