Seafood Tabur Buffet @ Talaykrata Seafood BBQ, Publika

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Besides being the first restaurant in KL to provide live tiger prawns to customers to catch and barbecue directly, Talaykrata Seafood BBQ is now also the first to offer seafood tabur buffet. If you don’t know what “seafood tabur” is, it’s just a localized version of Louisiana seafood boil. Watch how it’s served in the video here.


For RM68, you get to choose your seafood tabur in two sauces: Sambal Pedas or Buttermilk. You are given two hours to enjoy the meal which also includes free flow of Haagen Dazs ice cream, soft drinks and rice. With all things considered, this buffet is of good value and I highly recommend it.

The Sambal Pedas sauce is our favorite, as it’s truly spicy (but not punishingly hot) and appetizing. It just pairs well with the seafood and makes it irresistible not to eat with rice.


Buttermilk wise, it’s more suited for those who can’t handle spicy food. The sauce is rich and creamy and slightly sweet. The selection of seafood you get include tiger prawn, flower crab, mussel, lala and scallop. Sometimes there are squid or razor clams too, depending on the stock they have.

If you have been to Talaykrata Seafood BBQ before, you would know that the owners are very particular about the quality of seafood. One of the reasons is that they are from Sabah, where fresh seafood is in abundance. So they aim to provide a fresh and delicious experience to their customers as well.






After 3 months, there are some changes to their seafood BBQ’s starting set. Some items such as baby lobster, oysters and scallops with cheese mayo have been replaced with mud crab with roe and pen shell – a type of giant clam. Other popular items like giant fresh water prawn and giant scallop are still included in the set.


And of course, live tiger prawns are still being replenished frequently. This is one of the best things of eating here as compared to other places which also offer live prawns. As soon as the customers have finished catching he prawns from the ‘river’, the restaurant would refill them immediately.

So don’t worry about the restaurant being stingy about the live tiger prawns. Don’t need to be kiasu and just focus on enjoying the meal at your own pace.


The easiest way to look for this restaurant is by locating Papparich or Bestari Nasi Kandar in Publika. Talaykrata Seafood BBQ is located at the same row, but further down the shop lots towards Jalan Duta side.

Talaykrata Seafood BBQ
Publika, A4-G1-06, Solaris Dutamas, KL
Booking: 019-813 7767

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