About vkeong

1. I am from Bukit Mertajam. It’s a quiet sleeper town in Penang. Now, I am residing in KL. I miss the simpler life back in Penang.

2. I am not a full time blogger. Blogging started out as a hobby and has always been. My full time profession is Software Developer.

3. I blog for fun and self-satisfaction. I accept occasional sponsored posts but I am very, very selective in accepting them.

4. Please pardon any grammar and spelling mistakes.

5. Thanks for reading :)

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  2. Malaysia Page


    Firstly, congratulations on your site :)

    We would like to invite you to share what you LOVE on the state or
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    commemorate with Malaysia’s 50 Years Of Independence.

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  3. Leow Tse Hui

    hi!You are hakka as well?
    I think you are the first person i will start the hakka language with.haha

    ngi kin ha yiu choi penang mao?
    ngai hao chun chung ngi lo.
    ying vui ngai eh ambition he oi zho yi zhak hao yiu miang eh chef.


    haha, translate:
    are you still in penang nw?
    I really look up on you because my ambition is to be a great succesful chef.
    Frankly, i’m just a 18 years old girl, just finished my SPM.

    mostly students at that age will apply for colleges and stuffs like that, but not me!I mean i do wan apply colleges which offer culinary arts courses. I wan to make succcesful desert and also main courses.Hope to start a business after saving enough modal.

    So, a succesful person like you especially in the field which I’m interested in surely be my idol.
    Keep it up, strive to be better, learn from past, and DO your best(not try your best)


  4. Anonymous


    I also live in BM more than 18 years++ but still don’t know what the delicious foods in this BM town. Share more with us. OK!
    (Es. without spicy)


  5. evi

    hi i am staying in BM too.. i am 21 years old… i need ur help ah… i hope u can help me… i want to find course for chef in penang.. i think u should have a lot of friend… if u know.. please email me… i really dont know where to ask… thanks lot…

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    @Leow Tse Hui: Hey I understand what you said in hakka. I am still in Penang :) And wow, idol? That’s really a very nice compliment.. I think if you work hard and most importantly, have the passion to strive in your dreams in becoming a well-known chef, I am sure you can do it! One day when you have became a chef, please let me know. I am eager to try your culinary skills. And I’d like your cooking to be featured in my blog!

    @JJ: Thanks for the link!

    @Anonymous: I will try my best! If there are any BM-kias reading this please share your good food places, I will go hunt it down and feature it in my blog. We really must promote BM more.

    @evi: Sorry ler.. I do not know where you can find chef courses. I do know that in Permatang Batu area.. after the roundabout, on the way to Penang Bridge.. there’s a baking shop that offers baking classes. If you are interested in making pastries I think you can find out more. FYI it’s at the same row with Longwan, the very big Malay owned plastic wares shop (50m away from ESSO)

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  8. Elaine

    Hi, Keong.

    I was so keen on Advertlets wen I saw ur post in ur blog.
    Can you teach / explain to me how it work…I register already, I still don’t un! Then I got another problem…where can I put the Ad? I copied the code…paste it. It showed me “Your domain in your profile doesnt match . Please update your domain profile in our blog manager section”

    Help…!! Tolong….!!

    Oh, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year…

  9. Mabel Lai

    Happened to stumble upon your blog, and boy, did it make me hungry! Excellent work with the pictures! Also, there’s a new Japanese restaurant called “Sake Room”. It’s next to Roxbury Pub in Sunway,Perai. I think they serve the best sushi around…hehe..you should try it too since you’re a food connoiseur!

  10. Nasri

    Dear Ah Lum,

    First of all, congratulations for such a great..great blog.

    My name is Nasri. My first hometown is langkawi and then I moved to Sg. Petani. Now I’m working in Kuala Lumpur.

    I just write an ebook titled “9 Insider Secrets For A Romantic Honeymoon In Langkawi”.

    I like to give it for FREE to your blog visitors. So, they can benefit it. So, can I do that…and how? you can see the ebook at my blog http://www.malaysiasecrets.com/blog


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  12. Lily Arbee

    Dear Ah Lum,
    Hi!, I’m from Malaysia. Foremost, I like to congratulate you for your good work writing about our beloved country’s food, Malaysia Food and being introduced to the world!. I love Penang food, especially “Assam Laksa” Penang style. I miss it since now I am staying Terengganu, a district called “Marang”. Please feel free to visit my blogger, website as indicated above. i wish you well and will visit web site once in a while!

    My most warmest regards,
    Lily Arbee

    PS: Malaysia

    Lily Arbee’s last blog post..The Animal Instinct- An Animal Shelter Story

    1. Leon Liew De Yun

      Hi Vkeong,

      Can I have your email address please? I’d like to send in a marketing proposal on behalf of my company and see is there’s any collaboration chances in the future.

      Please do not hesitate to drop me an email, I’ll wait for your replying. =)

      Thank you.

      Best regards,

  13. DKG

    Dear vKeong,

    Good job on your very nice blog. Do you know where is the exact location of Kim Fong ( or maybe Kim Fung) Restaurant at BM ?

    Thanks! I never heard of Kim Fong/Fung in BM before, but from the name of it, it should translate to Golden Phoenix Restaurant (in mandarin), it’s around Sungai Rambai/Taman Sri Rambai area

    Is this the one you’re looking for?

  14. DKG

    I think you are right – Golden Phoenix Restaurant. Is there any famous building nearby Taman Sri Rambai/ Sg. Rambai ? like Bandar perda, BM Summit…
    Thank you so much for your help.

    There are landmarks, the big sports complex and government buildings.. or you can look for KK Tan’s clinic, Golden Phoenix is just next to it

    If you still cannot find it, I can draft a map for you.. let me know

  15. DKG

    Thanks for your help.
    Let say i drive from Megamall, Prai. The info that i search from Google Map is that i need follow BM sign, then turn left when i reach roundabouts > go straight and will see Bandar Perda on left hand > go straight to Jalan Besar then straight again to Jalan Baru > go straight to Jalan Permatang Baru when reach a junction > turn right to Jalan Padang Lallang and when go further i will reach Jalan Sungai Rambai.
    After that i may follow your info by looking for those landmarks.
    Please draft a map for me if my above info is incorrect.

