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  1. skol
    June 29, 2009

    阿宗面线 (Ah Chung Flour-Rice Noodles)
    葱油饼 (Onion Flavored Biscuit)
    蜜酥鸡排 (Crispy Honey Chicken Chop)
    I am tempted by these foods!!! I also want to try the stink bomb! Am not a big fan, I only tasted twice, once in USJ15 and once in Cheras Pasar Malam. I want to try both, the fried and in spicy one. Hehe

    I wonder is the shaved ice something like the shaved ice found in some shop in Kuching, Sarawak called ‘Igloo’. Their shaved ice are nice too, but not nice enough for me to recommend to others.. Hehe

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    • vkeong
      June 29, 2009

      Their shaved ice is very special one.. but you gotta specify that loh.. if not you will get those normal ice kacang ice only.. not fine enough.

      • Poshies@Stacey
        April 5, 2010

        I am going to Taiwan 2 days more.. really love all the picture that you take at Shilin Market.. all food are so tempting.. and i really envy you that…you get sponsor for flying to Taiwan…. MMm i fly with MAS too this time…

  2. ai wei
    June 29, 2009

    all of them are tempting!!! tot u are going there with kbcg.
    looking forward for more of ur post.

    • vkeong
      June 30, 2009

      We were supposed to go together.. but there was a conflict in our schedules.. quite a pity

  3. YeinJee
    June 29, 2009

    I was a bit disappointed when visiting Shilin last time… the food was below my expectation.

    Not the market’s fault… Malaysians are used to strong flavours; Taiwanese food was a bit tasteless in comparison.

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    • vkeong
      June 30, 2009

      For me, Shihlin Night Market wasn’t the best one.. FengJia or RaoHe was much better in terms of food.. not so crowdy too

  4. lilweiser
    June 29, 2009

    Nice one here. And considering this is only the part 1, you probably had a “very full” trip to Taiwan. Would love to have an eatery trip there as well :P

    And i wonder, whats your gear in taking those clear pictures? You mind telling me? Very nice pictures even though they are taken at night. Any flash used?

    lilweiser’s last blog post..Random Shots : The Room

  5. blurdevil
    June 29, 2009

    now you make me miss Taipei so much…. most of the places i went too! u can check it out here. =P http://limfong.wordpress.com/tag/taiwan

    blurdevil’s last blog post..blurdevil joins KL Marathon 2009 (Fun Run)

  6. yap
    June 29, 2009

    HAHA…didnt know you went to taiwan. I had tried the 3 different chou tofu there. The malat one is the best. We went there during winter, so it was cool and nice. We had the beef noodles and goose noodles too. :D
    And the night market also had many illegal stalls put up right in the middle of the road, making the place more cramped, like walking in a mini bus! Managed to buy some cheap winter jackets too at their clearance sale.

    No pics of the taiwanese girls? very cute wan leh… ;)

  7. JD
    June 29, 2009

    Wah all the food look real nice and delicious! Eh how lar…if I go there me and my wife don’t know chinese much….sure tersesat!

    JD’s last blog post..Memoirs of June

    • vkeong
      June 30, 2009

      Yeah if you don’t understand Chinese it could be a problem.. but luckily there are tour guides and maps in English

      • alex
        June 30, 2009

        阿宗面线 is good

  8. Pigpigscorner
    June 29, 2009

    WOw what a trip! everything looks so good!

    Pigpigscorner’s last blog post..Our Honeymoon – Bali Part I – Villa Ylang Ylang

  9. Brian Q. Webb
    June 29, 2009

    Ahh…frog egg tea, a.k.a. pearl tea, a.k.a. bubble tea. Taiwan’s contribution to Asian culture :)

    Hey this is Brian (co-founder/admin of PhotoMalaysia.com and resident of Taiwan). Welcome to Taiwan and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions or issues, you can email me or message me at PM.

    Have fun!

  10. cariso
    June 29, 2009

    I agree with you, both the fried chicken chop and mian xian are much better than the one sold in M’sia here. I also found the fried oyster in M’sia is much flavourful than taiwan as theirs is sweet.

    cariso’s last blog post..Ah Joo Durian @ Sungai Batu

    • vkeong
      June 30, 2009

      Our fried oysters are much tastier, no doubt about it.

