Connect To WiFi Without Passwords With Waple


Whether it’s for social, personal or business purposes, staying connected is an important part of our digital lives. When the Internet goes down, I think the first thing we do is start looking for free WiFi in town just to resume our digital activities.
Having a data plan nowadays is very common. As useful and convenient it is, it’s not very reliable and you’ll burn through the allocated bandwidth fairly quickly – especially when you need to do something heavy.
That said, WiFi is still the best option for connectivity when your main Internet connection goes down. But how do we Google for free WiFi when we are disconnected? Well, you can use a free app called Waple to locate free WiFi areas in your current location.

Waple WiFi Discovery

One of the main thing that sets Waple apart from the other WiFi discovery app is that it lets you connect to the WiFi without having to know the password. However, in order for this to work, one of the Waple users need to enter the password into the app first. So, Waple leverages on the social media’s power of sharing to make it work efficiently.

Waple WiFi List

The app’s straightforward and simple interface makes it super easy to pick up. Everything is laid out clearly so you instinctively know how to use the features. After installing the app, open it and it will start scanning for available WiFis around you.
If a selected WiFi has not been shared on Waple before but you know the password, you may choose to share it by entering the password. And thanks to you, other users will be able to connect to the selected WiFi even though they don’t know the password.

Waple Wifi Sharing

For example, I was at Kopi Time in Atria Shopping Mall just a few days ago for a business meeting. After we placed our orders we were given the WiFi password which was “rotibakar123”. Then I simply entered the password into Waple so other users with the app can connect to it next time as long as they are within the WiFi range. However, do note that Wapple will not work (yet) with establishments that utilize 3rd party systems that generate temporary WiFi user accounts.
But of course, unless you’re desperate and just need to borrow the Internet connection for just a minute or so, I encourage you to actually patronize the kopitiam. We need to be fair to the businesses after all.
Besides helping people to save on their mobile data usage, you will also be rewarded for sharing a new WiFi spot. For every 10 password shares you will get to redeem a free gift which could be free coffee, food voucher or items like tumblers. Ultimately, your spirit of sharing pays off in the long run.

Waple Restaurant Review

For foodies, Waple also doubles as a simple food and restaurant review app. This is completely optional but feel free to leave reviews of the food and service rendered at the establishment to help others choose the right place to eat or for meetups.
If Waple sounds good and you want to give it a try, it is is available on Google Play for free.

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