First Pelita Nasi Kandar @ Chai Leng Park, Perai

Pelita Nasi Kandar is the largest chain nasi kandar restaurant in Malaysia that came a long way from a small stall in a coffee shop at Chai Leng Park, Perai. It is amazing how fast and furious a business can grow. In less than 20 years Pelita Nasi Kandar has 26 branches spanning over 5 states, plus an international one at Chennai, India too.


You would think that Pelita serves the same curry dishes throughout their chain of restaurants but that is not true. Just curry mutton alone I have tasted a few styles and the best one so far for me can be found at Pelita Giant Hypermarket at Bayan Baru.
The mutton is cut into smaller pieces instead of being served in one large chunk hence able to absorb more flavor from the spices and gravy when cooked. Simply delicious and addictive with ‘kuah campur’. It was my favorite Pelita restaurant when I was still in Penang.


And of course I am curious about the standard of first Pelita at Chai Leng Park. You know, being the first and original stall it must have that extra edge in their dishes to maintain the special status. Surprisingly they had fewer selections of curry dishes compared to the other branches when I last went, half of the usual maybe?


Anyway, I picked some squids, mutton and a hard boiled egg with ‘kuah campur’ and it cost me about RM12. Not exactly cheap for a normal meal but that’s the thing with nasi kandar.. pricey because of the spices they use couple with the extra cost for operating 24 hours.


To experience authentic nasi kandar, not limited to Pelita’s but any nasi kandar, you got to try the real thing in Penang due to its somehow sweet tasting water. Believe it or not, some restaurant owners actually ship barrels of water from Penang to their nasi kandar outlets aimed to replicate the original taste of Penang Nasi Kandar. I feel this may have some facts to it considering all the nasi kandar I had out of Penang just aren’t as good.

Nasi Kandar Pelita,
Chai Leng Park, Perai
GPS Coordinates: N05 23.416 E100 23.420

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  1. samlee860407


    is this for real “some restaurant owners actually ship barrels of water from Penang to their nasi kandar outlets aimed to replicate the original taste of Penang Nasi Kandar. ”

    this is quite crazy eh….

    1. Post
  2. Chang

    I avoid this type of chain shop when ever I can.

    It the stand alone Nasi Kandar that good,(line clear come in to mind) the rest are just generic product, with mass cooking, and it all depends on how lucky you are.

    The same product in the same nasi kandar outlet, may feel different depending on the time you have it.

    1. Post

      hard to say.. many people complain line clear is too unhygienic and located at a smelly area.. for me I am okay with anything.. I still find Shariff @ Gelugor the nicest.. must go back soon

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  3. Danny Lim

    ya, somehow or rather d KL nai kandar lacks d ‘kick’ factor compare to northern state.It,s the ‘kick’ factor thats create craving and satisfaction. Eg, Kum Leng Kee fried hokien mee at Lot 10 is less ‘kick’ than the original outlet at china town, Penang food more ‘kick’ than JB, Hong kong more ‘kick’ than S,pore. Sometime it,s hard to descrip the ‘kick’ factor,same ingredient and cooking styre yet the taste varies. For taste consistency, go macdonalds.

  4. J2Kfm

    Personally, I find that Pelita’s Nasi Kandar is not half as good as say, Kassim Mustafa’s, or some others. It’s probably the toned-down spiciness, almost bordering on sweetish combination of kuah campur.

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  5. JD

    Have seen quite a few outlet here in Klang Valley, but never try it before. Now with your recommendation, maybe can try it soon.

    1. Post

      err.. I will not recommend any Nasi Kandar in Klang Valley :P

      Come to Penang for the real thing la! Shariff at Gelugor, highly recommended for cheap and tasty :D

  6. akulertu

    anyone tried Raihan nasi kandar in Glenmarie? To me, this one tastes much better than Penang’s Line Clear or Globe (lrg Tamil next to chowrastar). Seriously. Shud try their ayam goreng & `ganja’. But must go early as the q can b very loooong. He just opened Puchong branch.

  7. abdul rahman

    Brothers and nasi kandar lovers.

    Just to share the real info about nasi kandar(nk).Late years nk originally carried in rottan container and serve with fish,meat curry and eggs plus ladies finger.Thats all.Time change,varietys curry,kurmas and sambal added.Fine, and now alot of chain nk available with luxarious restaurant.
    BUT to be frank they are not genuine.Those to date genuine namely nk kg melayu pen,line clear pen,masjid kling(10pm),nk imigration,nk aboo bg dalam and nk jalil bg dlm among those remember.Ask shamsuri,if given a choice of Pelita and line clear,i surely say he loves line clear.
    Happend 2b in penang try those listed.Genuine surely uuuuummmmppphhhhhhhh.

  8. Jack

    Oh ya,u can have a try on Jalan Bagan one,i think some where near by the OCBC bank, opposite TM.. the nasi kandar open after 12am,mean midnight, the queue was very long everytime i visit,and u have to try the nasi lemak instead of the nasi puteh,try the mutton as well ~ i just a round side stall under a tree ~ easy to find with crowded ppl ~

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