Dim Sum Buffet @ Janbo Restaurant, Sri Petaling

ATTENTION: Some readers commented that this restaurant has closed (business ended), or the buffet is no more. I am not sure myself because I have never went back after the first visit. Please take not and refer to the comments for more info..

I had a dim sum buffet for brunch last weekend in Janbo Restaurant. Janbo has a few branches but the one I went is located in Seri Petaling.

dim sum buffet

I think [tag]Janbo[/tag]’s [tag]dim sum buffet[/tag] is quite cheap for RM13.50 RM15++ per pax. Although it’s buffet concept, the dim sum is not placed at a designated spot for customers to retrieve. Instead, you place your order at the table to the waiters.

dim sum

There are 40 items to choose from the menu which includes dim sum either steamed or fried, noodles, porridge and dessert. The dim sum which sounds and looks the nicest is the Shark Fin’s Siu Mai. From what I tasted, it seemed they gave real sharks fin.. not tong fun lol. Taste wise it was quite disappointing.. I felt the dumplings were a bit under seasoned. But we still took a few baskets of it, just for the Sharks Fins. Hah!

chicken siu mai

Chicken [tag]Siu Mai[/tag], weird translation because in Chinese had a glamorous name – crystal chicken crown dumpling.

celery siu mai

This was the best tasting [tag]dim sum[/tag] for me that day – siu mai wrapped in dumpling skin made from spinach.

prawn dumpling

Har Gao (prawn dumpling) was nice too. All the food I’ve shown so far was for our first round only lol.

chee cheong fun

Our second round started with a small serving of fresh prawn chee cheong fun.


Followed by some steamed prawn rolls.

salad cream prawn

Salad Cream Prawn.. good stuff. It didn’t have the strong recycled oil’s smell.

luohan longan

Then we ended with a dessert of luohan, winter melon and longan. It was served warm. You could add ice and it still tastes quite sweet. There are a whole lot more dim sum we had but I don’t think I will show them one by one here. If you are planning to order Chinese tea, please know that it’s RM2 per person. Something that surprised me was the low 3% service charge. And I thought all restaurants charge at least 5% for service.


Janbo’s dim sum isn’t spectacular but it surely beats quite a number of dim sum restaurants I’ve been to. And for the cheap price of RM13.50, you get to eat all the dim sum you want. Frankly, it’s a really good deal. And if you know any other restaurants that have dim sum buffet, please leave me a comment and let me know!

janbo map

22-24, Jalan Radin Tengah,
Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

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Comments 33

  1. PenangTuaPui

    hmm…. same question.. can beat Penang one?

    for DIm Sum.. Fei Fei like the dim sum house at Anson Road on their special egg tart…. but me and Tham Ciak like the Soon Huat at Jawi on their “Chai Koay”….

    yum yum……….

    vk: Why need to compare with Penang :P It beats some, it loses to some.. Anson Road? Is it Zim Sum Tea Garden? I expect someone from Ipoh will come in and say “Ipoh’s DIM SUM IS THE BEST!!!” Just a hunch.. it always happens when I post something about dim sum :)

  2. Genie

    Those photos are gorgeous! I love dim sum and try to go once a month with family or friends. Siu Mai are my favourite but I usually just eat those and different kinds of dumplings. I try to stay away from the deep fried things, they are too oily usually and often cold by the time they get to the table. Cold oily food – yuck!

    That’s all. From Auckland, New Zealand.

    P.S. Love your blog. One day I will come to Malaysia to eat all the wonderful things.

  3. PH

    I stayed near Sri Petaling for 4 years and never know that there is such a shop selling Dim Sum Buffet, dam ! I would have tried if I know but now I am already back to Penang

    PH’s last blog post..I love McDonald

  4. tkliang

    This is too far for me…la
    I’m stay in northen side,any good place in Penang….?
    I know that is 2 Dim Sum restaurant in SP (Kedah).That is Aun Dim Sam Restaurant (In SP Old Town) & Da Yu Pin restaurant (In Tmn Intan)

  5. susan

    May I know the dim sum buffet available for sat / sun ? also RM13.50 ?

