Typica Cafe 豆原 @ Shaw Parade

**Note: Since I am getting quite a number of comments regarding the Ice Drip Coffee’s name.. this was how it was written that day. Was it a ‘K’ or ‘R’ for ‘Rwanda’, and was it ‘Musasa’ or ‘Murasa’? You be the judge. But thanks to some commentators now I know there’s such a coffee called ‘Rwanda Musasa

I am probably going to offend a lot of Typica Cafe fans out there with this post. Actually, I had two options. I could either parrot what the others are saying and pretend to adore this cafe and everyone will be happy, or I could just tell my feeling it as it is. Well, I have decided to be honest and go for the second option.
First thing first, you need to know the coffees here are not cheap because of the rare siphon-brewing method – at least in KL. Typica Cafe’s owner also makes frequent trips overseas to source different types of coffee beans that are not commonly available in Malaysia. She even roasts them personally so it is truly a commendable passion.

Typica Cafe coffee

For serious coffee connoisseurs, they definitely unearthed a hidden gem. But for casual coffee lovers like me, I think my level is far from being able to appreciate these gourmet coffees appropriately. So when I read some people’s experience saying that they are able to appreciate the greatness of Typica’s coffee after just one visit, it feels funny to me because most of them admitted they don’t even drink coffee on a regular basis.
I had the Kwanda Murasa @ RM28, basically an Ice Drip Coffee. I was told it is brewed using a seasonal coffee bean imported from Laos that has a chocolatey taste. It must have involved some really rare coffee bean produced by some secret coffee farmers because there is absolutely nothing I could find about “Kwanda Murasa” on Google. And yeah, it comes in a big mug filled with ice cubes, very cool I know.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to to undermine the idea of Ice Drip coffee and the tedious hand-making process involved. In fact, I really tried to appreciate the ‘subtleness’, ‘smoothness’, ‘full-body-ness’, ‘lingering coffee taste’ and ‘intense flavor minus the sourness and bitterness’ everyone has been raving about – sip by sip – but I just don’t feel it? Sorry to say this it is just an overpriced Kopi O to me.

Typica Cafe coffee-chocolate

Coffee with Chocolate Milk – RM15, another cuppa which I feel is overpriced.


There are two versions of Tiramisu here, RM10 for the normal version and a whopping RM25 for their ‘homemade’ version. A difference of RM15 in pricing hints that there should be something special about the latter, and I am thinking that they soaked the sponge cakes using the pricey siphon coffee. All that aside, it turned out just average and tasted nothing particularly special. For the real deal, go to Opus – it is more affordable yet so much more delicious over there.

Typica Cafe mango-cake

The Mango Delight @ RM10 is the only thing I felt worth paying for. Forget about the homemade cookies, they don’t come cheap as well. For RM8 you only get 50g of them which is about 8 pieces in total. Daylight robbery.


Our damage for this tea break was RM86, which convinced me that the next time I could afford a cuppa at Typica Cafe would be the day when I become rich (fingers crossed) I can’t help but feel Typica Cafe is more of a cafe for hipsters who now feel hanging at Starbucks is too mainstream already. Typica is too small to be cozy, has vintage decor and complete with a pet cat as an added cliche. So if you want to ride the hipster wave this would a great place to start.

Typica Cafe
GL-08, Ground Floor, Shaw Parade
Jalan Thambi Dollah 55100 KL

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  1. OneTimer

    LOL @ the use of ‘hipsters’! Really fitting.

    I went there once, recommended by a ‘hipster’ friend. There were just 4 of us and we had to wait almost half an hour for seats. Needless to say, I was annoyed because it’s such a small space! And compared to the cheap rental of that space, the coffees are ridiculously overpriced. So I can only imagine that people are paying for the owner’s overseas trips…

    Actually I enjoy food and drinks like you too, but I’m too lazy to actually blog them. That’s why I had you subscribed :)

    I don’t mind to pay higher price, but it should be worth it. Typica for me, is not worth it for the coffees, unless you feel great paying for the ‘hipster bandwagon’ LOL I know some people do. Well, I could only admit like you do, we are not coffee connoisseurs because we can’t feel any difference… and it’s not really exceptionally tasty.

  2. Simple person

    Luckily I m not a big fan if coffee…
    Coffee is coffee…. N it is so commercialise…
    I do prefer to have a kopi o in d wet market with a Yau char Kwai ….. Cheap delicious n filling….

  3. KSLye

    No matter what pretentious taste they try to promote, value still matter to us ordinary folks. If they have a better ambiance or location, maybe. still a maybe, but with what I see and Shaw Parade being the location. Forget about being hip.

  4. JD

    At a quick glance, I thought the title was called Typical Cafe. Looking at the deco, I got a feeling that it’s not a great place to have a cup of coffee, all those chairs look uncomfortable to be sitting and chilling the whole day. Still prefer a place like Starbucks…

    1. Post
  5. Koay

    As coffee drinker in Melbourne, I do agree with your post that alot of artisan/or wannabe artisan coffee shops tend to cater for those youngsters that try to be non-mainstream. When I am back in penang or KL, I went on to tried these coffees, while some are relatively cheaper than others, I have to say that, the more expensive version does not taste any better than the cheapest one around. In KL, I personally think Bee Publika is the closest I can get for a taste of coffee that Melbournians are so proud of. I can be slight biased here to conclude that those so-called coffee connoisseurs are mainly those students/people that came back from overseas trying to be less mainstream.

    1. Post

      Hey, glad to know I am not alone in this. Thanks for the mention of Bee Publika.. I think I will head there one weekend to try out their coffee :)

  6. Susie

    I am a big fan of coffee but I see to it that I get my money’s worth. So instead of going to cafes, I experiment on my own coffee. Tastes good plus I enjoy making it.

    1. Post
  7. Heather Greene

    I’m just a casual coffee lover like you. I only go to cafes when asked by a friend or when I crave for one, which seldom happens. Still, that picture of the Tiramisu is making me crave for a slice!

  8. Tj

    Interesting review. However I find it weird that Rwanda Musasa (assuming there is a typo in their menu) is from Laos when it’s an African country? Weird much?

    1. Post

      As someone in the earlier comments mentioned, I believe it was a typo on their cafe’s door front menu. And I was told it comes from Laos, or maybe there was a misinterpretation on my part. But then again Laos and Africa do differ a bit in pronunciation

  9. Tan

    The coffee and cake is fantastic, only the problem is wifi too slow and when we watch the youtube take so long time to see…. need to upgrade the wifi connection to unifi.


  10. sk

    Well, to non coffee junkie, this is a place not for you
    as you wont appreciate it. It just like if you dont like the person,
    whatever he or she does, it would least interest you.
    If you say RM 25 is expensive, wait till you ask for
    their Kopi Luwak which goes at RM 180.00 per cup !
    Its just like art. If you dont appreciate it, you wont appreciate
    even if its worth millions !

  11. Eric

    I’m not bias of this coffee shop. But I’m totally agree with the writer. The taste of a cup of liberia coffee from this shop with no after taste, mild and no aroma at all. Plus extra ingredient of an ant in my smaller cup.

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