Mom’s Best: Egg Tarts

Delicious home made [tag]egg tarts[/tag] by my mom. She got this [tag]recipe[/tag] from my aunt who is very good at baking cookies and cakes. She used to bake snake shaped [tag]cookies[/tag] that look like little dragons every Chinese New Year, they taste wonderful! As promised, the recipe is as below :)

Egg Tarts

These are the ingredients needed, to make a batch of 25 cups. For the dough, you will need

  1. 300 gram flour
  2. 200 gram margarine/butter
  3. 1 1/2 tablespoon milk powder (we used Anlene)
  4. 1 1/2 tablespoon icing/castor sugar
  5. 1/2 tablespoon custard powder
  6. 1 egg

Egg Tarts 2

Steps: Pour the ingredients into a mixing bowl and start mixing them. The dough has to “rubbed” as though you are massaging a person’s back. Take note that the butter has to be slightly cold. After the dough is done, it has to be refrigerated. As for the mixture, you will need

  1. 250 gram sugar boiled in 250 ml water with pandan leaf, and left cool (this is the syrup)
  2. 5 eggs – beat or whish
  3. 200 ml evaporated milk

Steps: Add the beaten eggs into the cooled syrup, then add a big pinch of custard powder and vanilla essence. Do teh tarik motions on the mixture many times and keep it refrigerated as well.


Line the tart moulds with the pastry (dough) by making a small ball, then press it over the moulds. Keep in mind that the pastry must not be too thin, or the egg tart will break easily when done.

Egg Mixture

Take the egg mixture out from the fridge and do a couple of teh tarik motions again. Pour the egg mixture into the moulds, slightly more than 3 quarter full. Bake them in oven for 25-30 minutes at 180°C. To know whether the egg tarts are ready, shake the moulds slightly. If the egg mixture is firm and the pastry is golden brown, it’s done!

Unbaked Tarts

Lastly, overturn the egg tarts in put into individual paper cups quickly. Serve!

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  1. babe_kl

    hi there.

    i’m curious why need to tarik the custard? as far as i know one need to be gentle with the custard to prevent air bubbles from forming. once it has the bubbles, the tarts won’t come out looking smooth and shiny. tell your mummy this. just my 2 sen.

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  3. Sukye

    Hi, I’ve just come across your site while looking for the recipe for Ipoh egg tarts (the ones where the pastry is multi-layered, if you know what I mean). I’ve just made the ones like you did a couple of weeks ago, and I’d like to let you know that you should prevent bubbles from forming in the egg mixture otherwise they will turn out with “lubang- lubang” like in your first pic. To prevent bubbles, strain the egg mixture through a sieve when you fill the pastries. Hope you don’t mind me saying this.

    vk: no problem :) It was my mom’s 1st/2nd attempt that time hehe. I will let her know your tip.. thanks!

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