    vk: Yes it’s available on Saturday. Sunday I am not sure because I went on a Saturday.. but most dim sum restaurants open on Sundays anyway. Same price

  6. sq

    hi, can i know, do i need to call for reservation?or just straight away enter the shop?
    weekdays is available?

    vk: i don’t think you need to reserve. there are quite plenty seats. just be early. yeah you can enter the shop straight.. i am not sure about weekdays.. but most likely they serve the dim sum buffet daily. :)

  7. Tony

    The price is not RM13.50 anymore….

    vk: Hi Tony, mind telling me what is the latest price? I’d like to update it. Thanks

  8. Tony

    I don’t really recommend this. The dim sum tasted like overnight. Some of it is either tasteless or over seasoned. Service wise , bad.I’m sure there’s other place which are better than this.Very disappointing. =(

    vk: Hi Tony! Thanks for the comments.. Yes you are right about other places with better dim sum.. However since it’s buffet style and RM13.50 (quite cheap considering for eat-all-you-can dim sum).. Can’t expect too much.. I think going just for the experience is OK. Since it was my very first dim sum buffet anyway lol

  9. Tony

    Yeah,i understand. The latest price is RM15.50++ per pax. It came up to RM18 including all the other knick knack. =)

    vk: Thanks man!!

  10. suechoong

    Looks like you really like dim sum. Not sure if you are familiar with PJ – Damansara Jaya. There 2 dimsum restaurants opened there recently. Tried both – 1 very nice, 1 just so so. The nice looking shop with impressive facade is the so-so 1. The other 1 serves traditional old style dim sum. Sorry can’t remember both the names of the restaurant but if you circle the Damanara Jaya square you won’t miss it. Ah, the not so nice one is same road as Maybank. Hope you can find it, if not, just email me and i’ll try to give you better directions. Enjoy and and let me know if you liked it as much I did.

  11. Alfred

    The latest price is RM15.50 for the buffet??
    Chinese tea RM2 per person is expesive a bit seem like not worth….
    Can order plain water??? hehe…

    vk: Yes.. from a comment above it seemed like the price has increased. Don’t order chinese tea.. I think it’s not worth too. Take the desserts, it’s included in the buffet menu. Plain water should be free, gua?

  12. KM

    have to wait long ar between each order..??
    like you know after the 1st round you want to go for the second round you want to order again…
    or u can like order 30 trays at once….heheheh

  13. sieh

    what is his time of operating?
    weekdays and weekend…

    vk: I think they only have the buffet in weekends.. from 9am to noon only. Please call up and get better clarifications :)

  14. ivy

    the dim sum really not nice, service also bad, wont revisit again and disaapointing to make the visit today

    vk: Service wise I agree they can improve. Taste wise I heard the quality really dropped after that. I think I should tell people to stop visiting them now

  15. ng

    Not reallly. the buffet also available in weekday. Not only jambo offer buffet dim sum but 1 of the shop there also offer buffet dim sum. @RM19.90.

  16. tiffany

    Is this buffet still on??

    vk: hi tiffany, I believe it is still on during the weekends but I don’t recommend it anymore based on the bad feedbacks

  17. Ray

    hey hey just wonder whats the price for this buffet at Janbo Rest…
    Can I know the best public transport to get there from town like maybe bukit bintang or pudu?

    thanks thanks

  18. Maxx

    Hey ! I think it’s closed now ! i went there after reading the blog ! wasted about 30 mins trying to find the place …. raining … ! that’s a bad experience !

    vk: hi Maxx, sorry to hear that.. I’ve updated the post to notify the others about the restaurant’s possible closure. Thanks for your info

  19. dydy

    I love dim sum too… in KL i prefer “mei sum” in Ulik, cheras though place is not classy but at least hot n fresh dim sum serve, roughly about RM2-RM4 per basket.

    I actually have been to Shanghai, stayed at Millenium Hotel n they offer RMB88 per pax n their dim sum so far is one of the best plus very classy ambience n provides good grade of tea. Its just wonderful.

    “I-Dragon” restaurant have a good “siew lung bao” … good too.

  20. jackson

    This Jambo restaurant is shifted to Serdang Perdana,South City there….Cheong Hing Business Area……but the dim sum buffet think discontinue oridi.

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