    I am not too sure about Jalan Baru/Jalan Permatang Batu.. but as long as you can reach Jalan Padang Lallang you are fine. At Padang Lallang look for Sunshine Square.. then follow the map I drafted.. don’t take the number of junctions along the road too seriously.. you just need to follow the road to Taman Sri Rambai.. at the junction of 4 traffic lights.. turn left. Before you reach that junction you will see a lot of pet shops and hair saloon, book shops on your right

    Map: Here

  16. Rosalind


    Have visited your site many many times, but only now I see you are a Hakka as well.
    You should do some post on Hakka food lah!

    I never realized until now how much effort it takes to keep up a blog (I’m complaining after just one post lol)

    Keep it up, I love your blog!

    Rosalind’s last blog post..Hello?Horlicks doggie cookies

    vk: yeah it takes quite a lot of effort especially on the writing side.. I am not that good in writing like other floggers lol.. I try my best loh.. getting comments from visitors is what keeps me going :) For Hakka food.. no idea yet lol.. need to research first :P

  17. malaysiatraveller

    I am a Malaysian residing in Kuala Lumpur, if you are coming to Malaysia or to Kuala Lumpur, do feel free to drop me a mail at malaysiatraveller@gmail.com. I have no problem of being your part time tour guide provided that time permits. I have traveled to many places, and find that it is really fascinating to have a local friend as a guide. If you agree with me on this point, do drop me a mail, tks.

  18. charxine

    hihi~ nice to know u XD
    may i ask u some question ??? erm… maybe by mail ??

    vk: Hi charxine, of course you can email me.. please send to vkeong [at] yahoo [dot] com

  19. gigglebutt

    hi…Ah Lum,

    Good job! I like your food blog!

    I’m from BM too, I think you should go to the BM oldest hawker food center at Taman Sentosa (Medan Selera Taman Sentosa), just the at your left corner when you reach the traffic light after Yong Su Xia if you drive from BM town direction. I think this is the first hawker food court in BM, started in about year 1977.

    I like the famous economic char bee hoon there, they have ang dao th’ng too. If you want to try out something not so heavy and economy, it is really a good choice. This is the best char been hoon I have. They are close on Sunday and Thursday, business time 8pm to 11pm (better come before 11pm), sometime it finish early.

    Another food you should try out is Gado Gado (pesembur), and Tong Sui. They only open on Thursday to Sunday, close on Monday to Wednesday.

  20. Keertika


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  21. Eileen

    Hi infact i think you have one of the best Food Blog i have seen in Malaysia.

    I am a follower of your Blog everytime i want to EAT!!!

    vk: Oh my.. that’s a HUGE compliment.. *sob* Thank you!!

  22. Charmaine

    Hi, Thks for sharing abt BM. My grandparents used to live there and I remember many Dec school hols spent at their home in Sungai Rambai. Those were the days of cycling around the kampung! Wish I could my daughters could experience that. Also remember Jit Sin High School where my aunts and uncles went to school. and hiking up BM hill! Memories!

    vk: Sungai Rambai! That means you were staying near me lol. Nice to know you had good memories in BM.. it’s a great small town alright lol.

  23. Boo

    Hi VKeong,

    I run a website that let people to submit food photos, rate submission, learn more about foods and their country of origin.

    It would be great to see your participation. The benefit is that you can add the direct URL linking back to your blog for each posting to draw more traffics to your blog.

    Please find out more about my website at http://ww.plentytoeat.com and remember to check out the About section.

    Appreciate if you can let me know if my request is ok with you.

  24. Vickie


    Here’s a magazine you should know about. It’s called La Cucina Italiana and it’s the U.S. edition of Italy’s oldest and most popular cooking magazine. It’s all about cooking traditional & modern Italian dishes using healthy, fresh and seasonal ingredients. (Thankfully, it’s for chefs of all levels.) I’m looking to spread the word, and if you’d like to take a look, I’d be delighted to send you a free media subscription. Here’s the site. http://www.lacucinaitalianamagazine.com. Also, if you want to host a recipe contest, we can provide the winner with a free subscription as well. Some ideas for the contest are:

    – Momma’s homemade spaghetti sauce

    – The tastiest organic Italian soup for fall weather

    – Gelato to chill for

    – Holidays in the homeland…the most authentic – and delicious – Italian holiday dish

    If you’d like to receive the magazine, please send your contact information to me at Vickie@reynoldspublicrelations.com. Thanks!

  25. Center Parted

    Hi Ah Lum,

    Nice blog you have here…. like your posts… they make fun and informative reading.

    Quick comment about your RSS subscription… I tried using your RSS link to subscribe to your blog but keep getting an XML parsing error. Not sure if its due to my end or yours. Would you mind having a quick look at it?

    Thx & Cheers!

    Center Parted’s last blog post..Raya fireworks …. well, not really :)

    vk: Hi there, thanks for notifying me about this. I didn’t know it until you told me.. I have fixed the problem and the feed should work fine now! Thanks again!

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  27. TK

    yo … nice blog. i’m with NCS too. Was a cw in CJ and now in KM. Gonna try out the beef noodle you recommend in BM… :)

    vk: Err.. it’s not that great.. hope you won’t get disappointed like I did lol

  28. Pamela V

    Hey there,

    I would like to request for the pictures you have taken during Penang lantern fest last year. It is for the Tourism Malaysia Newsletter.

    Hope you will get back to me as soon as possible as I feel that your pictures are very colourful and perfect for the newsletter.

    Thank you.

    Pamela Vinsence
    Writer, Virtual Malaysia

    Virtual Malaysia
    Lot 2-2, Enterprise 2, Technology Park Malaysia,
    Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: +603-8996 8996
    Fax: +603-8996 8997
    Email: info@virtualmalaysia.com
    Website: http://www.virtualmalaysia.com
    (official e-tourism portal)

  29. Phei Aun

    Already Agak is you liao haha….I dun think you remember who am I lor. ^_^

    vk: Hey I know who u are, we were in the same school wat

  30. ning-ann

    Hey Voonkeong,
    Didn’t expect to bump into you on the net!
    I’m from your English group Alpha year.
    Interesting blog you have.

    vk: were you the one who acted in the drama with me? lol

  31. amy

    hi, I came across your blog via lowyat forum. This is really an interesting food blog. Will check your blog for good food places , so keep posting ok ?

