Citrawarna – Colours of Malaysia 2008 @ Putrajaya

Citrawarna – Colours Of Malaysia 2008 was held yesterday 24th May in Dataran Putrajaya. Citrawarna is an annual [tag]event[/tag] showcasing Malaysian arts, traditions and culture via performances, dances and music. The event has always been shown on live telecast but I have never imagined myself catching it live in Putrajaya. Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib and [tag]Tourism[/tag] Minister Datuk Azalina Othman were among the VVIPs present. Mahathir Lokman and Cheryl Samad were the MC for the evening and they were working together great as a team. Armed with a camera and tripod, I hoped to capture some photos of the most colourful event in [tag]Malaysia[/tag].

colours of malaysia dancers

Although the event officially started at 8.30pm, there were pre-shows to keep visitors occupied until then. Many food stalls were setup selling beef noodle, burger, kebab, stick food, fried noodle etc. Even Pizza Hut was there! Mood was carnival like.

uncle hussein performing at citrawarna 2008

I arrived around 7pm and Uncle Hussein was already there entertaining visitors with their local hit songs.

citrawarna trishaw

Digi sponsored trishaws were part of the parade. I have never seen such colourful trishaws before! They are really eye-catching.

citrawarna putrajaya

This is where the lucky people sit, having an unblocked view of the stage. Only those who bought a package for [tag]Colours Of Malaysia[/tag] are eligible to enjoy this.

citrawarna clown

Clowns’ presence added even more to the carnival mood of Citrawarna.

colours of malaysia dancers

So, I went around to look for beautiful cultural dancers to snap some photos. They are extremely friendly, always with a smile on their faces and will automatically pose for you. You don’t even have to ask! This is good for me because I was shy to ask lol.

colours of malaysia dancers
colours of malaysia dancers
colours of malaysia dancers

I took a lot of photos of this girl because she’s the prettiest of all and her smile is just fascinating! Then the event started with a bang. A short fireworks performance was displayed. Then, performers from different cultural backgrounds performed martial arts and dances along the street. Sadly, my photos were all blurry because of the far distance between me and the stage. So, I cannot show anything about the performance :( It was great and I enjoyed it a lot especially the performances from the Indian and Punjabi communities.

citrawarna putrajaya fireworks

Another round of fireworks performance for the closure of the event. This time it was a long one, which I think was about two to three minutes.

citrawarna putrajaya fireworks

The fireworks was great. It really shows that the Government is serious about promoting Citrawarna. I am guessing the fireworks should cost at least tens of thousands.

citrawarna putrajaya fireworks
citrawarna putrajaya fireworks

This is the first time I took photos of fireworks and I am so glad they turned up so well. Please click on the photos to view the larger size.

colours of malaysia dancers

After the [tag]fireworks[/tag] ended, it was party time! The streets are open to visitors and are invited to dance along with the dancers. It was also a great opportunity to take some photos with them :)

colours of malaysia dancers

The female dancer must have felt like a celebrity that night. So many people requested to have a photo with her lol. You can see why, she is so gorgeous.

colours of malaysia dancers

Nice pose by the Citrawarna performers!

colours of malaysia dancers
colours of malaysia dancers

Some participants from Akademi Fantasia were invited to perform songs and it immediately got the dancers into party mood.

Yesterday was probably one of the most interesting nights I have had recently. Even as a Malaysian I am amazed by our local culture and I’d certainly return next year. If you haven’t been to a live [tag]Citrawarna[/tag] before, I strongly suggest you to come and witness it for yourself. Indeed, Malaysia Truly Asia! By the way, it took me a long time to prepare this post, please leave a comment if you can.. I am running low on comments recently lolz.

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  1. PenangTuaPui

    wow…. u bring tripod together on the shooting?…

    great shot on the fireworks…. well done …..

    vk: yep.. without tripods you cannot get nice fireworks photos.. or you need to have super steady hands to prevent any camera shake during the long shutter speed :)

  2. KC

    Nice fireworks. Btw, I saw somebody that resembles you at Pulau Ketam on 1st of May.

    KC’s last blog post..Pulau Ketam Trip

    vk: That most definitely is me :D Where did you see me? Surprisingly you can still remember my face after so long.. it’s gonna be a month already lolz

  3. kampungboycitygal

    well done! the pic turn out reli nice..sniff..i wan at dslr too

    vk: Thank you! You should get one if you’re into photography :) DSLR’s price dropped a lot recently.. can invest in a lower end model for 2k

  4. KC

    I was in the same restaurant you were in, and you had that big camera in hand, its hard to miss. hahaha I was also in the same ferry as you were in AND sat behind u

    KC’s last blog post..Shogun Japanese Buffet

    vk: Ah… I see.. because of my big camera hahah! I only recall a family with their kids eating and chewing candies like there’s no tomorrow beside me.. and a couple on my lower right corner, are they your friends? So, maybe I missed you since you’re right behind me :) If I had eyes behind my head then maybe I could spot you :P

  5. Jian

    Aiks Citrawarna got live in TV? Din see wan…Wah lao great shot of the fireworks!

    Hehe recently Canon had a fair…RM2499 for 400D complete with lens kit and extra 2 years warranty + bag! Unfortunately no money :S Haih….

  6. Jason

    May i copy ur picture for my folio? is that copyright?

    vk: Yeah my photos aren’t meant to be used freely.. what folio are you working on? If you credit me then it’s fine..

  7. Jason

    Its a coursework for me, about program citrawarna… it is in BM and i have to translate it…. hrm….i will credit u… but how to credit… i din do it b4…

    vk: Well you can say the images are taken from my website.. like that would be sufficient :) Something like “Images courtesy of”.. OK?

  8. Jason

    oo..okay… thanks alot… this course work too complicate for me.. haha… if i already translate the info, shud i credit u?

  9. Dania Bdeir

    hello! I am from Beirut, Lebanon and will be coming to Kuala lumpur from May 3rd till the 11th. i was hoping to catch Citrawarna but can’t seem to get any information on when it is held this year.
    Do you have any idea? Could I be lucky enough to witness it during my stay?

    thank u!

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