Yugo House Japanese Fusion Restaurant @ Publika

Yugo Japanese Restaurant Publika KL
Yugo Japanese Restaurant Publika KL


I know I haven’t been updating my blog for quite some time now, but Yugo House‘s ongoing dining promotions are just too good not to share. So here’s the gist:

Buy 1 FREE 1 set menu (lunch & dinner)
– For every RM30 spent, you get to redeem 1 ala-carte item at RM2. Choices include Ikageso Karaage, Atsuyaki Tamago, Nasi Lemak Maki, Onigiri, Edamame or 1 bottle of Carlsberg
– Carlsberg is only RM5/bottle

What makes these promotions even better is the fact that they are non-exclusive. It means, you can purchase a set dinner for RM37 and still qualify for the 2nd promo to redeem a bottle of Carlsberg beer at RM2.


So, if you are in KL looking for a new Japanese restaurant that will not put a burden on your wallet, Yugo House is THE place to check out. The fact that you could get a satisfying meal for 2 for under RM50 here says a lot about the restaurant’s current value.



For example, you only need to pay RM40 for the 2 sets (lunch) shown above. There’s beef fillet, sashimi and salmon with all the sides, it’s very worth it alright. Besides, there are 39 sets to choose so you are sure to find one that’s to you and your partner’s liking.



Now lets move on to their ala-carte items. Yugo House offers a mix of traditional and Japanese fusion dishes with mentai sauce heavily present in most of their dishes.

Among all the dishes we tried, Yam Fried Porridge @ RM28 was the most memorable one which I highly recommend. Compared to the normal porridge which is usually bland, this one’s super flavorful with plenty of tender meat underneath.



Nasi Lemak Maki @ RM12 is one of the more unique offerings here. As a fusion dish, they really treated Nasi Lemak with the respect it deserves by preserving the ingredients used and flavor profile.

While the sambal is understandably on the sweet side, it still has a hint of spiciness to balance it out. I dare say it tastes better than the Nasi Lemak sushi done by another more prestigious restaurant in Bangsar.


Unagi Double Cheesy Maki @ RM42 – it’s really hard to go wrong with anything that has Unagi, and that’s no exception with this. Although it’s ‘double cheesy’, it’s not that overpowering and you can still taste the Unagi and other fillings in the maki.



If you are a fan of mentai sauce, there are two things that will surely appeal: Dragon Mentai Cheese Maki @ RM18 and Crepe Seaweed Wrapped with Mentai Chicken/Fish @ RM12. The latter is more of an appetizer and we enjoyed the layers of texture in the dish. It’s crispy, juicy and creamy in every bite.



Negi Salmon Wasabi with Garlic Butter Toast @ RM25 is recommended for salmon lovers. It features minced salmon mixed with spring onions and wasabi mayo to make a spread for crunchy garlic butter toasts. They are not stingy with the salmon spread so you can apply it on the toasts generously for a satisfying bite.


Grilled Smoked Duck with Pineappla Sauce @ RM18 was another dish that pleasantly surprised us. The rich and sweet pineapple sauce complements the savoriness of the duck nicely, it’s nothing short of delicious!


Yugo House
A2-UG1-09, Publika, Jalan Dutamas, KL
Mon – Fri: 11am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 11pm
Sat & Sun: 11am – 11pm

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