  32. carolchai

    Hi, how to create a web name by using ownname.com?
    I went to wordpress free web, it’s is reflecting ownname.wordpress.com?

    vk: carolchai, you need to download wordpress from wordpress.ORG. then register your domain name and get a hosting package. I recommend http://www.serverfreak.com :)

  33. csy

    hi vkeong, i’ve linked you for quite some time.
    thanks for sharing all such great yummy food all this while.

    i have a question regarding your camera,
    how much did it cost on canon 400D ya?
    i’m doing research on DSLR as i wanna own one.
    thank you ^^

    vk: Hi csy, when I bought my 400D last year, it cost around 2500-2600 inclusive of a 50mm lens, extra battery and those filters. I think you should get 450D now?

  34. csy

    i looked for the prices this morning and found that 450D cost RM 2600,
    while for Nikon D60 it cost RM 2000 with standard lens, bag, 4G mmc and so on, as well as Canon 1000D which carries the same price but it only provide 2G. so now i’m in the dilemma in selecting Nikon or Canon where both are great and rather fit for beginner like me. i love capturing food like yours.

    i may have to give up 450D as i am just a student for now, the additional price of RM600 does mean a lot do me.
    anyway thanks for your reply. your comment does make sense and it is helpful for me. ^^

  35. Alicia

    Hey VKeong,

    I look through ur blog and find it very interesting ^^
    Hence, i have linked ur blog URL to mine,
    hope this will increase publicity for ur blog s well ;)
    Do u mind to link my blog to urs s well? =)

  36. joanne

    I would like to ask that what you work as , do u work in travel company or something , you really have alot fo photo nice.

    vk: Hi joanne, I am only a programmer with photography hobby, I still have lots to improve but thanks for your nice comment.

  37. Jana

    Hi …

    Am writing in from Emerald Communications, a PR Agency in KL. Would like to contact you to explore possible event reviews.

    Could please respond to my email or my mobile?

    Thank you.

    Jana Ponnudurai
    Emerald Communications
    012-250 4103

  38. Kyle KS-er !

    Hey man, do send me an email as i cant get a hold of your email address
    its about your food blog that we are interested in…

    do give me a msg, so i can contact u personally

  39. Danny Lim

    Hi ! V.Keong,

    I was introduced to yr blog by a chef in New York. These Malaysian chefs went to USA in the 80s and now PR already. They greatly miss M,sian food and they search yr blog to satisfied the craving by imaginations.

    Is funny, they can cook great western food but when it comes to hawkers food, they can,t even match 20% of the taste.

    Yr blog really make my day.

    Keep up the good work.

  40. Kenny

    Hi there,
    A good website with good food coverage.
    I’m just wondering if you know anyone in F&B Consultancy? I am going to open a restaurant but just couldnt find someone to oversee the who set up. thanks

  41. reitak

    hello, I’m a foodie too and I love ur blog…and I’m from Penang too!!

    Can I link my blog to yours? Though now I haven’t really started on doing food reviews yet…only a handful so far…

  42. Hong

    well … nice 1 BM kia!
    make me hungry all the time when i run through the true BM’s foods on your blog while i’m not in malaysia throughout the year!
    if i’m not mistaken, are you HSBM old boy?
    anyway, glad to see all the BM foods!

  43. mf

    Hi V Keong… I am writing from an online media co in PJ. We foresee a great potential of your site and checking if opened for ad opportunities.

    Can you provide me your email address so I can send you more info or you can send me an email stated above.


  44. sakaigirl

    Gee, guess what Vkeong, You are the biggest influence in starting my own food blog!! though i’m not as expert as you in dealing with layout of the blog, i did alter some of it to at least make it look more presentable. My dream camera is 450D, with the same lense as yours. Really happy for you to have journey so far and taking better pictures!!! All the best!

  45. Martin Goh

    Hi Vkeong, I am a member of the ieaters of ieatishootipost.sg. Some of us will be going to Penang end July for 2 nites. Our idea is to go and saviour the best hawker foods Penang can offer. Since we have only 3 days we hope you can recommend the Best of best foods and locations.

  46. Jen

    It has been an absolute pleasure touring around your blog :) You have done a fantastic job and you do take a great photo. I share your love of Cendol and am looking forward to having more when I visit Malaysia next March, but unfortunately not going to Penang :( We used to go to a place in Jonkers St Melaka but not the place you covered on the blog, it was a small shop with very retro interior?

    Thank you again, I will be back to look around some more nearer to our trip

  47. James

    i will visit kl in aug, would like to try some best steak, which steakhouse u think the best, Chili, TGIF, Tony Romo, San Francisco Steakhouse? Thanks

    1. Post

      Hi James, the best steakhouse is not definitely those operated by chained restaurants like TGIF and Chilis. I doubt the cooks are even really qualified cooks, but just part time workers.

      So far the best steak I ever had was at Maria’s @ Damansara Perdana. It was mentioned before in my blog.. Wagyu Steak.. heavenly.

      For others you might want to try PRIME at LeMeridien Hotel, KL or Jakes at Medan Damansara. I haven’t tried these before but they come highly recommended by a lot of people.

  48. paul Kok


    I just want to check with you whether you have lost a CF Card recently. This is because I am in custody of one lost CF Card and I am trying to find the owner.

  49. Nadia Fly fm

    Hi Voon Keong, while surfing the net recently, I stumbled across a comment you posted up on the Low Yat forums. I would like to personally apologize for ruining your mornings with my annoyingness =( Will try to improve on that one, in the mean time, add me on facebook? Maybe I can try to change your mind once you know me a little better =) it’s nadiamishmore@yahoo.com

    see u there soon!

  50. Ivy

    Hi Voon Keong, i love your site…its very informative and from here i actually know a lot of things..and nice pics!!
    btw, can i have your email address?
    could u kindly drop an email to my email?
    Thanks so much!

  51. Raj

    Hi Voon Keong,
    I have enjoyed Malaysian food only a few times and that to in Vancouver. While I was doing a search for a Malaysian restaurant I came across your blog. I have to say it is simple yet well written. I spent a few hours reading through your blog and really enjoyed it. If I ever make it to Malaysia maybe we can meet and enjoy one of the restaurants together as I LOVE food….hhehe.
    Great Work!

