Schokolart Hand-Made Swiss Chocolates, Cakes & Desserts @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Few days ago I had an invited dinner at Schokolart, a restaurant and lounge specializing in hand-made Swiss chocolate and chocolate inspired cuisines. Now who would say no to chocolate, lol. Like a popular quote goes, “9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The 10th person always lies”. Even the restaurant’s unique and catchy name, Schokolart is spelled to to sound like chocolate with an emphasis on the word ‘art’.


After being briefed on the food Schokolart‘s menu had to offer, we started off with two drinks that came highly recommended. The drink in front is Chocolate Almond Kiss, a concoction of Frangelico (a hazelnut and herb-flavoured liqueur), Chocolate Ice Cream and Vodka @ RM28. Even though I am not a drinker, I found the taste somewhat resembling Bailey’s Irish Cream (the only liqueur I have ever had) but more chocolatey.
The other drink we had was Schokolart’s signature shake – Soulmates @ RM16.90. Soulmates is prepared by blending dark chocolate ice-cream together with peanut butter then topped with whipped cream. I liked this chocolatey and peanut buttery drink a lot because it was sweet and had a right consistency. To differentiate the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Schokolart is simple, those that come in hurricane glasses are alcohol free.


Pumpkin Dreams @ RM9.90 was another recommended dish, basically pumpkin soup topped with melted cheese and served with herb croutons. The soup was smooth and thick and tasted great, just like how a good soup should be. Some grated ginger was also present in the soup, giving a hint of spiciness and warm feeling to your stomach.


Next was our main course – De La Mer, a dish consisting of pan fried salmon fillet and Swiss Roesti served with special Hollandaise-wasabi sauce. In this dish alone there were two new things to me: Roesti and Hollandaise sauce. An explanation ensued and it seems that Roesti is potato pancake and is considered as a national dish in Switzerland. Hollandaise sauce on the other hand is a French sauce made using butter, egg and lemon juice that is usually served on asparagus (where the salmon fillets are sitting on).


In my opinion this dish is very worth the price tag it carried @ RM24.90. Just look at the huge salmon fillets alone, need I say more? lol.


Another Swiss Roesti dish we had was Baseler, which was a huge serving of Roesti pan fried with fried onion rings @ RM12.90. For this dish, three types of German sausage (Hot Jalapeno, Cream and Cheese and Chopped Onion and Chives) can be chosen as an accompaniment. Of course, this is totally optional @ RM5.50 per sausage ordered.


Truth be told, I enjoyed the German sausage more compared to Roesti because it was packed with flavor and oozed cheese in the middle. I guess I am more of a meat lover lol.


Expect to find a lot of unique chocolate inspired dishes at Schokolart, like lamb with chocolate sauce and this dark bittersweet chocolate marinated chicken satay. Looking at this, I have to say Schokolart is very daring in creating their very own signature dishes especially when it involves Satay – a dish so popular in Malaysia it can be considered a national dish. So, the recipe had to be darn good to be able to impress someone like me who have tasted some of the best Malaysia satays. Schokolart’s Satay is priced at RM20.90 for 5 sticks.


Taste wise, it didn’t disappoint but it sure felt weird having satay marinated with dark chocolate, I am not gonna lie here. After all, all of us grew up eating roadside satay stalls. To really feel the chocolate taste, you shouldn’t dip too much of the sweet satay sauce because the sweetness will override the chocolate flavor. By the way that was the first time I tasted meat cooked with chocolate, simply unforgettable.


We concluded our meal with two cups of hot chocolate made with imported Swiss chocolate, like Tealicious Choc – Earl Grey Tea infused with hot chocolate @ RM13 and La Esmeralda – a Mexican hot chocolate spiced with chili powder and frothed with cinnamon syrup @ RM13. Both drinks are very chocolatey especially La Esmeralda, which left a slight throat-stinging aftertaste from the chili powder.


Delicate chocolates and tempting looking cakes front Schokolart, created by multi award winning chocolate and pasty chef – Matthias.


Chocolate cheesecake


And some mini version of it


The dining area where you can enjoy an clear, unblocked view of the Petronas Twin Towers. Very nice. If you’re a chocolate lover Schokolart’s the place to go to indulge in Superior quality of fine hand-made Swiss Chocolates, pure chocolate beverages, chocolate cakes and desserts. For those who have a chocolate loving friends, the haute couture (specifically made to order) selection of chocolates and cakes packed in special designer gift-box make great gifts for occasions like birthday and Valentine’s day. As Schokolart’s tagline goes, it is for all those chocoholics who are “For Love, Live & Chocolates“.

