Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Kampung Baru, KL

Mention Nasi Lemak and Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Kampung Baru is surely one of the places to come into mind. It’s quite possibly one of the most recognized nasi lemak establishment in KL too. Their business so successful they have ventured into franchising now, with branches available at Bangsar, TTDI and Kota Damansara as well.


Despite the many bad comments especially about the quality of food served and service at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, I still wanted to give it a try for its legendary status. After trying, I have satisfied my curiosity and concluded that their nasi lemak is not quite as legendary anymore. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying it’s bad. Perhaps it was much better back in the days.


Selection of lauk (accompaniments) is good enough for me, no complaints here.


Like any other nasi lemak, you start off with a basic nasi lemak consisting of rice, half boiled egg, ikan bilis and cucumber. Then choose your preferred lauk and the kakak will add them for you.


I am more of a spicy sambal lover, and unfortunately for me Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa’s sambal is the sweet type. This was the ultimate reason I didn’t regard the nasi lemak too highly. To be honest, the sambal wasn’t exactly special too. In fact I preferred the sambal sotong’s sambal more, it was actually rather good. Anyway, I can’t blame them for not making the sambal suiting to my taste lol.
I also took some fried beef lungs, which came highly recommended by many. Again it was not as great as expected, being bland and too chewy. I didn’t finish it.

nasi-lemak-ayam rendang

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Ayam @ RM5.


This is the amazing unblocked view of Petronas Twin Tower as seen from Kampung Baru every day, the residents are surely a lucky bunch.
In overall it would seem that I had more complaints than compliments for Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa. To be fair the nasi lemak was actually not that bad, it can be considered better than a lot out there. Just that my expectation was freaking high (and not met) for a supposingly legendary nasi lemak, which has been featured in so many newspaper and local TV shows eg Jalan-jalan Cari Makan. If you are looking for alternatives in the same area, RA Nasi Lemak located not far away is good and they have kickass sambal sotong too.

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
7C, Jalan Raja Muda Musa,
Kampung Baru,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Open 6pm – 5am daily

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40 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    I have heard quite a lot about this nasi lemak too. Thought of giving it a try soon. Too bad it wasn’t as high as its antarabangsa standard ;P stil.. would like to try it for ourselves. thx for reviewing it!

  2. Jean says:

    any idea how to get there by public transport? is it nearby Kampung Baru LRT station??

  3. JD says:

    There’s also another franchised outlet in Ampang Park Plaza. I have tried it once like 5 years back. Really nice but I never really know where’s the place. So thanks for the review….

  4. Duckie says:

    i read so many blogs about this place!!! must go try the next time i go down to kl

  5. jaksparrow says:

    tq for yr comments pls keep the comments coming

  6. jason says:

    Yeah, for me, their sambal was more on the sweet side and slightly watery too.

  7. taufulou says:

    ahhh..heard alot about this nasi lemak and my colleague mention bout it too. . since like that, will consider la~

  8. email2me says:

    I tried this nasi lemak at their Kota Damansara new outlet. It doesn’t meet my expectation too. I still prefer our Penang Weld Quay Food Court daun pisang stall.

  9. Skol says:

    Haha, lucky for me I like sweet sambal, my mom tends to make the best, when I eat it, I can feel the sweetness, sometimes my mom throws in some small chunks of pineapple, but that is purely optional. But the thing is, none of my friends feel that it is sweet, they say it is too spicy. Haha. I wonder.

    I think you should try the ‘Gu Lou Yok’ Nasi Lemak, I think its in KL area, don’t know where though.

    • JD says:

      Eh, this one that day Chui Ling’s 1 Day 5 Meal got review. I think it’s somewhere in Tiong Nam near Chow Kit area….

      • Skol says:

        Yaya, I saw it that day, but got no luck in trying as I don’t know how to get there. Hehe.
        So thought if it is featured here, it must be worth to google map it. haha

  10. Wow! I have not been to this play since before we start blogging, not a place that can stuck my brain to recall about, nothing that terrific but ok! :)

  11. buzzingbee says:

    wow…the array of dishes is really a pulling factor!!! I also prefer spicy instead of sweet kind of sambal/curry!