  52. Ivy

    i love your blog, its so informative and interesting…
    i am actually working in an event management company, there will be time where we would love to invite good bloggers to attend the events that we’re having.
    Can you kindly give me your email address so that when there is such events, we can send you online invitation =)
    hope to hear from you.

  53. Yvonne

    Hey Vkeong. Great blog & website you have going on here. Good to see your passion in traveling and food. I’m from tvtrip.com and we’re looking into partnership in terms of distribution of online video content. Let me know if you’re interested!

  54. mas

    Hi there,
    I love ur photography on food..looks yummy…
    I was wondering if you are interested to do freelancing for our company.
    Our company is in publishing field, so photography is needed if we want to publish a cookbook.
    If you are interested, kindly provide me with your quotations.
    Thank You.

  55. CK

    Hi VKeong,

    Your blog is very interesting and so popular in the food arena. Your passion in food is so admirable. I am the owner of restaurants. I would like to invite you and your family for dinner in my restaurant. In this way, I could know you personally better in what you do towards mutual business interests. I don’t expect my restaurants to be blogged and that is definitely not my intention. Email me and Kind regards!

  56. mike

    ur food photo r very nice. it makes the food looks much tempting.
    r u still using ur 400d with 50mm 1.8 to shoot all those photos?

    1. Post
  57. Zuhaira Muhd Zain

    Dear VKeong,

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  58. Michae

    Heyo VKeong,

    I am planning to start up a website which will unite some of my favourite bloggers that blog about all things Asian – including music, TV, movies, culture, food, travel, history, games, tech.. etc

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  59. Jen

    hey vkeong,

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  60. Joanne

    Hi vkeong,

    I am from a magazine company, and we are interested in having you as a contributor for our dining planner. Please let me know if you are keen on this matter.

    Thank you.

  61. Sally Tan

    We would like to invite you to the coming Mobile & Web Convergence Forum on the 4th December 2009 where the key speakers from Maxis, Nokia, Newszapped, NuffNang and the leading bloggers of Malaysia converge.

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  62. Stevie

    Hi Vkeong,

    Would you be interested to test a tub (500 g) of gourmet popcorn we are interested to bring into Malaysia? We have our first shipment ready to give out free in return for an honest review on your site.

    Do contact me if possible.


  63. Pei Lee

    Hi! I’m the reporter from Sinchew Daily (Feature & Supplement Section). I’m working on a feature story about food blog recently and would like to interview some food blogger. Pls email me if you feel comfortable with the interview. :) Thanks!

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  64. June

    Hey vkeong,

    I came across your blog and I’m realy liking the blog and contents. I was wondering if you’d like to write about travel destinations as well. Please kindly send me your e-mail or contact me back as I really would love to share the experience with you too. I wuld love to learn some tips from you as well. Thanks.


  65. Muhammad Fauzi

    I am a travel freak. Your travel blog is good, sorry for the understatement, its awesome; Will definately go to Taiwan now.

    Also, your photos are pro; If I took them, I would spend the $$$ to print them on a canvas.

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  66. Liz Bunnell

    Hi there,

    I’m writing to you from a TV company in the UK. We are developing a programme about Malaysian Food and I’d very much like to ask your advise on a number of foodie topics!

    Please could you email me your contact details so we can chat? My email address is liz.bunnell@denhams.tv.

    Many thanks!


  67. alpha1

    Hey Vkeong,

    Was going thru your blog to check if thr’s any new update on food and saw your pic. Guess what? my wife thought you look like Victor Wong the singer, but a slight fatter version!! hahah!

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    1. Post
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  68. es es

    hi vkeong, nice to drop by your blog/site. love reading your comments & the pictures are awesome.

    where r u now? there’s this restaurant i have been stalking a while now (am the secret admirer ^^) … would hope that you will drop by and write a review about it. since i cant find any fishballs noodle, curry noodle sepcialised shop in your blog ^^

    in pandan indah, cheras got a lot of good food! do hunt them one by one o~

    1. Post

      hi es es, thanks for the recommendation. currently I am at BM, just back from Singapore last week.. will be hanging around before I start food hunting.

      Places in KL would be a problem for me currently as you’d have known due to location, but I always keep the recommendations aside and try them when I have the opportunity. :)

  69. Anne See

    Hi vkeong, luv ur blog. There’s a nice little cafe called Sundays Cafe at Jalan Kg Gajah, next to the Butterworth Court which sells a variety of pies. Maybe you’d like to check out the place and give your comments.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  70. Dave Werner

    Hope its OK to contact you here but I couldn’t find a contact form. First of all let me say your blog is beautifully designed and your photography is very professional. We’d like to invite you to appear on our foodie website: http://www.foodierama.com . have a look and if you are interested contact me through the email on this comment of through the contact form on our site

  71. lim seng

    Yes, I agreed your “england” is not that “goose” (supposed to be read as English not that good), but who cares?
    I love your simple, comprehensive and honest reviews. And not forgetting those great photos.
    Keep feeding us (no pun intended) with your food reviews.

  72. Beng

    Beautiful shots Vkeong,
    Being a foodie with photography interest – could you share with us what sort of equipment you took your photos with? They look so mouth watering scrumptous

  73. petitegirl

    vkeongggg!!!!! came across ur blog while i was “googling” malaysian food blog. found you….and…wow man…..i thank you so much! im a big eater….i love eating. im going to explore…whatever is in ur list! kudos! and great pictures!

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    Would like to invite U to try out food @ Tanjung Village Food Court (halal food court), Jalan PJU 5/13, 47810 Kota Damansara

    Have Fun !

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    Anyway, the reason i wrote to you is because i saw in the blog that you like ayam penyet. Well, maybe the next time you come over to Singapore you have to try some other ayam penyet that i like here. I am Indonesian, and so far, i found the ayam penyet in that place is pretty authentic as well as some other dish they have.

  83. Jean

    Hi V Keong,

    A friend recommended your blog to me. I really love your photos. They are so beautiful! I only wish I had the skills to take such photos too. Mine are awful. Heh.

    I don’t get any invites for food reviews as I’m not a famous blogger but it also means that my reviews are all unbiased. Gives me a chance to tell the truth but I am pretty sure I’ll ruffle a few feathers with my honesty and bluntness sooner or later. :)

    Keep up the great job on your blog!