Schokolart (for Love, Life & Chocolates) – opposite Tenji
Block K-01-05, SohoKL @ Solaris Mont Kiara,
2 Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-6203 0968, Fax: 03-6203 0700

Schokolart is pork free and uses ingredients only from Halal suppliers.




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37 Responses

  1. allie says:

    Wow! Chocolate ! My favourite leh!!! How I wish I am at KL now. *sob*

    Vkeong, you so bad la! Make me have to keep on swallowing my saliva when I read your post. I want a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow on it can ar?

    allie’s last blog post..Penang Hawker Food | Curry Mee & Koay Teow Teng @ Jln Samak

  2. OMG that’s heaven to me! I love chocolate. I’m definitely going there when I go home!

    pigpigscorner’s last blog post..Copycat Time – Warm Butternut Squash & Chickpea Salad with Tahini Dressing

  3. noobcook says:

    Everything looks delicious, and I luv the new look of your blog =)

    noobcook’s last blog post..Chicken Curry with Potatoes

  4. Dang, that meal is amazing! Beautiful new look

    jaden, steamykitchen’s last blog post..Wedding Cake Judging Adventures

    vk: Thank you Jaden.. a compliment coming from you means a lot to me :)

  5. Jasmine says:

    Spotted this the other day and wondered if they served food apart from chocolate inspired stuff. Good to hear that they do and I look forward to going there soon :)

    Jasmine’s last blog post..La Bodega, Bangsar.

  6. PenangTuaPui says:

    i love chocolate, and dark bittersweet chocolate marinated chicken satay is something really special and i think i will go and try….

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Hawker Food | Air Itam Market Koay Chap, Apong & Roti Canai

  7. adel says:

    nice!! this is in my dining list now for up coming tour in m’sia..

  8. lk says:

    I am the 10th person who dun like chocolate………when my son is around. Shhhhhh! Luv that unique dark bittersweet marinated chicken satay….make me drooling now. ;)

    lk’s last blog post..Luo Han Zhai/ Loh Han Chai (罗汉斋)- 2

    vk: haha, you are right about it uniqueness.. even the way they were served is pretty special too!

  9. iamthewitch says:

    Wow! What a nice place! And you’re right, who doesn’t love chocolates? Especially girls! I should take note of this place for my next visit! :)

    iamthewitch’s last blog post..Wholesale market in Beijing

  10. J2Kfm says:

    this is a very good find! i’m dying for roesti … !!!

    the only time i’ve had them was at Marche, which was not spectacular to begin with. and true, the salmon+roesti at RM24.90 is a steal ….

    though i’m having doubts over the SWEET satay …… *_*

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Akamomiji – The Latest Japanese Restaurant in Ipoh?

  11. Anonymous says:

    You have given me a wonderful idea for my bf’s birthday! Thank you =)
    I thot the name of the restaurant is playing with the word ‘chocolat’ hehe…

    vk: lol, you have a point there. doing art with chocholate eh? :P I hope your bf’s birthday will be a nice one :)

  12. cumidanciki says:

    “9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The 10th person always lies”!!! Its true its true! i’d kill for dark chocolat. what more swiss chocolate!

    cumidanciki’s last blog post..LUB U LONG TIME!

    vk: LOL I am definitely one of the 9 people :D

  13. So it’s not just chocolate at this place?? The items all look exquisite! As for the taste, there’s only one way to find out! OK, this weekend, I’m so there!

    550ml jar of faith’s last blog post..Weekend transition at Porto Romano, Mont Kiara

    vk: Yup it’s not only chocolates. When I first heard the name I thought the same as well.. good to know they serve some pretty good main courses :) They have the widest choice of Roesti in town!

  14. Duckie says:

    omg this is a must go when i go to kl next month!!! i suppose a good place for a birthday treat huh!!

    Duckie’s last blog post..New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, MidValley City

    vk: It’s even better for Valentine Day’s celebration :)

  15. chocolate satay…definitely a place to go if we want to experiment with food eh?

    lotsofcravings’s last blog post..Times are Bad, Cheer up and Live like a Kid..

    vk: I think chocolate is a quite common ingredient for Westeners in their dishes.. seen some cooking shows where they use chocolate mint sauce for lamb and prawns. But yeah in Malaysia this is pretty rare..

  16. lingzie says:

    hey! i was just about to post about this place! lol
    went there for a pre Vday meal :)
    i like the place. loved the chocolate satay too! but didnt manage to try as many things as you did though.

    lingzie’s last blog post..Haagen-Dazs Voucher Giveaway & Lingzie’s Tummy Treats Turns 2!

    vk: wow, you went all the way to KL for pre-Vday meal? And how did you find out about this place? Your meal was nice too, at least you tried many of the chocolates

  17. Chin says:

    Food for the curious and adventurous. The chocolate flavour sate is a welcome sight. And the chocolate inspired drinks is heart-warming. I still prefer it in liquid than the solid state.

