Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar

In Britain and Ireland, Antipodeans are referred to the inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand. So, the Antipodean Cafe at Bangsar is an Aussie/NZ style cafe that is extremely popular for their breakfast and brunch menu.
Some claim that this is the best spot for breakfast and coffee in KL, which I feel is a bit far stretched. That being said, there is no denying that both the food and coffee here are undeniably lovely. Plus, the servings are hearty too. So chances are you will be skipping lunch after having a meal here in the morning.


Like the Magnificent Fish and Chips bar, there is no printed menu available here and you are supposed to refer to the chalkboard menu located inside the restaurant. I have nothing personal against this but when the crowd starts to grow, there will be a lot of undecided customers (including yourself) walking in and out – it is honestly quite annoying.


Antipodean cafe prides itself on using high quality Merdeka Coffee, an Indonesian brand that sources its coffee beans directly from farmers. Each cuppa starts from RM6 for an Espresso to a whopping RM40 for Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) We had the Latte and Cappucino @ RM8 each – smooth and aromatic with a mild acidic aftertaste.


A quick glance around the restaurant will tell you that the All Day Breakfast and Big Breakfast are the favorites. Since we do not really fancy hash brown and baked beans that much, we opted for alternatives that are simpler. I went for the Cheese + Mushroom Omelette @ RM17, it was fluffy with a creamy and always-warm center.
I am not sure how many eggs were used to prepare this filling omelette, but it is going put you off of eggs for a while. So unless you reallyyyyyy love eggs, I would suggest sharing it instead.


SL’s order, the Croissant Scrambled Egg with Pork Sausage @ RM18. With the presence of rocket (arugula), sausage and pastry, this is a more well-rounded alternative compared to the omelette.


We also had a slice of their Apple Pie with a crumbly crust @ RM8. Not bad, but not particularly memorable either.


Besides catering to the locals who adore the all day breakfast, it also serves as a rendezvous point for the Antipodeans who wish to feel at home. Because of that there is always a queue of customers outside the cafe especially during the weekends. So if you want to avoid waiting for table, it is best to make your way here before 10 am, when the cafe is not yet that busy and there are still plenty of car parks around.

Antipodean Cafe (next to La Bodega)
No.20, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.921 E101 40.312
Business hours: 8am onwards daily
Tel: 03-2282 0411

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  1. Chong

    Been there once. Tried going there again before 10AM and it was packed! But then again, it was during the weekend. There’s another branch in KL which is far less people than this one but they do not have al-fresco tables. I do agree that the portion is hearty which made me slightly sick of eggs by the end of the meal. Haha.

  2. Sham

    Great cafe – good service , good food too. And the Coffee is pretty good. Been there many times. As a less caffeinated and more ‘zen’ alternative (i.e relaxing) -you should go check out Cameron Valley Tea Bangsar- just up the road from Antepodean. Fantastic Malaysian highland tea concoctions, meals and of course the highland tea shops famous tea and home made scones. they’re on FB too with fun stuff and meal deals.

  3. eatedliao

    thanks for this, i went there twice liao bro. food variety is good for this kinda stuff which is not easy to get here. drinks are great too. only thing is the price…

  4. Leo

    A place of mediocrity.

    Mediocre food, mediocre coffee. Perhaps is Bangsar that’s why people go all googoo over it.

    Lousy value. Crap food. That’s Antipodean.

  5. Greg

    I love the coffee here…love the fact that the owners seem to work not only in the business; but front the business. I am not sure how many owners there are but seem to wonder how they can keep up the excellent service, I disagree with Leo- and I think Antipodean Bangsar popularity proves him wrong. Excellent Food, EXCELLENT coffee. Thats Antipodean

  6. Geetha

    I love the food, coffee and dessert here. My all time favourite is the Big Bfast, latte and the most delicious balinese dates cake i ever came across.. Excellent service which makes me wanna go back there all the time. Reasonable price for those huge portions served.

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  8. Cel

    Overated. Big breakfast mostly whole lot of eggs. Coffee was good but not a place to leisurely enjoy your coffee and the meal as waiters kept hovering over our table removing the sugar, salt, pepper etc without asking if we were done with it. Unspoken message we got – quickly vacate for people waiting to be seated. Spoiled my morning..

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