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    I would like to ask about ‘permission’ while reviewing the restaurant/food stall owner and how you go around it? I hope you don’t mind if i’m straight forward but how do you approach the restaurants/food owners? and what about the bill? Do you pay them or often offer as a trade in business?

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    Thank you for sharing all these lovely eating places, letting our eyes eat “ice cream”.

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  106. Paul

    Hey Vkeong,

    Stumbled on your website whilst looking up the BM famous 3 brothers duck egg Char Koay Teow – I can’t wait to go try this the next time I’m in Penang. Love your blog, reminds me of Singapore’s IeatIshootIpost – but better!

    Love your pictures as well – can you tell me what camera and lens you’re using? The colours are so vivid and the bokeh from your lens is magnificent!

    Keep up the great work and a very Happy Chinese New Year to you!


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    I’ve personally taken your advice on some of the restaurants to try out, and have not gone wrong. Also, I can personally testify to some of the food that you recommend, which I’ve been enjoying even before reading about it in your blog.

    We share the same taste. If you wanna go makan makan one day in kl, but no partner, give me a buzz..haha…

    I’m also a photo lover (although I got no hardware), and am from teluk intan. If you need leads to TI good food, again, you have my contact.. :)


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    The menu is pretty long but expect only hot and cooked Japanese dishes (mainly udon and skewers) so no sushi or sashimi. There are some dishes marked ‘popular’ which you should try too like the beef fillet with cheese.

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  140. karulann

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  141. regine

    hi, thanks for your sharing here..are u currently in penang or kl? would like to recommend you to check out a hongkong franchise dessert ” Tongpakfu hongkong dessert house” in klcc…speciality is real fruit snow ice, traditional hot desserts etc.Must try the tracka and D24 durian snow ice..:) my fav is the pink guava snow ice…

  142. Rachel

    Dear vkeong,

    Hope you can get in touch a.s.a.p. I’d like to feature you in a magazine. Hope you are keen!

    Thanks very much.

  143. adam ramlan

    hi….check this new western restaurant in Pusat Bandar Putra Permai Seri Kembangan…named MadaLind’s Bite Cafe & Bistro….i recommend you to try….

  144. iling

    Hi VKeong,

    Would like you to try our product.
    Hope that you will send me your email add so we can talk further about it :)

  145. Lennie Ong

    Hi V Keong,

    T.G.I. FRIDAY’S® recently introduced nine new promotional dishes at all its outlets and is running a “Taste’s What’s Brand Spanking New” campaign welcoming the restaurant’s customers to try and rate the nine new mouth-watering dishes on promotion. Based on customer’s feedback, some of the best loved dishes will be considered to be offered permanently as additions to T.G.I. FRIDAY’S® next menu.

    We would like to invite you to review these new dishes:

    1. Osso Bucco

    2. Championship BBQ Chicken

    3. Caribbean Wings

    4. California Club Sandwich

    5. Cobb Salad

    6. Garlic Spaghetti Vegetali

    7. Bistro Shrimp & Asparagus Pasta

    8. Grilled Snapper with tomato cucumber Vinaigrette

    9. Chocolate Cinnamon Crisps

    We would like to hereby invite your publication to send a writer and photographer for the review as below:

    Date: 15th March 2012 ( Thursday )

    Time: 11am

    Venue: T.G.I Friday’s® in Menara Hap Seng, Kuala Lumpur

    In conjunction with the launch of this new dishes, customers can also win an experience of a lifetime when they try them at any FRIDAY’S® outlet in “Brand Spanking New You” lucky draw contest. All they have to do to enjoy and rate any of the nine new promotional dishes on offer on the ratings card provided, and then rate their favorite lifestyle experiences from the choices given in the card. Among these include a trip to Universal Studios in Singapore, sky diving and flying lessons, a complete makeover package, being a DJ or pop star for a day, an all expense paid shopping trip, and many more.

    Kindly RSVP by emailing me at lennie@rqnet.com.my / lennie.ong08@gmail.com

  146. I Live in a Frying Pan

    Hi Vkeong!

    I’m a fellow food blogger in Dubai, and am planning to travel to KL & Penang for a few days in the first week of April. Not sure if you guys have a food blogging group out there, but I’d love to meet up with you and others who blog in the city, and learn more from the foodie gurus themselves ;)

    Do let me know if you’d be up for a lunch/dinner or something – would love to connect. My blog is http://www.iliveinafryingpan.com, just in case you wanna make sure I’m actually a food blogger and not some creepy stalker!

  147. E San Thai Kitchen

    Hi, Vkeong

    I’m a reataurant owner for a Thai Restaurant in Ara Damansara, wanted to invite u for food testing.

    I very happy to know that we all hokkien nang from utara sure like thai food……… yum…. yum……..

    I from Alor Setar, Kedah our thai food very difference from others u should try it !!!!!!! ok

    Waiting for u 2 reply ok….. don’t forget to contact us yeh….

  148. Kevin Wong

    Hi Intvitation To Free Preview Interesting Travel Location in Sri Hartamas, KL]
    You’ve some great photoshoots & articles there.

    We wish to personally invite you for a Free Preview at this place.

    It has some amazing views of the newly built National King’s Palace (with the 1st Royal Public Park in Malaysia), Petronas Twin Towers, KL Towers &Genting Highland views….All from One Single Balcony!

    For more photos & info:

    Looking forward to hear from you soon!

    Warmest Regards,

    Kevin Wong
    Hp: 016- 259 2396

  149. Anusha K.

    You are cordially invited for the first preview of BSC’s Asian Food Gallery: Burp! on Thursday, 5th April 2012 from 10.30 to Noon. Please RSVP by 4th of April 2012 to anusha@brdb.com.my or call 03 2688 2820. Hoping to hear a favourable reply.

    Best regards,
    Anusha K.
    Communications Department
    Bandar Raya Developments Berhad (BRDB)

  150. Amanda Low

    Wow, Vkeong. Wow. I love your blog! Your writing skills are great! They’re straight forward. Not long-winded at all. I like that :)

    Your blog is such a pleasure to read. I’m also a food blogger, in fact. But not all that professional. I’m sort of an amatuer, so your blog, in fact, has been quite an inspiration to me!
    Your posts about the various venues you’ve been to have become my source of reference and information.

    All in all, keep up with the great work! Am looking forward to your next post :)


  151. dr.astro

    Hi Vkeong!

