Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant @ Melaka

Ee Ji Ban Melaka Chicken Rice Ball
Ee Ji Ban Melaka Chicken Rice Ball

During our last trip to Melaka, we stumbled into a new place for chicken rice. The restaurant is called ‘Ee Ji Ban‘ and they appear to be Muslim friendly too as various Malay celebrities have eaten here before. And since it’s located in Melaka, you can expect to find chicken rice balls in the menu too.

Ee Ji Ban Melaka Chicken Rice Ball

Besides chicken rice ball, Ee Ji Ban also serves a range of Nyonya dishes such as cili garam, sambal petai, cincalok omelette and asam pedas. For lunch that day, we had half a chicken (mix of steamed and roasted) @ RM26 and a small serving of Nyonya Cili Garam Sotong & Prawn @ RM32.

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Menu

Price wise I’d say they are above average and definitley not as cheap as the others in town. But we were happy with the food so we didn’t mind paying a bit extra.

Chicken Rice Balls Melaka

Chicken rice balls are 30 cents each. It might feel cheap but the minimum order is 10 so the rice alone will cost you RM3. If you don’t fancy the rice balls, it’s also available in the normal loose form at RM1.
Personally, I like my rice as it is but I guess there’s really no harm in trying something out of the ordinary once in a while.

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Melaka

Frankly speaking, I did not harbor high expectations for Ee Ji Ban because it had a tourist trap vibe to it. So I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the chicken was.
I don’t know if you can see it, but the chicken here is actually bigger and fleshier than the usual. Both styles of chicken are delicious but my preference leans towards the roasted one because the skin was paper thin and crispy. The chili sauce is awesome too.

Nyonya Cili Garam Prawn and Squid

Although not fantastic, the Cili Garam seafood is still worthy of a try if you haven’t had anything like this before. The prawns and squids were really fresh which was the main reason we enjoyed it.

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Restaurant Melaka

If you can’t afford to queue under the sun for chicken rice, Ee Ji Ban could a good alternative. Going back to the restaurant’s halal-ity, I tried to look for their halal certification but I couldn’t find it. Maybe I missed it but the point is I am not in the position to tell whether it’s halal or not. They claim that they are halal but it’s really your responsibility (if you’re a Muslim) to confirm it. Confirmed Ee Ji Ban is halal during my last visit on 16 Sep 2017.

Ee Ji Ban Melaka Chicken Rice

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant Melaka

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball

275, Jalan Melaka Raya 3
75000 Melaka
Business hours: 10am – 9pm daily
GPS Coordinates: N 02′ 11.300′ E102′ 15.208′
Tel: 016-216 5220

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