  12. flsam says:

    I tried their outlet @ Kota Damansara, it doesn’t meet my expectation too. My choice is still Village Park @ Damansara Uptown. :)

  13. J2Kfm says:

    hey realise those commercialized, franchised outlets are gettin from good to bad, bad to worse?
    wonder why…less QC?

  14. hungrymoo says:

    I have tried the Bangsar branch. Like most, I thought it was not that good and definitely over rated. Guess I should give it one more try at the original store in Kampung Baru?

  15. mimid3vils says:

    Is parking a problem at that area?

  16. cumidanciki says:

    v so-so. both branches.

  17. jaksparrow says:

    we r here to stay ideas from our clients are most welcome…..oneNLA

  18. Tany says:

    Tried the KD one, had a very bad experience… the nasi lemak was very disappointing at the amount of sambal with like one anchovy… totally overrated. I also prefer spicy sambal.

  19. glyph says:

    use to eat it whn in KL study….. the Nasi Lemak is quite nice at that time

  20. chew says:

    Have u all try the nasi lemak antarabanga at Taman Melati branch? The BIASA nasi just consist of Two slices of cucumber and sambal only. It cost 2.95….. TERUK NYA There is no telor, ikan bilis and kacang. The branch even dont have the food menu to let customer see… Pls lah… improve ur services an dun cheat customer. BAD BAD BAD BAD

  21. qistina says:

    sy dan family dari jb pergi kl singgah breakfast kat kg baru ni …nasi lemak antarabangsa….tengok ramai org kami pun singgahlah….walaupun setakat warung biasa aje, meja pun x balance …kami duduk lah sbb anak2 dah lapar.sgt…husband sy mkn nasilemak+ayam grg 1+paru 2kpg adalah besar duit 20sen….sy tanya brapa…kata minah indon tu RM7.80..mak datuk siap tanya 2kali .kot2 tersilap dngr..tapi confirm..btl…takpelagi dah ambik nk buat mcmana kami pun mknlah…dahlah harga mahal kalau rasa ok..takpelah jugak puashati…nasi dia mcm nasi putih je rasa dia..sikit pulak tu ..mcm mkn utk bdk tadika ,sambal hapah tak rasa mnis aje..ikan bilis pun keras jenis yg murah dan berlapuk…ayam biasa2 aje…bayangkan anak2 sy yg sememangnya kuat mkn kemana2kalau pergi mkn pasti licin…TAPI!!!!! KAT NASI LEMAK ANTARABANGSA NI”"”’ boleh masing2 tak habis cuma jamah sesuap aje……minum air pun …….entahlah cubalah sendiri……………kalau yapun nak kaya jgnlah mkn duit org x kena pd tempatnya…mahal takpe kalau ada qualiti….Ini adalah pengalaman pertama kami mkn nasi lemak paling worst dan very expensive…..

  22. qistina says:

    patot lah endoon,,

  23. hakim says:

    post this in

    enter the contest….u could win a car……good work……!!!

  24. azah says:

    Ada orang hantar emel kat saya ada org ternampak satu lembaga tengah dok kencingkan periuk nasi lemak diaorang kat dapur, betul atau tidak wallahua’alam. Ada pakai ‘pelaris’ agaknya. Nasinya tak sedap mana pun, lebih2 sampai masuk tv jd iklan pulak..Nasi keras, sambal manis, mahal pulak. Taukeh dia org mana ek? Kelantan ke? Sbb org kelantan je suka manis2 ni..

    Bukan nk condemn bangsa sendiri, tp kalau berniaga mcam ni, mcamane melayu nak maju? Betul tak? Wassalam….

  25. akulertu says:

    Seriously, NL A’bangsa mahal & tak sedap. There are other (100x) better choices nearby. One being at Jln Gurney. It’s damn good, filling & most importantly cheap. Nasi + sotong (my fav) costs only RM2 a plate. We’re talking abt 3-4 slices. En route Pasar Keramat from Felda, turn left at Esso & the makcik’s stall is some 20m on the right. Left is Silat Cekak Hanafi house.