    I know this is random and not related to your food, but i’d love to know what the default camera gears that you always use when taking photos of the food.

    Many thanks~!

    1. Post
  152. Aline

    I really enjoy your photography and your trip especially the Europe trip.

    While I was doing research and planning for my trip, I found your blog. Really interesting. I got many information from your Europe trip.

    I would like to get more info from you if you don’t mind. I will be travelling from London – Paris – Milan – Venice – Pisa – Florence – and back from Rome. I wish to know more about the transport and the travel time from these places. I mix up between Eurail & Eurostar (what the different)

    I hope you can advise as I’m cracking my head just to do the whole trip planning from accomodation, transport and places to visit.

    Thank you….

    1. Post

      Hi, just to make it simple (I am not an expert either)

      Eurostar is an underwater train that travels from London -> Brussels -> Paris. If you want to get to Paris fast this would be the best way, but it is expensive as well. Tip is to book your Eurostar tickets as early as possible to get them at a cheaper rate. Other methods of travelling to Paris from London is by cruise, that’s is if you have the luxury of time to do so.

      Eurail is the train service that connects the various cities in Europe, it is completely different from Eurostar. There are different classes of tickets you can buy.. either global pass or selected pass etc.. and of different duration.. weekly and monthly. If you are just travelling within Italy (from what I see in your itinerary) you should go for the selected pass which covers the cities you want to visit.

      For accommodation I usually use hostelbookers.com to book my rooms.. it is very useful.

  153. anthony clement

    Hi V. Keong,

    Greetings from Legend Cherating Beach Resort

    We would like to invite you to our resort for a 3d2n stay and ultimately write a review in your blog. We are inviting various Media form Malaysia and Singapore from 29 to 31 May 2012.

    Appreciate if you could send us your email address, we could send you the itinerary.


  154. Daphney

    Hi V.Keong, I’m doing a research about food blog and listing down food blogger in Penang. I would like to have your personal email and contact number as well if possible. Thank you!


  155. Sandra Saw

    Dear V Keong,

    Good day.  My name is Sandra Saw who is the 2nd generation of Nyuk Pau Beef Noodle.  This beef noodle was my parents creation which different from the Hainanese style.

    Currently i have brought over this to Johor Bahru, i would like to invite you to come over to taste and give us some comment on it so that i can improve it and expand it.  My mission is to thank my parents on doing this business and grow the family, so i hope this taste i can let others to recogn and they will recall my parents’s creation.

    Would appreciate can hear from you soon. 

    Thank you and regards,

    Nyuk Pau Beef Noodle
    (NEXT TO GIANT HYPERMARKET) Tel: +607-234 4648

  156. Kerson Media

    Hi VKeong, we’re proudly to invite you to participate in our KersonMedia (食尚)& Bloggers -Food & Beverage event “What do you say”

    Please contact me so that I can send you the detail =)

    Hope to get your reply soon.

    Thanks and have a great day

  157. Pan

    Hi, Vkeong,

    We would like to invite you to our chocolate appreciation and tasting session conducted by Chef Anil of Max Felchlin, Switzerland.

    Chef Anil has tremendous passion with Chocolate that is rooted in his expert knowledge and manufacturing know-how from working with the world-renowned chocolate producer, Max Felchlin of Switzerland and winner of the ‘Best Sugar Showpiece’ at the Coupe du Monde in Lyon, France. His recent accomplishments include Pastry Chef of the Year 2009 award for the USA.

    Please let me know if we can have the pleasure of your company.

    Thank you.

  158. Herukh Jethwani

    Hi V Keong,

    I am the owner of Fierce Curry House in Bangsar Utama and I wanted to invite you over to have lunch with me and taste our Biryani seeing you’re the top food blogger in Malaysia.

    We have had many reviews from publications and a few food blogs if you’d like to google us and check it out

    My number is 0192201945 and hopefully we can connect and enjoy some biryani and banana leaf over lunch.



  159. Backlane chef

    Hi V Keong
    You must high light to foodies in Malaysia that when they visit Chai Hong in Seremban for chicken rice, better ask the price before eating. Just yesterday 6 of us chicken rice and barley cost RM155.00 I think the owners have gone cuckoo other wise how can they charge like this. And when you are entertaining with guest, you just cannot make a fuss.

  160. Lily

    Hi V Keong,

    We would like to invite to attend our food tasting session located at Seremban, Muar, Johor & KL.

    Fyi, tmr we will be at Seremban one of the Chinese restaurant to conduct a food tasting with 3 chefs from KL.

    Pls contact me if you are interested to join us. I can be reach via 012 659 8811

  161. Chen

    Hi, V Keong.

    We would like to buy some articles from you. Can you please via email to you, so that we can know how to work together?

    Thx a lot.

  162. Nim Nathan

    Hi V Keong,
    I have emailed you an invitation to a hotel that just opened. The invitation is to objectively check out the venue. Kindly check your mail and revert.

    Thank you.

  163. Melissa Groot

    Hi V Keong ,

    We have just opened our 2nd outlet in Jalan Bangkung Midi 57 .

    Would like to invite you to experience Midi 57 at your convenience .

    Please revert to us if you would take up this invitation .

    Thanks n rgds


    1. Post
    1. Post
      1. CL

        hi bro, thanks for all the pictures and food shared. Really enjoy reading your post and great pictures. Btw, did you make any editing on your pictures?

        1. Post
    2. claudia

      That’s a great combination, to travel and experience other countires food. As for eating/restaurants in Switzerland and Europe I recommend the restaurant directory MyTable.com (website and app). There you can search restaurants by price range, see the menu and read reviews. The app detects restaurants nearby and you can make you reservation directly online.

  164. Winyong

    Try to taste the chee cheong fun in taman perindustrian bukit serdang under the big tree stall van is a good taste chee cheong fun

  165. Gary YAP

    Dear VK

    Interesting work and I saved most of the GPS for my future reference. How bout Muar? Any goodies there?

    Gary YAP

    1. Post
  166. David Yap

    Dear VK,

    I am running a steamboat restaurant at Kuala Lumpur. I would like to invite you to my restaurant to taste my special steamboat (which we use only charcoal – totally different from other steamboat restaurant).

    My address is as follows:-

    H-0-6, M-AVENUE,
    51200 KUALA LUMPUR.

