Hou Xiang 60s Chee Cheong Fun @ Bandar Sri Damansara, KL

If there’s a worst service award for restaurants then Hou Xiang will definitely be one of the top contenders and probably win it as well. The staff is a bunch of incompetent blur sotongs and even the boss is a confused soul himself. All four different waiter and waitresses who attended us did the following during our short lunch:

  1. Got our table number wrong even though we pointed it out to him that it’s 18 not 19
  2. Got our orders wrong
  3. Brought food from another table to us
  4. The bill took 20 minutes to arrive and I had to remind 3 different staff including the boss himself who also forgot about it later – what a joke. I think they are just not bothered
  5. The wrong bill was given to us
  6. Change was given before we even paid, it was actually intended for another table [insert facepalm]

Moreover, the food is not even great to begin with – they are just cleverly disguised in vintage enamel wares for that gimmicky, nostalgic feel.


In all fairness their Chee Cheong Fun is alright, but not worth the anguish caused by the horrible service here.


The drinks suck. The iced coffee and tea tasted diluted and sugary – you are better off making your own 3-in-1 instant drinks at home.


Melaka cendol – not enough gula Melaka, not enough santan so not enough taste. This was left untouched after a few sips.


Yong Tau Fu – only passable quality at best and pricey @ RM1.70 each. At this price you’re better off eating at a real Yong Tau Fu restaurant.


Here’s the address if you want to experience utterly crap service and get free high blood pressure.

Hou Xiang 60s Chee Cheong Fun
No. 17, Jalan Tanjung SD 13/2
Bandar Sri Damansara
52200 KL

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  1. kl_fatguy

    ahahah, free high blood pressure… I like tat words.

    Heard from my frens, all food no comments including the drinks.

    The only food you can eat is Yong Tau Foo.. like what u said…

    U r right, that the reason I like your blog because you sincerely comment it.

  2. Darien

    I have been there twice and never encounter such lousy service. I felt that the food especially Chee cheong fun is pretty alright, u should try the organic soya fir drinks wise.

  3. CCF

    I tried this restaurant before. Service wasn’t too bad, probably they had just opened not long ago that time. After reading this post, it makes me wanna go back and try again and pay for lousy service + cholesterol

  4. food hunter

    i defininately agree with the worst service you had mentioned, though the bad service i faced is different. Which the chinese worker, i dont know is it he is owner for restaurant. He quite not polite in chinese so called lcly lar… food coming on table just like throw on table, treat customer like not human, i thought ei !!! we customer human lar not animal. Was damn. Ask sao lui, same person Chinese worker or the owner, i dont know, dont see ur face, money and go.. if got change ask someone foreign worker in busy pass it to u, just put on counter there, sendiri relaxing there.. need to wait the change cone back, sendiri relaxing there.. don know he is playing wat monkey pattern. Those man got a bit some time man some time na yeng 1. Bad experience for me !!

  5. food hunter

    somemore those food taste just so so only.. i think ppl just pay for environment rather than the delicious of the food. I can eat the better taste even at chee cheong fan stall at other place. The sause not so good, less than normal. Environment decorative good, menu very creative, but ppl just want to eat fresh, local, original chee cheong fan only.. not make it too diversity.. drinks, i can drink better kopi bing at kopi diam, also the same.

  6. food hunter

    I doubt this blogger can take the photos best looking than what i had seen in live environment. Those camera awesome, or u Photoshop 1 ar ?

  7. Jys

    haha, i been there a couple of times, i like their ipoh chee cheong fun. But i do agree with you on their service, that’s y i always go during non peak hours. Even so, their service is still slow.

    Also, I don’t order their drinks. Besides chee cheong fun, there’s one fried chicken chop taste quite ok too.

    yong tau fu not worth trying, expensive and yet taste so so..

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