  11. ck lam
    June 29, 2009

    Can really learn a lot about their food and presentation through your post…sure is very interesting, especially the giant squid.

    ck lam’s last blog post..Penang Food – Braised Beef Noodle and Hainanese Satay

  12. Jean
    June 29, 2009

    OMG! I so wanna go Taiwan!!!!

  13. allie
    June 30, 2009

    It’s a detail post and very informative for people who are planning a trip to Taiwan :) Can’t wait for the next part.
    I’d like to try out the spicy chicken and shaved ice. I always like the texture of Taiwan shaved ice.
    So, where’s your next destination?

    allie’s last blog post..Apong Guan | Penang Hawker Food

  14. Little Inbox
    June 30, 2009

    I noticed the different between here and Taiwan. There mainly Chinese, so they compete with each other aggressively. They come out with their own idea, own packaging in order to attract customer.

    Little Inbox’s last blog post..Song Yen Seafood (Revisited)

  15. taufulou
    June 30, 2009

    wah lau eh~
    the street food is soooooooooooo tempting.
    faster faster post the rest.. at least got more idea when goin there~:)

    taufulou’s last blog post..Kenny Surprise B’day @ Boston, Mt Kiara

  16. adel
    June 30, 2009

    wow, the street side snack variety is overhelming and strange all together..I can’t wait for the second part of this Taiwan trip! thanks for the introduction to Taiwan :)

  17. lotsofcravings
    July 1, 2009

    will on the look out on your blog. planning a trip in march, infact bought air-asia. couldnt get any for 778 like u mention on MAS, all around 1k plus. air-asia only 500ish..

    looks like hotel can b quite exp hor? nt 1500 only got that kinda std?

    lotsofcravings’s last blog post..Las Carretas @ Damansara, Jalan Semantan

    • vkeong
      July 1, 2009

      there are many other better hotels in Taipei near the MRT station. I would recommend CityInn @ NT1560 (RM173) a night because they offer free self-laundry service, which I liked a lot. Besides that LCD TV and huge shower are provided too. Staff is very polite and helpful. And mention credit card is most welcomed. Only downside is the smaller room
      The cheapest hotel I asked around the MRT is @ NT1250 a night, but they accept cash only.

  18. looloo
    July 2, 2009

    Very memorize my taiwan trip few year ago. The food at shilin is quite nice.

    looloo’s last blog post..新玩意

  19. Ee Vonn
    July 2, 2009

    Wow! I really miss Taipei a lot! :) Your pictures are really beautiful! There’s this very nice Mango Ice place at Ximending called San Xiong Mei. It means…Three Brothers and Sisters in Chinese. Their ice is very special because it’s made of MILK! Ooh yum yum! :) I can’t wait to go there again! Ya i think maybe i will try to stay at City Inn next time! :)

    • vkeong
      July 2, 2009

      Oh, I tried the San Xiong Mei :) It was OK, I felt the Tai Yi Da Niu Nai @ Gongguan was much nicer

  20. annoymous
    July 3, 2009

    hahaha i like the ‘pukii’ pig so cute, imagine what the pig mother called if in m’sia… hahaha

  21. Chris ( SkyNet000 )
    July 4, 2009

    Yo dawg , typo error spotted dawg .

    “They way they cook the oyster omelette is so simple that anyone can master it in a few minutes”

    Should be The way they cook :) Not they LOL .

    Blekkk :p

    • vkeong
      July 4, 2009

      LOL dawg thanks to you I spotted another typo .. “delicious”

      • Chris ( SkyNet000 )
        July 4, 2009

        LOL … ok , nao where’s my present ?? hahhahahha lol ….

        BTW , the min sin , the ricenoodle , i ate before in 1U , there’s a shop selling it , looks similiar but donno the taste same anot with taiwan’s .

        that 1U d ricenoodle , one word , SUCKS ! hahahha

  22. James
    July 6, 2009

    Hmm, planning to go for trip to Taiwan next month, this was exactly the info that I needed :)

    Btw, normally do the hotels around the location you said got vacancy? Any reservations need to be made?

  23. annna
    July 7, 2009

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing!! I’m going to Taiwan next year during CNY (one of the coldest season there =..=) and Shilin Night Market is our first stop. If the weather is not toooooo cold, I’d like to try the superFINE shaved ice.

    Oh man.. I can foresee that I’ll come back rounder from the trip to Taiwan.

