Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert coming to Malaysia @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Attention mango lovers! The famous HK dessert chain Hui Lau Shan will be opening at 1 Utama Shopping Centre soon. For those who haven’t been to Hong Kong before, just let me just say that it is a very common dessert shop over there – even more common than Old Town White Coffee in Malaysia. So you could say it is one of the must ‘eats’ when visiting Hong Kong.


When I was in Hong Kong last year I already went to the some of their branches at Mongkok, Wong Tai Sin and the Chek Lap Kok international airport. Their everything-mango dessert menu is seriously extensive with a lot of varities like ice cream, milkshake, fruit platter, mochi and even herbal jellies.


Seasonal items are featured frequently at Hui Lau Shan too, like this Double-Boiled Hasma with Bird Nest in Coconut. Not only it was very delicious (to be honest, even better than the mango based ones) the ingredients are good for your skin and complexion too! Even the presentation is top notch as well as you can see the coconut sits on a bed of ice cubes to keep it cool.




My most memorable dessert from Hui Lau Shan would be the Mango Fiesta, primarily because it looked great. It is a platter of three best selling mango desserts, usually consisting of mochi, ice cream and pearls – perfect for those who want to have a little of everything. During our visit we were given the Mango Mousse instead.


Even though the desserts are not cheap by Malaysian standards, they are obviously a lot better than what our local dessert shops could make. Once you try it, you won’t fancy the Kei Tak Sek‘s version anymore. Compared to Lucky Dessert, I am more excited about Hui Lau Shan opening in Malaysia and am anticipating for the day to come. I just hope they will maintain the standards and ensure the desserts taste as good as those in Hong Kong.

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  1. JD

    Didn’t try it at HK last time coz my local friends said it’s a bit commercialize, but nevertheless good to know that there will be a branch in KL soon!

    1. Post
  2. Unsatified customer :(

    I am very excited when saw it is going to open unfortunately today when I go there the waitress and the staff there are unfriendly they treat us like we r not worth to serve .. We ask for the double boiled hasma with bird nest in coconut they finish then everything else was finish and just left the mango dessert… So we order .. Then the next table occupy by a young couple and they ask for the coconut again and the waitress reply them got.. I am very pissed at that time but tot she just mistakenly forgotten tat still have… Later will we waited for some time they did not serve us and serve the next table and we confront with the waitress and she said she will check but then a girl came in earlier tat us and sit behind our table angrily walk off and by tat time our food not serve yet and they serve a table tat just came in but us. We we really angry and is like we were totally worthless then we walk off… The most angry part had yet came by because when we walk off they never felt anything and by the time we walk past the kitchen i heard they said ” AIYO VICKY NEVER EVEN PUT IN THE ORDER “in the laughing manner AND THE WAITRESS CUI CUI KEEP PROMISE OUR FOOD IS IN QUE

  3. connie

    Went to HLS in the evening around 7pm (20/5/2012)certain item on the menu already sold out. So i just tried the mango pudding, its good. Tried it in HK too. Reminds me of HK, the way there take orders. Shouting. Certain staff are Hongkies too.

  4. kamisama

    The mango desserts in HLS Berjaya Times Square have no mango fragrance. The portion is small and overpriced. Still kei dek sek in kepong has the best mango ice ever.

  5. wyilian

    I found out that hui lau shan is in Malaysia through your blog! and then accidentally found a branch as well at Times Square. I am so happy to know about it, oneU is just too far from my place and soon will be having another branch at Pavilion KL. I did a post about it, also comparing to other shops. :) thanks, vkeong.

  6. Anthony Sim

    I just left the shop with an empty stomach. They can actually forget your order and just use the word “sorry” after waiting for 20 minutes. You don’t deserve my money. Good food (if its true) without the service to back it up tastes HORRIBLE. A bitter dessert for me.

    1. Jerry

      Yes, you can forget abt visiting this shop. Went there yday, d mango desert has degraded. Mangos were sour!!!!!!! Not worth paying RM11.50 for this rubbish. It’s in my ban list…..Service sux oso!!!

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