Lang Tengah Trip Last Part

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Well I thought I had a lot of photos to share but too bad that wasn’t the case. I guess I didn’t really take as many photos as I thought I did after all. All of them were already shown in my previous posts lol. I had a good (not great) time in [tag]Lang Tengah[/tag]. It was a new experience for me because I have been wondering how does it feel to be snorkeling. The feeling of having fishes swimming around you while looking at beautiful corals is just wonderful. It’s like you and the fishes share the same living space. Earlier, I already typed a long post describing the itineraries of my trip but it was lost. Thanks to Window’s blue screen of death, sigh. Anyway I will share some of my thoughts on my trip:

  • Surprisingly, Kuala [tag]Terengganu[/tag] is much more developed than I expected. A pity I didn’t get to try the famous nasi dagang and buy authentic Terengganu lekor.
  • Boat rides here are very wavy, be prepared to bring along sour plums. I like snorkeling a lot but the seasickness spoiled my mood and I had to get out of the water after a while only.
  • Visitors to the marine park in Pulau Pinang are not allowed to use the fins. So don’t bother bringing them along. I am still quite unhappy about this because the staff at Redang Lang Resort didn’t tell us about this, even when they saw us carrying the fins.
  • Quite disappointed that I only spent like half an hour at the marine park. Among the places we snorkeled, the marine park had the most fishes and most beautiful corals. Too bad the weather turned bad and there was a high tide, forcing us to leave.
  • The BBQ dinner held on the 2nd day was not really a BBQ after all. The kitchen staff barbecued aluminum foil wrapped stingrays for the guests. And there weren’t enough for everyone. I didn’t get to try any :(
  • My friends spotted baby sharks a few times, and I didn’t get to see any..

I will definitely return for another visit, but perhaps to Redang or Perhentian instead. Since there’s Fireflyz now, I think that will happen pretty much anytime soon :D Oh yeah if you are wondering, that’s me in the photo lol. Walking alone.. Siang Leng secretly snapped it, quite nice I’d say ;)

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And finally, the photo I love the most. The silly boy and silly girl in Lang Tengah Island.

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  1. Eugene

    I have visted perhentian last year, and it was a nice experience. we had planned for redang this coming may. Hopefully next year, Lang Tengah ..

    Mind if i ask, what camera are you using, SLR? nice shot

  2. Post

    jason – Thanks.. next time I will be well prepared and definitely will enjoy the trip to the fullest!

    Eugene – Wow, so you are going to visit all the islands soon.. envious. I am using Canon S3iS, it’s not a SLR, just a pro consumer type of camera lol. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Jian

    With good natural lighting everything will look nice even if u are using pro consumer digicam : ) haha my 1st time to Redang also not that perfect. Hohoh

  4. teddY

    Very lovely photos you have over there! It’s just like a perfect paradise on earth =) Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone! We surely enjoyed ourselves reading your post as well as staring at those impossbily beautiful photos.

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. I’ve linked your trip photos to my blog under the section “Photo Elsewhere” at the sidebar. You have really nice photos to share!

    1. Post

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