  26. Helmie (P.Pinang) says:

    Aku mmg taubat xkn mkn nasi lemak antarabangsa kg. baru yg hampeh ni…gile mkn 2 org hari tu lauk sotong,ikan bilis & paru air teh o Rm23.00…mmg cekik darah..aku harap cepatler bankrap kedaini..servis lembab nak mampus. meja senget kerusi patah..mmg tokeh dia nie melampau sgt…pasal jual x ikhlas..mmg cekik darah….aku sarankn semua org jgn mkn kat kedai hampeh ni….nak kaya cepat..aku akan boikot dan bgtau semua kawan2 aku jgn mkn kat NL antbangsa Kg. Baru……

  27. Kc Ong says:

    The last time i try, they quality drop a lot. Even my Singapore friend also complain that it was not very good and expensive…

  28. GNN says:

    taste like crap

  29. shooter says:

    IMHO overrated and overpriced. i have yet to visit any of the new outlets, but quick check at the Kg Baru stall will reveal how severe the customers kena kapak/sembelih…

    basic nasi is RM1.50 (w/o telur, which is an additional RM1.30). ayam goreng kunyit RM3.80. so in theory a proper meal would cost almost RM 10.00/ per person…

    why I say its over priced??? consider the fact that the operator is not paying rental for the outlet and pays residential instead of commercial rates for electricity and water tariffs.

    so to sum it up:- mahal, parking susah and tak sedap lansung (in that order), i wonder why ppl still flock to them??? I guess KL ppl just don’t know how to appreciate food…

    I’m from Penang by the way.

  30. Anonymous says:

    It’s not value for money at all. Overprice and not friendly.

  31. ajib says:

    salam….mak ai.. nasi lemak telur 1 biji+sotong Rm5.60..aduh tempat dah la kategori kaki lima..aircond tadak…meja boleh tahan… nasi x la sedap mana pun………lebih baik aku x beli tadi……..nyesal…aku…lepas ni mampus aku x beli punya..mahal satu hal….ni barang isi dalam makanan x seberapa..aduh..aku x nak pegi lagi NASI LEMAK ANTARABANGSA KG BARU ni…harga Melenium tapi tempat cikai punya………..

  32. Aminah says:

    The sambal sucks and too pricey.

  33. nkkhoo says:

    Nasi lemak in my kampung costs RM2.20 and it’s the best nasi lemak I ever tasted. (as far as for me).

    His son runs a nasi lemak stall in Melaka sentral.

    I’ from Muar Johor by the way.
    nkkhoo´s last blog post ..About 287 world population online!

  34. nkkhoo says:

    I was stayed in one the PKNS blocks nearby for a year in mid 80s. This nasi lemak stall was totally unknown to me at that time.

    I think the boss is good in marketing like Apple, he admitted his nasi lemak may not the best, but is the famous one in KL.
    nkkhoo´s last blog post ..About 287 world population online!

  35. adly says:

    gua pernah mkn kat saner..nasi lemak antarabangsa…tapi tular..harganya dah terlampau tinggi…and hopefully ader org yang memantau..pricing nyer….cume aku musykil…if tgk n raser quality..mmg gagal…..dgn kebersihan…tapi aku pelik dgn diri aku..n org ramai..still insist nak mkn kat saner…hopefuly…taukey kedai…..control la harga makanan..if dari zaman dulu smp sekarang..if makanan masih harga tak reasonable….dah bley bukak restaurant dah….harapan aku yg suka mkn nasi lemak….biarla harga yg minah indon tur letak… if tinggi gak biarlah samer quality dgn lauk yang diambil dan quantiti yg bley diterima pki…

  36. yazid says:

    ape nie…..kongsi la resipi…adui…>_<

  37. Krish says:

    Sorry, the place is not as good as it used to be anymore. Anatarabangsa? Perhaps should rename Nasi Lemak Tak Famous Lagi “. The taste, absolutely not the same as it used to be. Way overpriced for a normal taste kind of food. Absolutely not recommended for food lovers. Big Whoo Haa for a standard mamak/malay type of food.

    Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa – A big rip off for your money due its bad taste.

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