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  1. nikel
    November 2, 2012

    Look so special…

  2. Wong, NU
    November 3, 2012

    I like your blog a lot, but am wondering whether your opinion and your blog are out to kill businesses and kill jobs?

    You went there and you ordered. If you didn’t like it, go to the management and tell them. You can’t just write in a negative way. I find that most bloggers today are behaving like GOD.

    Restaurant owners will be fearful of you!

    I am not be related to Magenta. I wrote this because I think it’s very unfair to the business owner. I have not been to Magenta.

    • vkeong
      November 3, 2012

      There are many blogs out there giving positive reviews to Magenta, so can I say they are out there to promote bad restaurants? I can’t right? Because it is your personal opinion hence a blog. I am not running a magazine or newspaper here, I am not obliged to write only good stuff
      I think there should be a balance of opinions in the blogosphere, I can’t possibly say they are good when they are in actual fact not, it is misleading to my readers.
      Anyway, if you read my post carefully again, not everything I said was negative.

  3. Lin
    November 3, 2012

    vkeong, I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and fully appreciate your frank opinion. Truth is, there are just too many ‘invited reviews’ where bloggers eat for free and are obliged / paid to say only nice things even when the food is below par. This really compromises the integrity of the blog & blogger.
    Bloggers in the US are required to make “clear and conspicuous” disclosures if they write a restaurant review after having been treated to a meal there.
    (The penalty for flouting this rule in blogs or postings in social media is a fine of US$11,000).
    Keep up the good work. A lot of us do appreciate you saying things as it is.

    • vkeong
      November 3, 2012

      Thanks for your kind comment. I stopped accepting invitational meals since 2-3 years ago but I do write advertorials, which I will only post if the food is up to par. I had to reject a few advertorials because not all are worth recommending, even if it is a paid review.

  4. red hiney monkey
    November 4, 2012

    If don’t like something, go tell the management?
    Next visit get spit in your cappuchino… :)

  5. searizeel
    November 4, 2012

    hey man, I just checked your burgers section and there was no myBurgerLab there. You should really go there one day man.

    Here’s a link for their FB page.

    If you wanna know about it’s reputation… well, have you seen customers queuing in line before opening hours at its entrance just to make sure they get in before they sell out?

    This is one of those places.

    • vkeong
      November 4, 2012

      the reputation you mentioned is one of the reasons I have not been there yet. I hate queuing
      thanks for the recommendation anyway :)

  6. Cookie
    December 30, 2012

    Honest food posts are lacking these days. Keep up the good work. I have been to Magenta and I share the same sentiment as you. Magenta has to do something about their food and price!

  7. thetrystero
    January 31, 2013

    Good review. I almost thought that Malaysian food bloggers have all sold their souls to restaurant owners for a free meal. Magenta started out with a great concept, but beyond the plush decor, is a land of barren taste. To the above reviewer named Wong NU why the hate? If you really are not related to Magenta perhaps you could’ve been a little more objective. Reviews are personal opinions after all. It just that finding unbiased ones on Malaysian food blogs is as rare as diamonds in the sewer.

  8. Dino Bidari
    March 20, 2013

    I am the owner and chef of Magenta Restaurant in Kuching Sarawak. I am not in any way involved in this restaurant despite queries from my customers who thought I have open a branch in KL. Magenta in Kuching has been opened for business for 12 years and recently moved from our old venue, an old peranakan wooden house to the Old Courthouse in the centre of the city. We have appeared in numerous magazines, documentaries of various languages including Passage to Malaysia on Astro’s TLC channel , SBC and some Taiwan TV programme and was the winner of Tourism Malaysia Most Innovative Fusion Restaurant!
    What I find rather amusing is that I have same name, signature magenta colours and YES even the Magenta name is in the same font and style opening up in KL Nothing stops anyone from using that name as it is not copyrighted nor trademarked..but anyone who wants to name a restaurant and find a name for it should Google it first to see if it is taken in their country, if they really insist on using the same name due to a lack of ideas for a better name than at least try to change the fonts. But alas it is a free country!!
    As a Chef and restaurateur I have made it a point never to comment on anyone’s food as I believe in the saying “Another man’s meat is another man’s poison!”

    I totally appreciate all reviews, GOOD or Bad reviews of my own restaurants Magenta Restaurant and Magna Carta Cafe as sometime we need to be aware of what our customer think of us and our food so we can improve or change if the feedback is honest and helpful.
    I have never given free food nor ask for a “friendly and complimentary review” from anyone or magazine. I have turn away a well known high society magazine The Malaysian Tattler as they wanted and demanded assorted food and drinks to be photographed for the article in their magazine. My answer was…”so sorry I am not able to do that as I am busy on that particular night. I f you so wish you came come in as my customer and be most welcome to photograph what ever you ordered!” The lady was shocked and said “But we are The Tattler…you do know and heard of us right?” Than she was the subject of a Chef wrath…” Yes..it s that pretentious, glam high society magazine rite?..that you see usually in hairdressers and toilets which most people don t pick up unless there is nothing else to flick through rite?” And that was that…never did I hear from them again ! Phew!!

  9. Dino Bidari
    March 20, 2013

    Oh Ya..feel free to google “Magenta Restaurant Malaysia” and be amused with all the independent reviews..Good AND Bad.

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