Restoran Home Cooking @ Sungai Way, PJ

Home Cooking Restaurant was recently featued in 8tv’s Ho Chak and the recommended specialties are their ‘Mop Char Siew‘ (拖地叉烧) and Fish Head Curry. The char siew got its funky name because the of way it moves when shaked. It sways back and forth like a mop head does. Like always, I am skeptical when it is recommended by Ho Chak but seeing that the restaurant is less than a minute’s drive away from where I am staying, I figured there is no harm trying.


Pork belly is usually the preferred cut when it comes to char siew but Home Cooking opts to use leaner pork fillets instead. The little but even marbling of fat in the meat helps to keep the char siew taste not so fatty yet tender. This unique style of char siew is quite out of the ordinary so it is worth a try. And for me, that is about it. I still like my char siew to be sinfully fatty, those that melt in your mouth.


I am not sure I could call this Fish Head Curry since no actual fish head was used. Anyway, I was hoping we could try the one cooked with red snapper/garoupa but unfortunately it is subject to availability. So we had to settle for mackerel instead @ RM26.80.
Since the mackerel was deep fried first before being cooked in the curry, the flesh does not -fall apart easily. The trade-off to this obvious though, as some tenderness and its delicate flavor are lost. Not a big issue really but I concur, that it would taste much better with red snapper/garoupa, and without being deep fried. As for the curry, it is not the best tasting one out there but overall it is still delicious – not too rich and has strong flavor of spices.


Sometimes the Fish Head Curry would be unavailable too so my suggestion is to go for the Stewed Fish Head, which in my opinion is actually better than the curry. Shown above is a Stewed Garoupa Fish Head with Brinjals @ RM25.80. This appetizing dish goes perfectly with rice and I just love the garoupa’s sweetness and the savory tasting sauce.


When there’s char siew it is only natural there will be roast pork as well. And surprisingly, we actually like the roast pork better than the highly promoted char siew.


The Shrimp Tofu here is only RM8 so it is worth ordering just for the cheap price alone. The taste is not bad, portion is huge and they are stingy with the prawns too. So no complaints here.


Home Cooking restaurant is quite small in size and there are only a few tables around. With the kitchen being just next to the tables you can’t help but feel packed at times. Well, at least you can peek into the busy kitchen and watch the chefs prepare your meal.


It is funny that I am actually recommending the stewed fish and roast pork more, instead of the char siew and fish head curry that Ho Chak featured. But in any case you are looking for a reasonable priced restaurant with not too shabby food then Home Cooking restaurant is worth considering. To get here, the easiest way is to use the Indian temple at Sungai Way as the landmark. Home Cooking restaurant is only a short walk away from the temple, same row as Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh, further down on the right.

Restoran Home Cooking (Closed on Tue)
555, Jalan SS9A/2,
Sungai Way, 47300 Petaling Jaya.
GPS Coordinates: N3 05.296 E101 36.929

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  1. Sweet Tim

    Speaking of Bak Kut Teh, the Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh is pretty good too. The exact aroma, the exact taste, just the way I like it! You can try that really :)

    1. Post
  2. Jeff Chang

    Don’t ever go to Home Cooking. The food quality is BAAAAD. Of coz you can say one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but trust me, apart from the char siew which is passable, the rest of their famed dishes, well, you can get better ones elsewhere.

    We had a plate of char siew (small) costing RM20. And it rates only 3-4 on a scale of 10. With RM20, you can also get a similar plate of great char siew from Sec 17 Happy Mansion or spend a bit more (RM25-30) from Overseas Restaurant for really melt in your mouth char siew.

    They recommended their steamed chicken or bak jam gai, and it’s nowhere near the taste of real kampung chicken. In fact, Pudu Fish Head Curry’s bak jam gai tastes waaaaay better although it’s twice as expensive for half a bird.

    Their garoupa fried with bitter guord costs a whopping RM26.80 for a small plate, and it tastes like shit.

    But the winner of it all (for tasting like shit, that is) is their dau gan dau foo (beancurd skin and beancurd). I dont know how to describe its bad taste.

    Just stay away from this place at all costs. Dont know how vkeong can give such good recommendations..perhaps he got so much freebies that he’s misleading readers.

    1. Post

      I think you need to read my posts more clearly in the future. No where I have mentioned the char siew is fantastic and that is already a clear cue that you should stay away from it. As for the steamed chicken, I never ordered it so you can’t blame me if it sucked. And the garoupa, I ordered it with brinjals, not bitter gourd. With bitter gourd I can imagine it would taste bitter and spoil the entire dish’s overall flavor, plus bitter gourd is never an ingredient that is suitable for everyone’s taste buds.

  3. kenneth

    Hi vkeong,

    As wat the jeff mention mth ago, i think tis guy taste must be something wrong, lot of customers total agree that u really recommended a good food and good place to go. But think tne guy dun know how to eat n taste, so dun feel sad and i will support u! Ask the guy above n recommended e best char siew he can find, that same quality food with such minimum price. if no money n dun know how to eat, please lor dun eat outside just cook yourself n can satisfied lor…

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