Chinese New Year Cookies – Pineapple and Strawberry Jam Tarts

Yo! I am already at my home in Bukit Mertajam for the Chinese New Year holidays~ The first thing I did with my family was making some awesome cookies like pineapple and strawberry jam tarts and almond cookies. They look damn tempting and taste super delicious! You just couldn’t compare them with those sold outside at all, homemade for the win!


Pineapple jam tarts are a must for us during Chinese New Year. Guess who’s gonna put up some extra pounds lol. Let me show you the process..


Firstly, the pineapple jam must be prepared a day before. We only use fresh pineapple, blend it and strain away the juice. Then it is cooked in microwave until dry, add sugar and microwaved again until the sugar caramelizes, giving it a slight brownish color.


Put a dollop of pineapple jam on the pastry. The pastry’s shape is cut out using a mold, and further nipped using a tweezer carefully .

pineapple jam tart strips

Then strips of pastry are arranged like a cross shape on top of the tarts.


Apply a thin layer of egg yolks using a Chinese brush, this will give the tarts a yellowish shine. This step is actually optional but if you want your tarts to appear nicer, then this is a must.

pineapple jam cookies

How they look like before going into the microwave.


Freshly baked pineapple tarts! We also made some strawberry jam tarts using strawberry jam I bought from Cameron.


Since we had extra pastry we made another batch of strawberry jam tarts. Sorry, recipe for all the cookies are not available, unless I get the detailed info from my mom haha.


Lastly, we baked some almond cookies. Tomorrow, we will bake orange and chocolate cakes instead! By the way, I know many people are returning to their hometowns tonight. So, please drive safe and obey the speed limit.
Yesterday night there were some police road blocks along the North-South Highway and quite many drivers were summoned for speeding. Tonight, there would definitely be more road blocks. You wouldn’t want to receive an early “ang pao” and spoil your Chinese New Year right? lol.

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20 Responses

  1. RollsRoyce says:

    cools =D Gonna took some cookies pic as well for CNY~!

    RollsRoyce’s last blog post..Samba Zone, Sarawak

  2. cycbhd says:

    whoa, so fast sampai BM already ah.

    cycbhd’s last blog post..Weird looking insect

  3. laukl says:

    What a great look and total revamped of your homepage with the Chinese New Year theme. Hmm.. is the cartoon showing two mouse? Should be ox right? Anyway, Happy CNY!!

  4. oo I miss pineapple tarts!! Will try to mkae some this weekend!

    pigpigscorner’s last blog post..8-hr Braised Pork

  5. RollsRoyce says:

    cute mouseee design! cny!

    RollsRoyce’s last blog post..Samba Zone @ OneTJ, Sarawak

  6. elaine says:

    WOOOOWWWW ! I love this CNY festive mood webpage !!!! Feel so vibrant and Happy..

    elaine’s last blog post..Sneezing

  7. Nate says:

    Those are some beautiful cookies. I like the little crossed pieces of dough you put on top. I was thinking, those could be ginger matchsticks.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    (ps I kinda like the new color scheme but it doesn’t make the CommentLuv titles stand out very well)

    Nate’s last blog post..Kabocha Squash with Spinach in Coconut Milk

  8. albot says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!!!
    eh, i thought those pastry strips (that form crosses) are cheese strips at first. LOL…
    wondering if cheese strips will make tart nicer…hmmm

    albot’s last blog post..Movie review : They Wait…

  9. Keong Hee Fatt Chai!!!!

    Remember to share the recipe ah!!! I just simply love the Pineapple tarts!!!

    New Kid On The Blog’s last blog post..新年快樂 • 恭賀新禧

  10. lingzie says:

    keong hee huat chai to you and your family!!

    i agree homemade cookies are the best! but this year i didnt make any… bought home made pineapple tarts from my friend’s mom. :)

    lingzie’s last blog post..Deep Fried Butter Oats Prawn Recipe for Chinese New Year

  11. ck lam says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Hope you have a great time back home, savouring all the CNY food and also the street food at the same time.

    ck lam’s last blog post..Pitt Street Koay Teow Th’ng moving to new location

  12. Criz Lai says:

    I just could not have enough of jam tarts this year. Any spare?? Hehe :P

    Happy “Niu” Year to you and all in the family. May this year be a healthy, wealthy and prosperous year for everyone. :)

    Criz Lai’s last blog post..CHINESE NEW YEAR WISHES

  13. noobcook says:

    Love the festive baking u did. Everything looks so yummy~

    noobcook’s last blog post..Abalone Chicken Congee

  14. Wow..after your shooting..this simple cookie become unsimple ^^..tat’s why love photography too.

  15. says:

    i feel so hungry after saw those photos ..yummy yummy!!!’s last blog post..Solar Eclipse 2009

  16. allie says:

    Like your photography skill a lot la… The shots are great!

    allie’s last blog post..Festival | Happy Chinese New Year!

  17. Ah Mike says:

    Haha, the website theme is nice, got new year feels..

    Cant believe that new year biscuit oso got, wakakaka….

    Support… double thumbs up

    vk: yo bro, thanks lah.. those biscuits I got help to do one leh hahaha

  18. xintong:D says:

    hey there! im just wondering if you can give me the recipe for the pineapple tart, especially the recipe on how to make the microwave tart crust, as i rlly wish to learn how to bake my own fruit tarts. Please reply soon!

    • vkeong says:

      hi xintong, sorry I do not have the recipe with me. It’s with my mother in Penang and I am currently in Selangor. I will get it and post it when I return to Penang in future, IF I remember lah lol

  19. xintong:D says:

    Please do! i’ll be looking forward to using your recipe and probably make the tarts for my family members. :D

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