Recipe: Corned Beef Spaghetti

Preparing kick-ass [tag]spaghetti[/tag] is easy! [tag]Recipe[/tag] below:

  1. Run to your nearest hypermarket and buy these:
    • Spaghetti
    • Pasta Sauce
    • Corned Beef / Sausages
    • Onion
    • Margerine
  2. Img_13181

  3. Boil spaghetti (200gm serves 2 nicely) in salt water for 10-15 minutes until it’s soft.
  4. Img_14051

  5. Stir fry sliced onions, corned beef and pasta sauce and add in some water. Amount of ingredients used is according to your liking, it won’t go wrong. You can also dice 2 sausages into the paste to add some texture as well as biting sensation (recommended) Corned beef is just too fine.
  6. Img_13061

  7. Drain spaghetti into a bowl and add in 1-2 tablespoons of margerine. Mix well.
  8. Img_13261

  9. Serve! Seriously, it tastes better than those sold outside.. My gf certainly has a talent in cooking spaghetti :P All I did was mixing the spaghetti with margerine lol.

Mom’s Best: Sweet Sour Crab

I am starting a new category on my blog “Mom’s Cooking” All entries under this category will feature dishes prepared by my beloved [tag]mother[/tag]. I will update once a week in the weekends because that’s when my mother cook something special and nice ;) The first dish I want to share with you is [tag]Sweet Sour Crab[/tag].


There is a wet market in Perai that sells some special [tag]seafood[/tag] that cannot be found in normal markets. That would explain why my parents would call it a “richman’s market” It is also the place where we bought our “Udang Merah” durian last weekend.


You can find really big crabs sold there, price ranging from RM22-25 per kg. The way the crabs are killed is quite brutal: First they were put upside down and struck hard on their bellies by knives, while still being tied up. Then they were tore up to pieces.. ouch!


We bought 7 crabs for RM55 to cook for 5 people. The crabs will still need extra cleaning using an used toothbrush, especially the limbs. Ingredients used to prepare this dish include: Chilli paste, Limes, Sugar and Corn flour.

Pepsi Special Editions

Went to [tag]Giant Hypermarket[/tag] last week and saw 2 new [tag]Pepsi[/tag] editions, Pepsi Gold and Pepsi Max. Pepsi has always been my favorite cola, especially Pepsi Twist. I bought a bottle (600ml) of each, priced at RM1.59.


As the name implies, Pepsi Gold is gold in color (including the bottle cap) I believe it is launched along with the World Cup 2006 event because it has this SMS competition that allows buyers to win 2 [tag]David Beckham[/tag]‘s gold medals. All you need to do is find the 6 digit codes under the bottle cap, and send it to a certain number along with your personal details. Frankly I am not really interested lol.


Taste wise, I feel that it doesn’t differ with the original Pepsi at all. It’s like drinking Pepsi, but in gold.


Pepsi Max is Pepsi without sugar but gives maximum taste, as claimed by its label.


Same with Gold, Max tastes similar to original Pepsi (close to 90%) The weird thing is, it tastes sweeter? Even with no sugar? Personally I prefer Max to Gold (less gas and NO sugar! LOL) Most of the photos I took are blurry, paiseh for that, shaky hands that evening :P