5 Affordable Restaurants To Eat At Genting Highlands

If you are in Malaysia, Genting Highlands is the place to visit. At an average elevation of 1,740 meters (5,710 ft) within the Titiwangsa Mountains, this hill resort is one of the most beautiful hill resorts for casino players to visit.

The resort was developed by Genting Group and beats Las Vegas with its sceneries and nature. Don’t get me wrong, because Las Vegas has its own unique flare, but Genting Highlands is simply astonishing. If you plan to go there, you will want to find somewhere to eat at affordable price, so here is a list of 5 affordable restaurants rated one of the best by visitors, brought to you by Fhats Casino.

1. Bubbles & Bites


This is the best place for pasta and pizza with a thin crust and mouthwatering cheese. Bubbles & Bites is a perfect combination of high rated place to eat and very low and reasonable prices, the best of both worlds.
The meals prices go as low as $2. Apart from pizzas and pasta, you can also eat fine desserts (one of the best hot chocolate drinks are served here), fish and chips, lamb, chicken, burgers, cheese cakes, salads etc.

2. The Bakery

Pop in to The Bakery when you have a desire for tasty sandwiches while surfing the net using the Bakery’s free Wi-Fi. You can enjoy the food in an outdoor area which is great because the Genting Highlands are known for their cool breezes making this place pleasurable for an afternoon tea or a cup of coffee and a fresh and delicious tiramisu or Turkish quiche. The meals range from $2 to $7 dollars.

3. Good Friends Restaurant

At the Good Friends Restaurant you can find meals as low as $3 per person at an outstanding quality. Consider tasting the fat and lean meat with honey, Prawn dumplings filled with succulent prawns, the noodles, the hakka dishes, and especially the mango pudding for dessert.
The place can be really busy depending on what time of the day you visit it, but you shouldn’t have a problem finding an available table.

4. Chuan Kie Restaurant

Cheap, crispy and cherished good meals, this is a restaurant where you get good value for your money. It’s a great restaurant for Chinese food lovers, especially pork lovers.
Their specialty is the crispy pork belly dish, but they also have vegetarian dishes, so if you happen to be in a company of vegetarians, Chuan Kie has something for all. For just $15 four people can have a reasonable feast.

5. Imperial Rama


Imperial Rama is one of the highest rated restaurants in Genting Highlands, but it is also the most costly compared to the others in this list. Nevertheless, once you try the food and enjoy the beautiful interior while being served by a very professional and helpful staff, you won’t regret for spending a dollar more.
They have a very yummy Thai salad, a restaurant signature dessert called Durian Tempura, and very authentic Chinese and Thai recipes. You will definitely want to visit it again.