    Pls contact me (019-2265512) if you are not familiar with this area.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Warmest Regards
    David Yap

  167. Anonymous

    hai vkeong, l like your food blog and your simple
    comment and info. i just open a salted chicken 3 months ago, ” Yummy Salted Chicken ,’ in Malacca using Aust.
    salt to bake like the one in Ipoh. If you happen to visit Malacca Pls drop by or call 016-6657886, My address is
    53-L, Jln ong kim Wee, 75300 Melaka.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    than you

  168. Hj

    Consider restoran venny located right outside of Lowyat’s main entrance. IMHO their char koay teow taste very good. Of coz with extra spicy and cockles. I’m a fan of char koay teow but haven’t got the chance to travel, and of many places I tried. I have to say they serve the best. Again, it’s just my taste and my opinion

  169. Morelli

    Dear VK,

    We love to invite you to our restaurant and to have your honest opinion about our food. We serve non-halal western and some asian food.

    Our address is Morelli’s Restaurant @ Bayu Angkasa Condominium Clubhouse, No 4, Jalan Medang Kapas, Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar 59100, Kuala Lumpur.

    Please feel to contact me for direction 0123276761.

    Hope to have you in our restaurant.

  170. Barbara

    My name is Barbara Theron, I’m event manager for “The Week of Taste Malaysia 2012″. This event will take place from the 15th to the 21st of October 2012 in KL, Penang and Langkawi.

    Several themes are organized around this event: The Tables of Taste, The Workshops of Taste and the Lessons of Taste.

    1/ Tables of Taste is for restaurants offering high quality products and culinary innovation.
    2/ Workshops of Taste aims at professionals to promote their products through animations (wine tasting, cooking class…)
    3/ Lessons of Taste is a program in collaboration with the Taylors’ university to educate young people to the taste

    And on top of that, the Publika Trade Fair the 19, 20, 21 October 2012 (90 exhibitors, over 2000 visitors)

    The Week of Taste is a fantastic event on which the food industry can rely to communicate and attract new customers.

    Our website is online, please visit http://www.theweekoftaste.com.my and our Facebook page “the week of taste Malaysia 2012” to reach a wide audience and multiply the communication around this event.

    Please note that the press conference will take place the 25th of September at Publika Solaris Dutamas.

    I rely on you to spread the information and be present at the press conference.

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    I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.

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    Ms Barbara THERON
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    Looking forward for a positive reply.

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  172. Xingkai Ong

    Hi, It’s me who introduced you to munakata years back.

    I just notice last month that the restaurant is no longer in Life Center, any idea where it went?

    1. Post
  173. Aznor Azizul

    Dear admin,

    I am writing on behalf of my management Kunang Kunang Restaurant to
    introduced you to our restaurant as one of the recommended event venue
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    Restaurant a perfect place to host many kind of events from corporate
    functions, annual dinner to family gathering and parties. Our
    restaurant are currently available to accommodate 250 persons at one
    time.. if you need anymore inquiries you can email directly and I will
    sent out proposal regarding our restaurant as the selection of venues
    which you can trust..

  174. Conrad Goh

    Dear vkeong ,
    Good day, my name is Conrad Goh, I’m an intern student from Asia Media Bhd. I’m currently doing a food blog project. I would like to promote your food blog contents such as food pictures and information regarding to the delicious food and interesting places that was posted in your blog upon your permission. I hope you would grant us permission to promote your content in our transit TV on rapid kl & JB buses, we have about 1500 buses and each buses consist of 2 LCD screens where we promote your blog and your video. This is will be a contra basis deal.
    We are a media provider, offering high-quality infotainment and targeted advertising through the use of digital electronic displays installed in various outdoor premises. Recognised as the ‘Largest Transit-TV Network’ in Malaysia, as awarded by The Malaysia Book of Records. Asia Media has 3,993 LCD screens installed in 1,800 buses travelling in the market centric hubs of Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.
    I’m looking forward to your reply. Here is my email: azlan.lax@gmail.com.
    For more information about us, visit us at http://www.asiamedia.net.my/.

    Best Regards,
    Conrad Goh

  175. Louis

    Best Tilapia in Puchong Bandar Puteri
    Must try :-

    Restoran Yu ShiFu (魚師傅清蒸金鳳魚)
    G-22, Jalan Puteri 4/9,
    Bandar Puteri,
    47100 Puchong, Selangor.

    P/s: Nearby Puteri Mart, new shop lot area.

  176. lenny

    inspiring foodblog indeed! found ur blog when googling halal eateries in Europe. unfortunately not many halal restaurants that i can find. would be a plus if you include halal eating spots from around the world! will recommend ur blog to my traveller-friends.

    1. Post
  177. Marcus Cheong

    Dear VKeong,
    My restaurant Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine is opening soon in this June in One City USJ25, Subang Jaya, Selangor. It main signature dish is Fook Chow Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua and also the homemade-handmade noodle from Sitiawan. The red wine mee sua cooked my my mother in law and is really taste good compare to outside restaurant and the noodle is really different from others as the noodle business started since 1977. I read your blog knowing you stop responding to invitation and I really don’t know what to do. I just need your opinion on how can you help me on my restaurant launching. Really wish you will reply my message. Thanks… Marcus

  178. max (CLP)

    if you happen to drop by prai again, do visit wai sek kai lane again. there is 1 stall selling economy fried mee hoon,mee,koay teow. the stall had started since 1977. simple yet nice.

  179. john lim

    hi vk,
    its a penang prawn mee speacialist just opening beside the sunway university,same row with subway. you may try it

  180. James Tan

    Hi VKeong,
    Good day ! I am a big fan of your blog.

    I am a veteran in F&B, having worked in hotels, and owning catering and restaurant business for 30 years. My speciality is Western cuisine. I recently opened a Western cuisine restaurant at The One Terrace Plus, Bayan Baru (diagonally opposite D’Piazza) focusing on quality food @ affordable prices.

    I know you mentioned that you no longer entertain invitations but it will be my pleasure to have you pay a visit to my restaurant to try out the various specialties and write a review. If your time permits, we can arrange a time so that we can meet up at my restaurant..

    My restaurant is called “JT Western Station” and is located at 1-1-11, Tingkat Mahsuri 5, The One Terrace Plus.

    Looking forward to hear from you ! Thank you !

