ATTENTION! G Hotel BBQ Seafood Buffet Complaints

ATTENTION! Due to many complaints received in my blog’s comments on G Hotel’s BBQ Seafood Dinner, please be informed no longer recommends this. From my experience it was fine but many people complained about the food quality, variety and some even complained of discomfort after that. So all G Hotel BBQ Seafood related posts will serve only as a reference for the food you will find there. I regret any bad experiences you’ve had if you went for the buffet after viewing my blog. Thank you.

I have yet received another comment regarding the bad food over in G Hotel. Despite how good looking the food I shown in my earlier posts, please read the comments first and decide for yourself whether it’s worth going. It is really disappointing to know the standard has dropped until so badly. G Hotel management if you are reading this you better buck up, so much for the publicity I got for you. Here are the comments I received so far (negative responses):

  • Yammy Yammy says I had treid the buffet on Friday. First, there’s not much choice. The sea food is not fresh…at all.
    The BBQ,most of them are too salty n not fresh too. One more thing is, why we pay extra to eat ‘chicken rice’, ’satay’ n ‘Char Koey Teow’ at ghotel’s BBQ n Saefood buffet?
    The desserts look nice, but most of the desserts are too sweet! The ice-cream taste like the cheap one…
    How i wish I’ve never been there…
    The evergreen Seafood buffet is much better! The desserts taste very good also.

    The price is also 60something. Must try!

  • Orthoo says I went for the BBQ seafood buffet with a group of friends last Friday, and I say it is NOT worth the price at all! G-Hotel lobby and the cafe certainly look very nice and modern but we go for the food mah, right? First of all, there were so few varieties! What you see in the photos are all that are available – seriously!! And, the seafood is NOT fresh at all (I spent the whole night later visiting the toilet – talk about regret!). But the most annoying thing was that the BBQ seafood is served by their staff – ONE piece per request! Seriously! Like one tiny piece of sotong when you ask for it. If you ask again, you get another ONE tiny piece!! Aiyo what lah! Like this call buffet???

    I will never go there again. Waste of time and money!! To me the best buffet in town is still the Sunday brunch at good old Golden Sands Hotel!

  • Ms Lee says After looking for the inviting photos, we decided to try up the buffet last Friday

    For the RM68 , our comments are as follow…
    1. How can they call this Buffet where you are given ONLY 1 miserable SMALL pcs BBQ Sotong each time you go for it (unless you ask for additional),
    2. The seafood are not very fresh, so so only,
    3. The dessert looks good on the photo, but taste so so only.
    4. Not much of food variety.
    5. The worst is, water is only served upon request, this is unacceptable at all
    Overall, it just not worth RM68 !! Not of us will go again, with the Total bill of RM925 (11 pax), we can go for EXCELLENT China Cost Dinner man.

  • Angie says Horibble, not worth with the charge as RM128++.

    My husband and me were having Christmas BBQ Seafood buffer on Christmas Eve day. We found the buffer is not worth, so call BBQ seafood is only consist of King prawn and Salmon only. Cake varieties is limited, repeated items were displays to mislead people.
    Besides this, my husband was feel discomfort after taking the food and I am suffer stomach discomfort after the dinner.
    We really feed sad on making bad decision chosing G-hotel as our choice on Christmas Eve night.

G Hotel you are being pwned hard.

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  1. Konghu Lang

    I told you ………….. be more selective, it seems to me that you like to eat everything, even the oily Mee Jawa Goreng near your house, man you need to “up” your taste!

  2. Post

    Konghu Lang, I tell you, I am damn selective in my food. But what do you expect? I go eat the best food all the time? I am not that economically able to do that. If i am rich guy I can post all the best food in the world, Rasa Sayang’s buffet? I heard that’s good, but I think it won’t be good for you after all. Taste is a very subjective thing, what is best to you may be shit to me. Vice versa. If you haven’t tasted the mee goreng before, then you better don’t comment anything.


  3. coketai


    Don;t worry, you should not be the one to blame, afterall, this is your personal food blog base on your PERSONAL food experience and you are not a professional food tester. After all whose listen to your recommendation to try is their own choice to makem not yours.

    Cheer up ! Man!!! This is your blog! and continue to “Eat More! Blog More”


  4. buzzingbee

    Hmm I didn’t go try it too after hearing a few comments about it.
    Well some may like it, some may not…everyone has their own taste and standards! Don’t have to bother about those comments.
    Is E&O good?? Hope to try it out one day!

  5. Konghu Lang

    So you think only Rasa Sayang serves the best food? Only expensive food are good? I leave in the same area, I am here to find out your comment on the food around BM/Penang, good ones and bad ones, but unfortunately, 90% of the food you put in your mouth are good.
    Actually, he moment you told me the KTT in Sg Nibong is the best in BL FTZ area, then I know you taste is below average liao. I am just here to toast you only. I forgot you are just an average food eater, I shouldn’t have put too high hope on you, for that I apologize.
    Taste among the average eaters is a very subjective thing, but taste among the pros are not. That’s why people pay to learn from the pro.

    P/s: Sorry I don’t taste dirty road side food.

  6. Post

    @Konghu Lang, LOL! You need to read more carefully. Your eyes got problem is it? Since when I said Rasa Sayang serves the best? I lazy to explain to you. Open your eyes and clean your eye wax and re-read my reply to you.

    And since when I tell you the koay teow soup in Sg Nibong is the best? Please enlighten me. You may think you have a pro taste but you are definitely a noob in being a person in my book.

  7. Konghu Lang

    Oh you forgot what you have said? goodgle your own blog please. I am not a pro, I jut happen to have normal taste but Not a hungry ghost of course. I like to grill that’s all.

  8. Post

    @Konghu Lang, I did search my blog and I don’t find anything I have written about Sungai Nibong’s KKT being the best, although I wrote this

    “The Sg. Nibong koay teow soup ah.. I think it’s quite good, definitely above par compared the rest in FTZ area don’t you think?”

    I said it was better than others in freaking FTZ Bayan Lepas, read it yourself, I did not edit anything. If you really disagree with my statement then why don’t you let us know which KKT is good in your opinion? No need to be so sarcastic right? I am not a pro, I still ask my friends/colleagues/refer other food blogs for their recommendations. I thought I could refer yours too but now I guess there’s no need for it

  9. jason

    Ehh.. relax man. *pat pat*
    It’s a sad thing that the food quality doesn’t live up to its reputation for some people but I don’t think they should have blamed you or your blog for that.

    Floggers just blog according to their own personal taste and if readers are unsure about the particular eatery, they should seek for second opinion or just ignore about the place. Bloggers are human too and we do make mistakes sometimes.

    Cheer up ya and don’t let the issue dampen your passion for food.

  10. Cokeworld Citizen

    wuiyoh…he grill you, you toast him balik! lolz…Jadi hitam bergether-gether XD… everybody’s tastebuds are different. Some might say Teochew Cendol (example) is the best but I saw its not…so how?how? That’s why as a food blogger, we try food and refer to others (cuz we don’t know everything at the end of the day right?)

    I find his comment contradicting. If expensive food is not good and he doesn’t eat roadside food, then what does he eat?

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