Bee Tai Mak @ Pek Kong Cheng Bukit Mertajam

mee soup

Right beside Pek Kong Cheng at Bukit Mertajam are 2 noodle stalls. One of them sells Bee Tai Mak, a type of clear soup noodles topped with minced meat. Priced @ RM2.50, it looks and tastes like Koay Teow Soup when ordered with koay teow.

chili sauce

But the main attraction at this noodle stall is the self made chilli sauce. It is very diluted with a spicy and salty taste.

noodle soup

The chiili sauce goes very well with the noodles. To really enjoy the noodles, a recommended way is to take a spoonful of the chilli sauce and pour on top of the noodles.


Here is the version if orderd with Bee Tai Mak, I never really like the texture so I usually order yellow noodles and beehoon. However, it is more popular with the older generations and it certainly brings back the flavor of the past.

wantan mee

And this is the obligatory Tok Tok Mee that everyone must try ;)
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.847 E100 27.658

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9 Responses

  1. Ho Jiak says:

    What so special for this noodle soup?

  2. vkeong says:

    Hojiak: The specialty of this noodle stall is its chilli sauce. Normally Koay Teow Soup is eaten with cili padi ;)

  3. mick says:


    i was feeling hungry just now so i just try to search for some nice pictures of food especially chinese hawker food in malaysia when my fren suddenly found ur webpage! oh man, i keep dripping my saliva when i saw all those delicious food in BM!!! for ur info, im from BM too, but currently studying in tganu and i wont be home during raya! this makes me miss BM food more n more!!! hey really wana thank u for publishing all the delicious food in BM, u really help those hawkers to promote their food! hey, did u missed out BM best chim bak hor fun at lau yew too? that is my all time favourite! i will never miss it everytime i go back BM!!!!
    long live BM food!!! BM is the heaven for food!

  4. vkeong says:

    Hi there mick, I was in your situation before too when I was studying in Cyberjaya. Man it was so hard to find a decent plate of Char Koay Teow but it’s so easy in BM :)

    I did hear about chim bak hor fun you mentioned but I seldom go there at night.. keep the good food suggestions rolling~

  5. yuhhui says:

    Hey, is this the stall that sells the famous bee chai mak? it’s just beside the temple right? they’re famous for their bee chai mak.. not koay teow.. lol!

    yuhhui’s last blog post..Random

  6. coel says:

    u should try these handmade mi chai mak :)

    vk: Tried, also something I ate since small. The chili is NICE!

  7. heinma says:

    ur food is nice,i hav been tasted it b4…but…..the soup is more than the noodles…n it dun looks like exactly in the picture..

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