    James Tan
    019 662 1673
    Facebook : JT Western Station
    Twitter : @JTwesternfood

  181. jk lim

    Thanks a million, i had wangyu 7 at Maria’,s and it is heavenly. Been looking for good steaks for a while, last was at Prime , Pampas and Havana , Opus at bungsar . Any other place that can compete with Maria’s. Thanks to you i can bring friends to a great steak house. so far they are very impressed. Thanks again . john lim

  182. ross

    Ah Keong, nice corner u got here.
    I wl post you on FB.
    Thanks for the stories, I hv stories abt where to eat what… another time.

  183. Nur Kasih

    Hi V Keong,

    Would love to invite you for my friend’s restaurant launching soon.
    Pls reply via email soonest possible.
    TQ kindly.


    1. Post
  184. Naohiko Fujiwara

    Hi I am a manager of Ramen Kanbe restaurant st Empire Damansara.
    I know your blog is so popular that having more than 4 million pvs.
    We hope, if possible, our restaurant would be featured on your blog soon, because, our food is very good with kjapanese authentic recipe of soy ramen, which is in fact most popular style of ramen at most of region in japan including Tokyo.
    If you have any interest, please contact me.


  185. JC

    Hi Keong, would like to get some photos such as Penang Hokkien Mee, Assam Laksa and so on for printing materials , banners and posters. Do you sell those images?

  186. Dave


    Just read your blog bout the trip to Venice and i’m actually
    planning to bring my lady over there for honeymoon.. maybe..?
    So. the thing is i would really happy if you can let me know the whole expenses,
    air ticket and etc..

    Hope to hear frm u soon.

  187. Azlan Azwan b. Tahir

    Dear Vkeong,

    Salam Ramadhan 1436H!

    With utmost pleasure, we would like to cordially invite you to
    our Majlis Berbuka Puasa “KEMBARA RAMADHAN BERSAMA EDEN & PAUM” as per attached invite.

    We look forward to receiving your confirmation before 17th June 2015.

    Please do not hesitate to call me for further information.

  188. Karen Pereira

    Hi Vkeong,

    I’ve sent you a media invite to grace the official launch of a new restaurant called Acme South in Bangsar. This is taking place on Fri, 24 July 2015, 7pm.

    Hope to receive your RSVP soon and look forward to seeing you there!

  189. Shin Loong

    Hi Vkeong,

    We would like to invite you to visit and experience our new Restaurant which is located at SS2 Jikasei Ramen (beside Mc’donalds). Below is the details of our restaurant:

    Name : Jikasei Ramen

    Address : 52, Jalan SS2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

    Phone number : 03-7865 3254

    Contact Person : Jack 012-3052713 (Master Chef)

    Wish to hear from you soon.

  190. kedric

    Hi Vkeong,

    I would like to invite you try food from our restaurant, Good Home.

    We specialize in Bak Kut Teh, seafood and various home cooked food.

    Let me know if you’re keen, hope to hear from you!


  191. Rizal

    Hi VKeong,

    My name is Rizal. I am a Malaysian. My Korean sister-in-law who is a Korean master chef together with my Korean wife and I have recently opened a new unique and alluring trendy Korean restaurant café called Kafe Go To School (in the heart of Solaris Mont Kiara). We serve 100% halal fusion Korean food cuisine and coffee dessert cafe combining the best of both café and restaurant concepts. What we provide is a totally different Korean cuisine dining experience especially with high quality homemade food and Korean style desserts at reasonable prices.

    Kafe Go To School offers to our customers a nice comfortable laid back atmosphere in terms of our interior deco with great food combined with refreshing juice ades and desserts.

    I wish to invite you to come to Kafe Go to School for either lunch or dinner this week or anytime when you are free to try out and review our unique tasty Korean dishes and delicious desserts (we open 10am to 11.30pm from Sundays to Thursdays and 10am to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays). I can be contactable on my mobile below.

    Our address is as follows:-

    Kafe Go to School, 18G, (Ground Floor), Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: 03 28589627, My mobile 0122006127

    Facebook address: http://www.facebook.com/kafegotoschool


    Email address: heewooriz@gmail.com

    We are easily located on google search and waze.

    Hope you are able to come by.

    Regards & thanks,


    P.S. We serve an extensive array of delicious and savoury, authentic original homemade (all halal) Korean food dishes cooked by our Korean lady masterschef, we offer braised beef ribs with vege broth stew, bulgogi kimbap, seafood, toppuki, salmon rice pizza, bulgogi beef cheese rice burgers, hot and cold noodle ramen or udon soups to tasty Korean style fried garlic or sweet chilli chicken amongst others including practical cuisines, kim chi fried rice, delicious lunch sets and Korean tempura style cooking together with great after meal Korean ice kacang bingsu desserts, waffles ice cream and aromatic coffee such as latte and long black from imported beans

  192. Ava Zeraatkar

    Dear Vkeong

    My name is Ava Zeraatkar, I am the marketing manager of Al Rifai Company. Our company export high quality nuts from Lebanon. We opened a sampling kiosk recently in bangsar shopping centre which we are going to have a grand opening for on 29th September. It would be our pleasure to have you as one of our honoured guests.

    Thanks & Regards.

    H/P : 0183115136

  193. Chef Keli

    Hi, Would like to invite you to come over to our new outlet called PORTOFINO (authentic Italian restaurant) in Bangsar Lucky Garden.
    Hope to hear from you soon. TQ
    Chef Keli

  194. Emilia Tan

    hi, editor,

    thank you for the feature for all the latest news about Malaysian f & b in your site. i am impressed about this.

    i am the owner of the Green Tomato Cafe, http://www.greentomatocafe.com.my , any chance to invite your editorial team to come to try out.

    hope to receive positive reply from you.

    any further enquiry, you can contact me direct via this email (emilia@tmsart.com.my) or call 0122579775.

    see you soon
    Emilia Tan, Pye

  195. Mohammad


    Good evening. This is Mohammad, Manager of Khadijah’s Kitchen, Shah Alam. We would like to introduce our foods and qualities via your blog. So, can we meet at Khadijah Kitchen, Plaza Masalam, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Personally I want to let you try our authentic malaysian dishes. InshAllah we are opening another new two outlet in this month. I am here everyday, so please let me know when we can meet and talk about that.

    Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact with me.

    Hope that see you soon.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

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