  24. Ice Leong
    July 11, 2009

    I’ll go to Taiwan this coming Aug. Kinda regret as I dint know summer is the worst time to visit Taiwan. Anyway, ticket has been booked. Just go and njoy it.
    I read ur blog, its contains lots of useful info.
    Besides, when can we expect ur next update?
    M looking forward ur update as m now gather those info b4 i go to Taiwan.

  25. Kenneth Chong
    July 14, 2009

    Wow, this is wonderful!
    A few questions if you dont mind,
    1. Are the taiwanese friendly and can they speak good english?
    2. Is taking a taxi expensive?
    3. Where in KL i can get Smelly tofu? Any place you can recommend?
    4. Any detail/contact of the City Inn that you talk about? is it near the MRT Station as well?
    Thank you!

    • vkeong
      July 16, 2009

      1. They are friendly, I only spoke English to my tour guide. But they should be able to speak simple English
      2. Taxi in Taipei and Taichong uses meter. Starting from NT$70 at Taipei and NT$85 at Taichong. Cheap if you have at least 2 people taking it
      3. You can get smelly tofu in pasar malam at Kepong every Sunday. Asia Cafe used to sell it too but not sure if it’s still there.
      4. You can google for it, just use CityInn as keyword. It’s about 2-4 minutes’ walk from the MRT station, very near

  26. mac
    August 21, 2009

    wow your pictures are all amazing. may i know what camera u used ? making me soo hungry! hehe

    • vkeong
      August 21, 2009

      hi mac, I am only using canon 400D with a 17-70mm sigma lens

  27. Jason
    September 3, 2009

    hi vkeong, wow.. u got your new lens ??? thousand plus right ??
    cool .. hope to get 1 la .. wat’s the function ??
    i follow your advice buy 1 50mm f1.8 d .. not bad huh..
    and 1 question, if i wan the whole first plate of food to be clear and second plateto be blur then wat aparture i should set ?? around ??
    thanks vkeong

    • vkeong
      September 3, 2009

      lol my new lens is not exactly new anymore.. already 7 months old.. it cost 1300.. Sigma 17-70mm

      Emm.. I think for the 1st plate.. f 5.6 to f7.1 should make ur plate clear, 2nd one if you want slight blur, f2.8 to f3.5 should be good. try and play around

  28. Jason
    September 5, 2009

    oo ya .. thanks ya ..
    all u do is in AV mode right ??? and the iso also auto ??
    and 1 more noob question ,lol , if shoot fireworks , only need to set to tv mode ?
    then change the shutter speed to 20″ like tat ?? how if it cannot find the focus point cause too dark ?
    thanks for helping me.

    • vkeong
      September 5, 2009

      yes, I do AV mode, iso is not auto. i usually use the less the better. day light 100-200, indoor 400.

      tv mode is not only for fireworks as far as i know. but yeah I use TV mode for fireworks. 20″ is too long.. usually just 3-5 seconds, depending on how long the fireworks take to finish. usually we set to manual focus too infinity, or set to take landscape mode for fireworks

  29. Jason
    September 5, 2009

    and your Sigma 17-70mm really do well in low light huh ..
    all u shoot at night is without flash ??

    • vkeong
      September 5, 2009

      yes, those night shots taken outdoor were without flash

  30. Soon
    October 2, 2010

    Wow, Vkeong, thank you for such colourful & lively photos!

  31. Joshua Pheng
    March 20, 2011

    Hi vkeong,
    If u are looking for those good and tasty bubble tea that you can’t find even in taiwan, you can always come to Tea Milk at bandar puteri puchong, jalan puteri 2/2.
    you will definitely enjoy it because we have modified the flavour that brought from Taiwan. ;)

    Thank you.

  32. Nancy T
    December 17, 2011

    I’m going to Taiwan next year, March. Your info is really helpful. By the way, could you please advise me on finding a reasonably-priced and ideally located hostel? You mentioned about CityInn. I checked with its website, I found they have four hostels. Which one would you recommend?

  33. Jemy
    March 12, 2012

    Really nice shot you got there

  34. Coleen
    January 16, 2013

    Hi! I haven’t been to Taiwan and I wrote about their famous chicken chop reaching my country. I hope it is okay if I used your photo as an example of chicken chops in Taiwan. I did not claim the photo to be mine. I acknowledged your website in my post. Please tell me if it is not okay with you and I will remove the photo.

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