    Chin’s last blog post..Ho Ho Steamboat (Ketam) Restaurant, Medan Putra, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

    vk: I agree.. I also prefer to have chocolate on its own, or in liquid form hehe.

  18. cariso says:

    Are that two cups of hot chocolate placed slantingly or it’s the cup itself that is purposely designed so?

    cariso’s last blog post..Kim Gary 条桥得喔!

    vk: it’s the cup’s design :)

  19. ck lam says:

    During my last trip, I have a choice of having chocolate desserts over in theobroma chocolate lounge and this restaurant. In the end, I had my treat at Chocolate Lounge .
    Definitely will try out this place on the next trip…the food looks good.

    ck lam’s last blog post..Pan Mee @Macalister Road/Lorong Selamat, Penang

    vk: Never heard of theobroma, I am guessing it’s at Soho KL too? Will check it out and compare the menu on my next trip.

  20. laukl says:

    Fantastic pics! You were invited? As in, no need to pay for them? Wish i could try them all. Looks amazing..

    laukl’s last blog post..Abu Nasi Kandar @ Bali Bali Cafe

    vk: thanks laukl :) I was invited by a middle-man to have an enjoyable dinner at Schokolart. Yeah it was free hehe.

  21. Oh dear… I’ve not have a chance to explore to the other side there yet.

    New Kid On The Blog’s last blog post..Spring Chamber Restaurant @ The Sun

  22. Vivien says:

    wow, the rosti w salmon is so worth it, looks good too

    Vivien’s last blog post..Silver Queen by Ceres, Chocolate from Bandung Indonesia

  23. mimid3vils says:

    I like chocolate but depends on my mood ler, hehe :P

    mimid3vils’s last blog post..Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink

  24. sakaigirl says:

    Dear vkeong,
    Your website has improved tremendously since i last read your blog last year.. Congratz! I really love the pictures you took…make me salivate non-stop..
    All the best! and keep up your Great Work!!!

    vk: Thank you sakaigirl, seems like you have been hiatus for a long time huh lol.

  25. jason says:

    Sigh, I have no chance to visit there yet but the desserts sure looked mouth-watering. :)

    jason’s last blog post..Taiwanese Snack in Ipoh

  26. julia says:

    always love choc, esp when im in stress. hehe

    julia’s last blog post..Penang Bird Park, Penang

  27. Hainan says:

    Wow , so wonderful ! I love the foods especial the dark bittersweet chocolate marinated chicken satay and the icecream too. They send water to my mouth. Thanks for sharing us.

    Hainan’s last blog post..Jiuzhaigou Pictures

  28. ck lam says:

    vk – theobroma chocolate lounge is at 1 Utama new wing…do check it out.

    ck lam’s last blog post..Pan Mee @Macalister Road/Lorong Selamat, Penang

  29. sophia says:

    My darling:

    Everything looks very delicious. I enjoy all these foods, especially chocolate, thank you I am very excited at this time.

  30. thetrystero says:

    probably the only place in KL that makes *real* hot chocolate. would def come back for that.

    Roesti was not too bad. Unfortunately the mushroom sauce that came with it was sub-par.
    De La Mer was OK, but not worth the 26 bucks.

    BTW, Swedish for “chocolate” is choklad. Not sure where the store name came from.

    thetrystero’s last blog post..thetrystero: Kuala Lumpur is extra shady over a holiday weekend. Staying in fo sure.

  31. Foodkritiker says:

    Nothing new or amazing form the description here! but one must try to find the truth

  32. Vpig says:

    Hi Vkeong..the food look nice….
    But can i ask whether this place nice for celebrating birthday for couple.?
    My bf birthday soon….so i looking a nice dining place which good environment and reasonable price too.
    Any recommendation?

  33. hitomi says:

    wooo, nice! I want chocolate too but too bad it is way so expensive for me :(
    hitomi´s last blog post ..Carbonara @ Garden

  34. yusann says:

    The Delice looks simple and just nice to see and eat….**,
    yusann´s last blog post ..Food Network 18 Chong Ko Hakka Noodle 彰哥客家面 Jalan Silang Kuala Lipis Pahang

  35. Rain says:

    why do you label it into halal category? Didn’t you said there was vodka? Also from the bar you can see alcohol. Hope you better be careful next time. Nice blog though.

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