Mee Bandung Muar Abu Bakar Hanipah @ Wah San Kopitiam

Mee Bandung is one of the foods you should not miss in Muar, simply because the best ones are all concentrated here. In fact, Muar is the town where Mee Bandung is said to originate from. Anyway, there are many stalls and restaurants you could go looking for this popular local dish but I placed my bet on Abu Bakar Hanipah‘s at Wah San Kopitiam along Jalan Abdullah. The coffee shop’s name is especially catchy and easy to remember for me, since there is a clan and mountain with the same name in Chinese martial arts novels too.


This was my first time having Mee Bandung Muar and all I could say is that I was immediately hooked. Imagine a hearty serving of noodle in an egg and shrimp broth that tastes extraordinary, like a slightly sweeter and concentrated version of Chinese prawn noodle but topped with delicious beef slices and small whole shrimps instead. Each mouthful is rich and bursting with prawn flavor, there’s simply no stopping once you have started – simply delicious. Priced at RM4 per plate, no doubt this is one of the best local food we had during our short trip to Muar.



Besides Mee Bandung the satay here is very good too, the beef one is nicely marinated with a strong and distinctive spicy taste.


If you love the noodles and want to make your own at home you will be glad to know Abu Bakar Hanipah also sells their spices in ready-made packs @ RM10 each. I would probably buy a few if my new kitchen is ready but it isn’t yet :(


Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah
Wah San Kopitiam
69A, Jalan Abdullah, Muar
GPS Coordinates: N2 02.798 E102 33.986

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7 Responses

  1. nikel says:

    I still prefer Mee rebus than mee Bandung.. keke..
    nikel´s last blog post ..Skudai Duck Noodles & Rice Restaurant 士古来鸭肉 @ Skudai, JB

  2. Muar is my one of the best shopping destination in Malaysia. But i don’t know some special for foods and recipes. The Variety of food dish is special in Japan, i think Mee Bandung is best one this list.

    Mirrin Rose

  3. CutiKelantan says:

    If i want to find information about food in Malaysia, definitely will visit this site. But Vkeong, haven’t’ you travel and try Kelantan food yet? There are a lot of unique foods. Do visit my blog for more information about Kelantan.


  4. Muar is a one of the vacation spot in Japan. But i don’t know is special for food. Mee Bandung look so nice. But i don’t know how it is taste. When i come to Muar i try it.

    Shalee David

  5. Phoon says:

    I am a big fan of your blog. It would be my pleasure to get your attention and support on this restaurant

  6. tiatyot says:

    Thumbs up!! I’m from Muar and Mee Bandung at Abu Bakar Hanipah is absolutely delicious!
    tiatyot´s last blog post ..Prego Diary 2.

  7. yazed jamal says:

    Give a try Mee Bandung Muar at Tumes Cafe Cheras alam damai, cheras, Can check at Facebook. You won’t regret it

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