Express Teppanyaki @ Food Republic, Pavilion

Express Teppanyaki is located around Food Republic at Pavilion and they serve some pretty good teppanyaki. Set menus consisting of a pan fried meat, bean sprouts, vegetable, rice and soup start from RM15. After hearing some good things about them, we decided to have our lunch there one weekend.


Customers sit around the iron plate and get to enjoy watching the chefs prepare the food skillfully. Food aside, this has got to be the biggest attraction of teppanyaki.


After placing your orders, a piece of aluminum foil will be placed in front to put the meat and vegetables. Vegetable is fried first, followed by the meat and bean sprouts last.


Chicken Teppanyaki stir fried with chili flavored sauce.


And Sirloin Steak Teppanyaki – tender and bite sized meaty chunks with amazing flavor. I don’t know what type of sauce was used to fry the meat but it certainly wasn’t something normal. It was aromatic with black pepper and goes very well with rice.


Express Teppanyaki is one of the better teppanyaki I have come across that didn’t need to be in a classy Japanese restaurant. Very recommended. Price wise it’s affordable as long as no seafood is ordered.

Express Teppanyaki
Food Republic (right side)
Pavilion, Bukit Bintang

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  1. Sapawi

    Hi VKeong. Do your friends call you Vkeong? I never try any type of teppanyaki but from the Japanese writings (that use Chinese characters), I can vaguely say that the food is only cooked like Roti Canai on the steel board if I’m not mistaken.

    Do you love the hot and spicy food? I do. I just want to ask whether the chicken teppanyaki stirred fried with chili sauce will meet my taste because like I said I love the hot and spicy food especially ‘Sambal Belacan that use small chillies’? I’m a Malay you know.

    I really love the way you take the photos because they are so tempting and looked just like the real food. ;-)
    Finally keep on the good work and hope you can continue to provide another fresh and new info about food. I like to eat too.

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      Hi Sapawi, it’s nothing like roti canai because it uses meat :)

      I think if you are looking for spicy food then the teppanyaki would not suit you because the spiciness is really mild.

  2. M@Y

    Yum~ The food court at Pavilion is just too big to choose.

    Why not try the Vietnam Section, their famous is the Beef Noodle Soup? Not bad :D

    There is another Section who is from Singapore, in front of Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant, i think. Their food not bad too :)

    1. Post

      Oh I tried the Singapore one before, had their fried oysters. Good stuff. Until now I haven’t tried their prawn noodle yet (because I went to Teppanyaki instead lol)

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  3. Apple Foodees

    Hi VKeong, I remembered introducing you to this teppanyaki stall in Food Republic. Your picture looks good!
    On our next trip to Singapore, maybe I can bring you guys to the famous Fried Prawn Noodle in Vivo City. ^^
    I must say that the Singaporean style is more delicious than the one in Pavilion as I’ve tried both.

  4. Ana

    Aiyaaaa… Got food poisoining eating this last monday, even my 2 yr old kena… Will not eat again teppanyaki @ pavilion!!!

  5. Zulfiya

    Hi I would like to ask if you are selling a franchising for this restaurant? Or is there any other way to invest in this buisness world wide ?

    Thank you

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