Mee Tuaran Goreng @ Seng Hing Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

Mee Tuaran, a special kind of fried noodle has always been the hawker food I wanted to try in Sabah. To me, this hawker dish’s reputation in Sabah is equivalent to Char Koay Teow in Penang, or Kolo Mee in Sarawak. But since I wasn’t able to go all the way to Tuaran to try the authentic ones, I had to settle for those in Kota Kinabalu – hoping that they would be as good.
Seng Hing Restaurant at Sinsuran 2 was recommended by the locals for their Mee Tuaran Goreng (Fried Mee Tuaran) and Tom Yam Noodles. Lucky for us, the coffee shop was only 5 minutes’ walk away from our hotel so we had our breakfast there before heading to Gaya Street’s Sunday Market.


The Mee Tuaran @ RM5 (if not mistaken) was worth my long anticipation. I don’t know the exact words to describe it but it tasted somewhere between Wantan Mee (of the light soya sauce) and Sarawak Kolo Mee. The noodles was springy, with generous toppings of roasted pork and slices of fried egg rolls (thanks to the clarification of a Sabahan, I thought they were fish cakes initially)


Because the noodles tend to get dry easily, it had to be eaten fast.


Just when I thought the normal Mee Tuaran was good enough, the fried version was even better. The frying process definitely helped to release more aroma from the noodles, which mainly made from egg and flour and added a slight crunch to it as well.
Personally I like Mee Goreng Tuaran more because it is more fragrant and had a distinctive taste that separates itself from being labeled as something similar to Wantan Mee or Kolo Mee. And if you noticed, the ‘unfried’ version used char siew instead of roasted pork.


As mentioned earlier the Tom Yam noodles is another popular item in Seng Hing but I didn’t feel like having spicy and sourish stuff, especially in the early morning. So, Laksa was ordered instead.
I was expecting it to taste like Sarawak’s Laksa (looked the same too) but it turned out to be quite sourish and the curry powder flavor was very strong. Imagine Baba’s. Thinking back, maybe I should have tried the Tom Yam after all. From what I saw on the other tables, it looked pretty darn tasty with huge prawns.


We were advised to get there as early as possible before the restaurant got crowded. True to the advice, customers started to pour in as soon as we were about to leave. Also, do have a look on MyWiseWife’s blog post to see additional photos of the coffee shop as well as the highly recommended Tom Yam Noodles.

Address and Map (coutesy of MyWiseWife):
Restoran Seng Hing
Ruang Sinsuran 2,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Business hours: Open daily from 7:00am to 4:30pm
GPS Coordinates: N5 58.820 E116 04.352
Location map: Seng Hing Restaurant

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  1. allie

    Curry powder in laksa?? You should have order another bowl of tom yam ma… haha :P

    allie’s last blog post..Penang Hawker Food | Wan Tan Mee @ Burmah Road

    vk: wah lao you so fast comment one haha. their laksa is not like our Penang laksa.. it’s more like curry mee one. I don’t dare to take Tom Yam because scared the sourness make me stomach ache and have to find toilet when island hopping :P

  2. Charlenescuba

    I am from KK and I always go to this place a lot when I go back hometown. The Tom Yam to die for !!! and the owner always look for me if my family goes there on weekend. The Tuaran noodle not that bad. You should try the 1 in Papar. I dont really know what is the restaurant call but I do know how to get there lol… Oh btw the yellow slice is not chicken, its all pork :)

  3. marilyn

    The yellow slice meat- is a Hakka Egg Roll Meat. It’s one of the meat that are served with noodles in Sabah as it is widely found in market.
    There used to be Sabah Noodle shop in Taman Megah SS24 PJ, but now it has turn into a vegetarian shop instead. There’s another one is SS2, it’s one of the corner stalls shop.

  4. Audz

    :) That’s my favourite coffeeshop for Tuaran Mee – not too bad version actually. I’ve never ordered anything else when I’m there so I can say they’re quite consistent.

    I say the noodles will make or break it.

  5. LCD

    The best ever mee tuaran off course where else…at tuaran….better than you see at the picture…totally wrong…..hheeh sorry being born and breed there…

    1. Post
  6. er

    hey there!

    if you ever go to KK again, and want to try the original Mee Tuaran, go to Tuaran itself. The name of the shop is Lok Yuen. its the original birth of Mee Tuaran….and if you want to try something different in terms of cooking, i suggest you go to Tamparuli and try their Mee Tuaran Lihing. Lihing = chinese wine. the name of the shop is Mui Hong.


  7. wilson

    the real (original) tuaran mee in tuaran is no more as good as it used to be. instead, i now find the one in tamparuli is better. it is at a shoplot behind/next to a school. the name? “gathering cloud”, ha, that’s just my own direct translation from its chinese name, 雲集.

    i always stop over there for a plate or two of their tuaran mee while on my way to and from mt.kinabalu. but one thing i notice is, they don’t really have a fixed business time/day one… making my trip there sometimes in vent…

    1. wilson

      by the way, “tuaran mee” is meant to be fried, normally dry. it is actually frying of the raw mee (生面) aka wantan mee. the one which is not cooked and still have those whitish whitish flour on it one. and the main ingredient is, of course, the egg, the egg-spring-roll (丹南春卷) and char-siew, and some vegetables.

      p/s : for my many years in PJ(while studying) and KL(now working), i have never seen any place that sell 丹南春卷… miss it a lot…

  8. Juan

    ..hello suma,saya ingin memberi sedikit pendapat,apakata kamu cuba tuaran mee di tuaran mee restoran,terminal bus inanam,di bawah hotel century..mee goreng daging kerbau & mee goreng wongchu sengrow mereka sangat2 sedap..boleh dikatakan lebih baik daripada yang ada di tuaran..saya selalu makan di sana dan mengenali chef mereka..chef tuaran mee restoran ialah former chef di restoran lokyun tuaran..yg telah di recon kan oleh jason taste..hehe

    p/s:tengok rancangan jason taste di astro channel aec,nampak chef tuaran mee restoran tgh goreng tuaran mee..mcm goreng bagi saya pula…sedappnyaaa..lapar!!..huhuhu

  9. Mike

    so sesiapa nak datang sabah call ja sa 0168407069 mike..saya menyediakan perkhidmatan penginapan untuk group/family di marina court pada harga yg murah!! dan yang pasti kami akan membawa guest kami ke restoran ini untuk mencuba keenakan mee tuaran(for non-muslim ja)..

    Mee tuaran kat sini mmg sedap..sampai saya tapau lagi..hahahah..5 star

  10. Catherine

    Hi VKeong
    Was wondering if you could advise me on how to get to Restoran Sweet Pardise from Butterworth Bus Terminal.
    If it is by cab, how much would it cost and how far is the distance? I’m bring an old folk, thus I need yr opinion if it’s well worth the trip?
    With thanks and regards

    1. Post

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