Brilliant Nasi Lemak House – Nice and Cheap Nasi Lemak @ Kepong

I am pleased to announce there is a new place for nice and cheap nasi lemak. Cheap if you come during weekdays after 3:15pm; affordable if you come any other time. I use the word cheap because for a plate of nasi lemak with meat or seafood and a huge glass of drink, it’s only RM5.80 and best of all, the price is nett! No annoying service charge or government tax are added.
The place is called Brilliant Nasi Lemak House located at the shop lots next to Carrefour Kepong. The shop is quite new with a cafe like environment, clean and simple suited for a quick satisfying meal. Actually I only got to know this place after SL had her lunch here once. Her feedback about their nasi lemak was positive hence our second visit.

brilliant nasi lemak

I actually aimed for their Nasi Lemak with Nyonya Curry Chicken but I guess my luck ran out, they had everything else but this since it was near their closing time. So I had their Brilliant Nasi Lemak set instead at a much higher price @ RM16.80 that comes with a Brilliant Dessert (something like Leng Chee Kang)


Besides the usual toppings like ikan bilis, peanuts, sambal and hard boilded egg, the Brilliant Nasi Lemak has most of the dishes available for their nasi lemak like five spice fried chicken, stuffed sambal squid and sambal prawns. The other varieties of nasi lemak you could have here are the Nyonya Curry Chicken I mentioned earlier and Pork Rendang, which is something unusual.
If you think RM16.80 for a set like this is expensive, I urge you to think again and look at the portions of dishes they gave: a whole chicken thigh, a whole squid stuffed with minced meat and seafood and two huge peeled and deveined (how delightful!) prawns.
Not only the portion is satisfactory, the quality and freshness are good too. You could taste that the chicken was fried to order, not those that are pre-fried and kept aside until needed. And the prawns were just sea-fresh with a nice bouncy and crunchy bite.. simply delicious.

brilliant nasi lemak sui-gao-wantan-mee

If you feel rice is too heavy, they have a variety of Wantan noodles as well from Sui Gao to chicken feet and mushroom. Taste wise it was OK, slightly better than most hawker standards. The same RM5.80 promotion applies to this as well.

brilliant nasi lemak -dessert

The difference between the Brilliand Dessert and Leng Chee Kang would be the soup. The former uses longan syrup so it’s sweeter while the latter usually is dried longan and lo han guo herbal drink. Ingredients wise they are quite similar like sago pearls, cincau and white fungus.


Just FYI if you come during non-promotional hours the normal price for the nasi lemak is RM7.80. And the shop is definitely non-halal because they serve pork here. In all, Brilliant Nasi Lemak offers your a better bang for your buck during weekdays when people tend to spend less for dinner.

Brilliant Nasi Lemak House
10, Jalan Metro Perdana 8,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.956 E101 38.568
Business hours –
Mon – Fri:
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sat – Sun:
10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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  1. Jack

    The food ther is really nice plus the price tht thy sellling is SUPERB reasonable!!!
    Definitely will visit for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th…..Infintiy time!!!

  2. Nickman

    I love their Fried Chicken and Nyonya Curry Chicken!!!

    ABC is awesome too with the Vanilla Ice Cream topping yum!!!

    i had also tried their new menu, Jawa Mee.. its really delicious too!!! i can hardly find good Jawa Mee in town now.. should have go for a try…

  3. Franco Lee

    i like all the food in Brilliant too.all the food are awesome.The deep fried chicken and nyonya curry chicken i had tasted,and this is my 1st time ever ate the delicoious food in my own life

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  4. hykyit

    I don’t usually agree to pay so much for Nasi Lemak but I’ve now changed my mind. Certainly value for money! Going for a few more trips to try out the others as well!

  5. Kenny

    i had try their Rendang Pork and Rendang Kerang(only serve on weekend with Acar)
    they are really good stuff!!

    and i dont agree with jeffrey here, everything is changing and keeping up with the trend and customers around..
    as i know, Kepong is more to a Chinese town which target market are more to Chinese than Malays..thus, with a non-halal nasi lemak is actually a no problem strategy..

    besides, their squid which stuffed minced pork and rendang pork are really awesome that i cant find it anywhere else!!!

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