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To celebrate my mom’s birthday, we went to Starview [tag]Restaurant[/tag] in [tag]Perai[/tag] last weekend. We have been to this restaurant before and found most of the dishes quite unique.

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Crab sauce fried noodles, tastes like ‘sang mien’ but is much more flavorful. Very nice.

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My father and I love ostrich meat, the texture is very similar to beef and more tender. Besides, ostrich meat is healthier because its lower in cholesterol, fat and calorie, making it the best alternative for beef.

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This was what I specifically ordered, braised mutton in claypot at only RM10.

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One of the best salad prawns I’ve had so far. They are deep fried with sesame seeds and laid on cut honeydews with generous amount of mayonnaise as dressing. Another variation of this dish is using steamed prawns, but I like deep fried one better.

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This is a super nice dish. The fish is sliced into boneless pieces carefully, deep fried and then layered with delicious garlic and butter sauce.

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Lastly, a specialty of Starview Restaurant – Peking Duck ala Starview. The specialty of this dish lies in the method of eating it. As seen, there are 4 ingredients in this dish: duck meat with jellyfish, duck skin on prawn crackers, Peking sweet sauce and egg wrappers. Basically just put all ingredients in the wrapper and eat it like popiah.

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It’s kinda amazing how they create the patterns on the egg wrappers. Although special, this dish only tastes mediocre at best to me. Because the jellyfish pieces are actually pickled, which gave a weird taste to the duck meat. For those interested, Starview Restaurant can be found beside Pacific hypermarket along Chinatown.

Starview Restaurant (Prai)
Megamal Pinang – China Town,
13600, Prai, Penang , Malaysia
Phone: 604 3971221, 3971222
Fax: 604 3971220

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11 Responses

  1. jason says:

    Gosh.. everything looks so appetizing! Would love to try the ostrich meat, fish slice and crab sauce noodle

  2. cindy1111 says:

    Alright!!! i was planning to have my dinner tomorrow at starview (to celebrate my birthday too ), after reading your blog, i no need worry about the food over there.

  3. Jian says:

    oh starview? There is Starview Restaurant in Penang too. When I 1st had the jelly fish Peking duck, it was good. But 2nd time sucks. Oh Braised lamb….ostrich….hahah yum yum…

  4. byenli says:

    How much does it cost for the whole meal ar? My mom’s bday is coming soon also. :P Might take that restaurant into my consideration for her celebration… :D

  5. Jian says:

    hahaha so many ppl’s parents bday coming/currently celebrating. My dad also celebrating this month…Oh yeah forgot to comment on the egg wrappers….my dad’s working place also serve the exact same wrapper. Just that their’s are rectangular…haha, same supplier? But i remember he said they made it themselves.

  6. vkeong says:

    jason – Lol you picked the 3 nicest dishes :P

    cindy1111 – Oo, happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your dinner :)

    Jian – Agreed, first time the duck was quite nice, mainly because of its specialty. Anyway the 2nd time it was terrible, the duck was the last to finish, no one really wanted to eat it lol

    yenli – It costed us around RM140 for the dishes alone. I am sure you will like the food, just avoid the peking duck ;)

  7. Jian says:

    oh hahaha…eh ya i realise they plucked the heads and tails off the taugeh. So professional….hahaha so far i never tried dishes with the taugeh like this. Heard that the texture of the dish would be improved if the heads and tails are removed. RM140? how many ppl? Dun think can get that price in Penang. lolz…but then again, portion ok?

  8. e-Leng says:

    I like the Salad Prawns especially the honey dew. It is so cold when you put it into your mouth. Yummy!

  9. Penang guy says:

    i dont think so, they charge a glass of plain water for RM1, and told you that they have served a quarter of duck, but at the end they charge for half duck price…

  10. Penang guy says:

    I apologize here, because the “unreasonable” starview that i mention is in penang island but not in perai.

  11. ONG says:


    vk: Starview Restaurant (Prai)
    Megamal Pinang – China Town,
    13600, Prai, Penang , Malaysia
    Phone: 604 3971221, 3971222
    Fax: 604 3971220

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